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V is a sci-fi television show which originally ran as a mini-series for NBC in the eighties, and proved so successful it also spawned a made-for-TV sequel (V: The Final Battle) and a short-lived regular series.

Although the latter proved unsuccessful, V's eighties alien-invasion story has refused to die. In the original storyline, a group of resistance fighters (led by actors Marc Singer and Faye Grant) battle reptilian "visitors," who despite their Nazi-esque uniforms and obvious fascist tendencies have lulled much of the world into a false sense of security.

In the decades since the eighties version, sci-fi fans have become divided on V, with some dismissing it as cheesy, and others arguing it inspired such latter-day Hollywood alien-invasion films as Alien Nation and Independence Day. That argument continues on the blogosphere to this day.

A remake was probably inevitable, and on November 3, 2009 ABC launched one. In the new "re-imagining" of V, an impressive cast that includes Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost) and Joel Gretsch (The 4400) once again battle the reptilian visitors — only this time the "invasion" apparently started long before their ships showed up hovering one morning over 29 cities, promising messianic deliverance from war, disease and the rest.

In fact, it would seem they've been operating in terrorist-like cells and infiltrating government agencies for quite awhile. Join the resistance on the internet at sites like the official V discussion board and

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