Saturday , March 6 2021
Video interview with the Husbands gang: Jane Espenson, Sean Hemeon and Cheeks

Video Interview with the Husbands Gang

Husbands has ended its 11-episode run Tuesday. The other day, I caught up with, or rather, corralled co-creators Jane Espesnon (Once Upon a Time, Torchwood, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and Cheeks, along with Sean Hemeon, who plays Brady Kelly, Cheeks’ accidental husband.  We all sat down together via Skype to talk about about their successful web series and where it goes from here.

There was much to discuss, including the question that ends the finale, and (a bit more seriously) the impact of Husbands on the future of web series, society, and world peace (okay, so maybe not world peace, but perhaps a little harmony).

If you haven’t yet seen Husbands, joing the more than quarter million who have by getting yourself over to the series home and watching all 11 episodes. Don’t worry, each episode is only two minutes long! It’s gotten accolades from the the media (The Atlantic loved it) and the some of the most influential new media out there, including the Huffington Post

With all three of them sitting in Jane’s Once Upon a Time office in sunny Southern California and me sitting in my livingroom in freezing cold Chicago, we ventured into this using a new-ish recording platform (at least for us), that mostly worked well, but in rendering a split screen, managed to trim the edges off the their remote image. So, with great apologies to Jane (above, who is barely visible through much of the interview), I hope you enjoy our conversation as much as we did.

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