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No show doesn't necessarily mean no poll. This is the best of the worst in sports in the past week.

“What Were They Thinking” Picks For November 15

There was no Treehouse Fort show last Sunday, and thus, no What Where They Thinking poll. But that doesn’t mean a whole week’s worth of idiotic and embarrassing behavior in the sports world will go without notice here.

Here now is an overview of the Top 7 picks for my What Were They Thinking segment for the week ending November 15:

Charles Barkley, on TNT last Thursday night, who used race to mock Sammy Sosa’s skin color.

Minor league hockey coach Brent Sapergia went nutzo, throwing 24 hockey sticks and other materials on ice.

Chad Ochocinco, jokingly offered a ref a dollar bill to jokingly “bribe” him into making a call favoring to the Bengals.

The Chelsea soccer fan who brushed his teeth in the stands during a match vs. Manchester United.

Three University Tennessee football freshmen, arrested for armed robbery outside a local convenience store.

Bobby Bowden, who forgot his Florida Gators had halftime lead and other second half scores vs. Clemson

Nameless Muhammad Ali autograph seeker who falsely claimed assault by ASU coach Pat Murphy at his charity event.

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