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Meet the "Famous in Twelve" gang.

TV Review: The CW’s ‘Famous in Twelve’ Premieres

Tuesday night, The CW‘s newest reality show, Famous In Twelve debuted to a mediocre response, as the Arteaga family was introduced to America. FAMOUS_CAST-300x195

The premiere begins with Executive Producer Harvey Levin’s (TMZ) explanation of the show.  We all know Paris Hilton and the Kardashians rise to fame had nothing to do with talent.  Simply put, they were willing to do whatever it took to steal the limelight and build their empires.  Now the Arteagas have a shot at doing the same.  Just how far will this family go to become the next Kardashian’s?

Within the family are three sisters, each of whom have their own aspirations. Their mother, Angie (a 43-year-old erotica novelist), is acting as their manager, in charge of providing opportunities for them.

Talia (27) is a single mom, who wants to prove that moms can be sexy and successful.  After being rejected by a photographer who says she’s too old — and not attractive enough — to be a model, she completely breaks down.  Angry, she blames her mother for putting her in the situation in the first place.  Not only is she criticized by a famous photographer, but there is definitely sibling rivalry between Jameelah (22 yo) and Talia.  In my view, Talia is jealous of Jameelah, the way she looks and at the attention she receives.  The two break out into a cat fight during a family pow wow, after an unsuccessful night trying to get into a night club.  I have a feeling there is a lot more of this behavior to come.

While Jameelah is model material, she comes off a bit full of herself, thinking she’s the next Kim Kardashian.  She is definitely more bold, willing to do whatever she has to, including chat with the man who literally made Kim a star, Ray J.  However, it is clear she doesn’t know how to use her sex appeal, nor have a game plan ready for when these opportunities arise.  I mean, she tells Ray J she’s a vegetarian? What exactly does this tell Ray J about her?  I think she needs to reevaluate and reboot.

Next we have our 19-year-old virgin, Maaryiah, who believes she can still be sexy with no real experience.  Kudos to her!  It’s rare to find someone in this day and age willing to wait, not afraid to broadcast it!  I was happy to see her stand up for her choice to Levin.  Though he initially thinks it’s a bad approach, in the end he actually likes the idea.  I guess we’ll see if this game plan works to build her following.

At the end of the episode, Levin gathers the family to evaluate their first week and the news isn’t good.  The best moments are when the girls stand on the side of the road in bikinis with cupcakes, trying to get as many selfies with stars driving by as they can!  Talia and Jameelah’s red carpet jaunt was a success as they spoke to celebrities, got selfies and were seen. However, there were definitely opportunities squandered with the biggest being a moment with Ray J. It was a golden opportunity, definitely missed.  Not only that, Jameelah gets the cold shoulder from him when they see each other during the red carpet event and he walks away!

After watching the premiere, it is abundantly clear that none of them quite realized what they were getting into, believing that their individual talents would bring them fame. They come across as very uncomfortable, especially after the first two meetings with Levin.  Apparently, this is not what the network has in mind.  They want to see the outrageous, and things that will shock the audience into either liking or hating them. I feel Angie is one of those amazing mothers that supports her children no matter what they want to do and is in a little over her head.  The expectation is that they must be ready to do anything, on the spot, no matter the situation; whether it’s getting selfie’s with celebrities, using their sex appeal to crash a nightclub filled with stars or meeting an entertainment mogul with the potential to catapult them to stardom, they must have a strategy!  As Levin says, it’s about scheming your way to the top!

My advice to them is to think outside the box. If you’re scared to do something, take a chance and never give up!  Use each experience as a positive, not a negative.  So what if a photographer says you’re not pretty enough to be a model; keep at it and show him he’s wrong!  Barbra Streisand was told she was ugly, and that she wouldn’t make it in entertainment unless she got a nose job.  She stood her ground and became one of the most well-known singers in American history!  Carpe diem: seize the day, the moment and the second!

While it’s tougher to be in the spotlight than I think this family realizes, the clock is ticking, so who will end up Famous In Twelve?  It’s up to you America! Ultimately the audience that will determine their fate via social media.  So be sure to follow our hopefuls and continue to watch Famous In Twelve, every Tuesday at 8 p.m. on The CW!

Follow the Arteagas:

Angie Arteaga (43), Matriarch is a writer of erotica and hopes to make it as a #1 New York Times best selling author. Follow her on Twitter: @FN12Angie; Instagram: fn12Angiefamous1

Husband Mark (33 ) is a DJ, who works in various nightclubs in Southern California. He would love the chance to tour internationally. Follow on Twitter: @FN12Mike; Instagram: fn12Mike

Taliah (26) is a single mother to 7-year-old Jordan. She hopes to become a professional dancer, and eventually open her own dance studio. Follow on Twitter: @FN12Taliah; Instagram fn12Taliah

Jameelah (22 ) wants to become a top fashion model. She’s described as the most flamboyant of the family, and a diva. Follow on Twitter: @FN12Jameelah; Instagram: fn12Jameelah

Maariyah (19) speaks English and French, loves music and is striving to be an international pop singer. She’s described as the quiet one in the family. Follow on Twitter: @FN12Maariyah; Instagram: fn12Marriyah

Mike, Jr. (17) is the cook of the family and would like to become a pastry chef. Follow on Twitter: @FN12MikeJr; Instagram: fn12MikeJr

Aaminah (12) wants to follow in her big sister’s footsteps and become a model. Is described as a fun loving beauty. Follow on Twitter: @FN12Aaminah; Instagram: fn12Aaminah

Dove (six) usually hangs out with her cousin Jordan or tags along with her older sisters. She’s the darling of the family.

Jordon (seven , Talia’s son) has a larger than life personality and natural curiosity for a boy his age.

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