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Cuba boasts of national parks, amazing architecture, cute villages, terrific shopping, and birding territory.

What’s Hot in Travel? Five Enticing Destinations for 2017

caribbean-oceanLike fashion and home design, travel follows trends. People like to go places that are popular so they can share in conversations with their peers.

Top travel destinations emerge from various economic and environmental factors. But relaxation and the appeal of a beach continue to influence people’s travel decisions.

Here are five of the destinations experts predict will be top vacation spots in the coming year.

1. Belize

Frankly, this central American coastal country has always been a hot-ticket attraction. According to a report from Stride Travel, “Belize has been a ‘go to’ destination for years among American retirees looking to settle down in a friendly and warm country close to [the U.S.].”

Stride goes on to talk about how vacationers love the incredible sights and activities that Belize offers. Aside from the white sandy beaches and clear blue ocean, one of the most popular attractions in the country is the Mayan ruins.

Ancient civilizations built incredible buildings, statues, and other artifacts in their time, and viewing them all is an incredible experience, given the fascinating history that’s attached.

2. Caribbean Islands

Not too far from Belize are the islands that dot the Caribbean Sea: home to unbelievable beaches, breathtaking views, and some of the clearest water you’ll ever see. Because you can see down to the bottom of the shallow ocean floor for miles along the beaches, people love to visit the Caribbean for the snorkeling.

The reefs are replete with colorful fish and plant life, and there’s no better place for snorkeling, at least on this side of the planet. Grand Cayman, Antigua, Saint Martin, the Virgin Islands, and Tobago are among the most popular destinations.

3. Greece

There’s been a recent surge of interest in Greece. Images of the amazing villages and coastal cities, as well as beautiful beaches, are piquing the interest of the dreaming traveler.

Stride Travel claims that Greece will undoubtedly enjoy major bookings in 2017. “There’s no place like Greece for sailing — head out to sea and enjoy a view of the famous Greek islands from the water. Some outfitters even encourage you to help skipper the boat,” says Stride.

4. Romania

This probably isn’t the first destination that pops into your mind when you’re planning your dream vacation, but maybe it should be. There’s more to this mountainous region than just the legends of Dracula.

The Carpathian Mountains are a surprisingly charming region to visit for summer hikes, rafting, and similar outdoor recreation.

Though the summers are beautiful, many vacationers will choose to visit Romania in the winter. The country has world-class ski resorts with the promise of excellent powder. It’s cold in the mountains of southeastern Europe, but the views and experiences are incredible and come with lower prices than the more familiar mountain resorts of central and western Europe.

5. Cuba

It’s been awhile since Cuba has pushed near the top of the list of most visited destinations, thanks to decades of political tensions between the small island nation and the U.S. But things have settled down significantly in recent years, and tourists are flocking to this Caribbean island for its natural beauty and amazing beaches.

There’s also a wonderland of recreational opportunities in the interior. Cuba boasts of national parks, amazing architecture, cute villages, terrific shopping, and birding territory.

There’s plenty of protected open land in Cuba, which promises an uncrowded, relaxing adventure for adventurous travelers in 2017.

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