Saturday , June 15 2024
Getting it right the first time...

VCV Louisiana Red & Little Victor’s Juke Joint – “You Done Quit Me”

You know that old saying, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again?"  What if you get it right the first time?  What then?  You get something like "You Done Quit Me" is what.

"You Done Quit Me" was knocked out in just one take.  Listening to it, it's hard to imagine why they'd have gone for a second.  It's possible there's something they could have improved but damned if I can figure it out what that would be.  It's just as likely that whatever minor technical improvement they made would have killed the rockin' great feeling they captured on the first pass.  Don't mess with success.

There's a distinct "On The Road Again" vibe at the heart of this one (Canned Heat, not Willie Nelson).  That song probably has older roots and I know I've heard variations on that theme any thousand times in other rock songs (Tom Petty's "Saving Grace" comes to mind).  "You Done Quit Me" isn't a knockoff, echoing only a few pieces of that familiar classic.

Bill Troiani walks his upright bass with a muscular, melodic sound and Bob Corritone smokes, playing some dirty, underworld sounds.  Corritone isn't playing a lot of notes, instead hovering just beneath the surface.  Red and Little Victor's create great racket as their guitar lines clang and rattle against one another.  The two guitar lines can sound like they're competing with one another one moment and locked in unison with one another the next.

The instrumental interplay is fantastic and adds texture to a multi-dimensional song and record but pales in comparison to the dominant force that is Lousiana Red.  His voice, cadence, and his reservoir of neverending soul exceeds modern technology's ability to capture it.  This kind of blues doesn't owe its roots to any geographic region or idiomatic offshoot.  It's something unique to its creator.  You can't teach it.  You can't learn it.  You can only marvel at it.

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