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Warehouse 13 delivers an emotionally satisfying story, that, unfortunately, is as cheesy and shallow as much of the series was, rather than redeeming itself in the end.

TV Review: ‘Warehouse 13’ – Series Finale

WH13SyFy‘s Warehouse 13 is always a little cheesy, like most USA programs of the last decade, but with a science fiction bent to it. However, it has also always exhibits heart in the bond that holds the agents of the titular facility together. In its series finale, “Endless,” the writers decide to double down on the emotion instead of giving the team any more peril to overcome.

The conceit is that the Warehouse is reaching the end of its days, ready to move on to Warehouse 14, so the agents gather together to offer their defining moments to King Arthur’s round table, a gift to them as much as to the Warehouse. Instead of a clip show, however, the memories offered up are pretty much all new footage, showcasing some of the talents of those involved, without becoming repetitive.

I have to admit, I have a problem with this set up. I like that the series doesn’t just recycle old material in the end, but if the scenes shown are really that key to the characters, shouldn’t they have been fully fleshed out adventures we get to witness along the way? Instead, “Endless” feels like a forced conclusion, adding extra elements that are never mentioned before, in order to give the characters a sense of completeness not built into the established narrative arcs.

That being said, they are really good, if underdeveloped, scenes. We find out Artie (Saul Rubinek) has a son, whom he keeps in contact with, but never mentions to his co-workers. Artie also gets a personal goodbye from Warehouse 13, something definitely earned. Claudia (Allison Scagliotti) gets some fatherly advice from Artie when she has doubts about becoming the next caretaker, but in the end, she decides to fulfill her destiny and be forever tied to the place. And Jinks (Aaron Ashmore) and Mrs. Frederic (CCH Pounder) become bosom buddies through scenes we only catch the tail end of, except for a moving memorial to departed cast member Leena (Genelle Williams).

None of these things are explored fulled enough. Sure, the 42nd Street number is a fun sequence, and who doesn’t want to see Mrs. Frederic laugh or learn Artie still has another big secret? But all of this deserves to be delved into, not delivered last minute, when it’s too late to mean much. Warehouse 13 could have at least spent its final six episodes serving these plots, but it holds them until the final hour, not giving viewers time to see the ramifications.

Where this feels like the biggest loss is in the finally realized romance between Myka (Joanne Kelly) and Pete (Eddie McClintock). Pete already figures out his feelings in a previous hour, so it’s Myka’s turn to open her eyes while Pete freaks out about losing the life and people he loves. But, of course, it all comes together, far too late for anything but a couple of satisfying kisses. Now we’ll never seen how things work out between them as an actual couple.

What feels even more like a cheat is the last scene, set “several decades later,” in which three new agents who clearly are stands-ins for Artie, Myka, and Pete interact with Claudia, now the caretaker. So Warehouse 13 didn’t move after all? A cheeky line is not an explanation. And what happened to the main cast? When did they leave? There is no mention about what they are doing now, or if they’re even still alive. I understand this is supposed to let fans known the mysteries and missions of the Warehouse are “Endless,” but instead it highlights what the show does wrong.

Don’t get me wrong, “Endless” is a feel-good hour, even carving out a natural bit for everyone’s favorite recurring character, H.G. Wells (Jaime Murray). The emotion it evokes is great. However, like the series itself, it falls far short of its potential, and comes across as shallow. I’d hoped Warehouse 13 would redeem itself with a perfect capper. In a way, this finale is what the show deserves, but on the other hand, there exists an opportunity to raise the game considerably, leaving a better legacy, and it is squandered.

Still, Warehouse 13 is entertaining, right to the end, and we can be grateful for that.

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  1. The show had potential for so much more. I am sad to see it go.

  2. Never bought Myka and Pete romantically, felt like Artie having a son was thrown in, just a mess of a finale tbh. Such a shame because I loved this show it was cheesy yes but had moments of good drama.

  3. It appears that Jerome Wetzel was not a fan of Warehouse 13. I usually had to be working when it was on, so I can say God Bless my DVR. Maybe some of the scenes were teasers, but the show is there to enjoy not pick apart. Sure I would to see the one where Myka and Pete switched bodies. But all in all after the end of the show I did not have a hollow feeling feeling, but rather a feeling that I had just watched my favorite show advance to something else. I will admit that Allison has a nice set of legs, and is a halfway decent dancer. I liked the Broadway musical number and the last scene of the Warehouse in the future was more of a teaser/grabber than anything else. But it was enjoyable. I will miss it. On the other hand another show was cancelled a long time ago and then came back and was a hit all over again. Anyone old enough to remember ‘Dallas’? I can always dream

  4. Frank,

    Sorry if I gave you the impression I am not a fan. I watched every single episode of the series. But as they got into some deeper arcs in the past year or so, I thought it had raised its game a bit and expected more from the series finale. My point in this review is that it could have been so much better than it was. A series finale is a make-it-or-break-it moment for the show’s legacy, a factor for many in the future who will decide whether to watch it or not. Warehouse 13’s is mediocre, and it didn’t have to be.

  5. I’m glad they didn’t go the cliche route and give us ‘where are they now’ updates on everyone. They left us with our own imagination. Maybe they left that meat on the bone to bring them back at some point in movie events…….lord knows they role out those super cheesy sci fi flicks weekly.

  6. I’ve read where some people believe that Warehouse 13 never moved or that Warehouse 14 stayed in the USA. Based on what? That the Jetsons-like agents spoke English? Perhaps Warehouse 14 now was in Canada… or Australia … or South Africa. Still, Ms. Donovan’s caretaker attire certainly was more striking than Mrs. Frederic’s ever was.

    • No, actually, it was the fact that the Warehouse was established to still be in the same geographical spot in the final pan out… Right after the line about “a nickel every time the Warehouse almost moved”. The events of the episode were about the Warehouse giving back to everyone through the time capsule exercise, something that would only happen during the “move”. Even the Warehouse was a Pete/Myka shipper with a soft spot for Artie.

  7. I watched ever last episode and I must admit the last season was be far the worst. Not sure what happened but I have never wanted any show to just end and go away……..

  8. Bro Harold Hernandez Sdv

    I am very very sad for the producers for ending the warehouse 13. My disbelieve that this a great series of the unknown and paranormal has been concluded because of money? lame you have more money to produce 39 seasons if you wish but I feel sorry for the bad advisers you have bot noticing the ratings of the show… Shame of the producers I will never buy any of their products till God know that they will restore it back.

  9. I was SMH the entire time. The W13 ending was cheesy, and the stand-ins for the group ‘several decades later’ just showed how much the cast will be missed. Allison as the new Caretaker..No. Just no. Thank goodness there will not be a W14.