Monday , February 26 2024
They want for their offspring the kind of America they had for themselves – an America where the white man was king and the white woman was his grateful ally.

What Motivates Trump’s Supporters? Fear of the End for White People

hillary clinton donald trump two-party systemWell it’s here. The final battle for supremacy, or rather, the end of white supremacy or, more accurately, the beginning of a rapid decline of white supremacy – the hidden significance of the Donald Trump candidacy.

Political analysts are dumbfounded at the durability of Trump’s support. Trying to reason it out, some say it’s because his supporters are disappointed with the Republican Party and feel used by it. Some say Trump’s supporters are those who have been left behind by the economy and are in desperate straits. Others say Trump’s solid base of support holds because he is seen as a strong leader who will deal effectively with terrorists, immigrants, and the economy. The Religious Right is terrified that a Clinton presidency would solidify a liberal stance in the Supreme Court and kill any chance of a ban on abortions. Many of Trump’s supporters themselves say that they support Trump because he is a successful businessman and they believe America ought to be run like a business – a Trump business.

None of that is what really motivates Trump supporters.

What further perplexes the political class is the fact that Trump has made many stumbles that, in regular times, with regular politicians, would be disqualifiers. No ordinary politician could survive maligning Mexicans, Muslims, the disabled, blacks, the media, and women. No ordinary politician would brag that his supporters are so blindly in his pocket that he or she could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose any support. No ordinary politician could survive the disclosure that he had grabbed women by their poontang or tried desperately to seduce a married woman – why, Evangelicals would rise up against any other politician who was so debasing. But there is something hiding in plain sight that’s the adhesive for Trump supporters.

I’m amused to hear talking heads apply conventional political logic to try to understand the Trump phenomena. They use any of the aforementioned excuses to explain why people who would not tolerate any of the Trump shenanigans in other politicians nearly applaud them when they’re done by Trump. They’re mad at Republicans, they want economic justice, they want to strengthen the conservatives on the Court, they want to get rid of the people who come here to take their jobs, they want their country back, blah, blah, blah. Bullshit.

Trump’s supporters are mostly old white people, working-class white people, dissatisfied white people, and a tiny smear of blacks and other minorities. These white people have been bombarded with prognostications that the demographic is shifting and whites are becoming a “majority minority” – they can see what that’s leading to, with the election of a black President, and minority people holding high positions across the board of American life. These white people don’t like that, and they abhor what it means for their children and grandchildren. They want for their offspring the kind of America they had for themselves – an America where the white man was king and the white woman was his grateful ally.

America has been going in what they see as the wrong direction for a couple of decades now, and has reached the point where that old America may become irretrievable. The Obama era made this situation more pronounced and highlighted the urgency some felt to display a controlling white dominance. This election is not about issues; this election to a great many white voters is about whether white voters can still dominate and halt the march of diversity in American society. That is why it doesn’t matter what Donald Trump says or does, as long as he’s seen as the agent who restores the white man to his rightful place atop American society.

This is a cause for all white people, but there are some white people who are not cooperating; some white people are willing to match silently into that dark night of diversity. And this is what will hasten the end for white people. If white people can’t band together, just this once more, in a solid block to maintain the kind of America Trump supporters want, then the end has come to the power of all white people.

I’m gonna stay up election night to watch what I think will be a fast end to the storied power of white people. Then I’m gonna prepare for the white revolution.

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  1. Dr Joseph S Maresca

    In 8 decades, only two administrations have secured more than 2 consecutive terms with the same party in power. They were the Democratic – Roosevelt/Truman Administrations (’33 to ’52 ) and the Reagan/Bush Administrations (’81 to ’92). Everyone else was limited to 1 or 2 consecutive terms.

    The American people intuitively are more careful about giving any political party too much power. Also, both political parties are fractured in this election cycle. There is a parallel to the ’68 election too. In ’68, HHH could not energize the Mc Carthy/Kennedy voters to the degree needed to win the election. Soon enough, history will record whether or not Mrs. Clinton will have been able to incentivise the Bernie supporters to the degree necessary to secure a winning margin.