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Eddie C. Campbell pays tribute to Magic Sam...

VCV: Eddie C. Campbell – “Easy Baby”

We continue with our look at cuts from albums nominated at the 2010 Blues Music Awards…

Eddie C. Campbell didn't record his first solo album until 1977 but had been active in Chicago's blues scene for more than a decade before that, working as a sideman to a slew of the great bluesmen who continued to dominate the city's West and South sides.

That sense of past and present combine when Campbell records a loving tribute to his longtime musical companion, Magic Sam. Campbell begins “Easy Baby” by paying tribute to the fallen band leader and pioneer of what is known as the West Side sound. What follows is a textbook example of the sound Campbell learned from greats like Sam and helped to define as part of their band and on their own.

David “Honeyboy” Edwards, one of the greatest Delta bluesmen, described listening to guitarists who inspired him and the beautiful chords they could play. Campbell's “Easy Baby” solo blends some beautiful chords with single-string leads that alternately ring and sting.

The production and arrangement are very open, allowing the ringing, echo guitars to drench the song as organs shimmer quietly in the background. Campbell's vocal is also a showcase performance as he's able to display his range and sounds quite comfortable in lower, mid, and upper octaves.

Campbell's Tear This World Up is nominated for Album of The Year.

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