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This week's episode "Rocky Road" spends nearly one-third of its run time in Arendelle, following Elsa's story, with not one of the series core characters to be seen.

TV Review: ‘Once Upon a Time’ – ‘Rocky Road’

Earlier this week, I posted an article in which I wondered whether Once Upon a Time was “freezing” out some of its core characters in favor of promoting its trip to Arendelle and its Frozen characters. This week’s episode “Rocky Road” spends nearly one-third of its run time in Arendelle, following Elsa’s story, with not one of the series core characters to be seen. Now, I am not one to tell showrunners how to produce their show. It’s not my show, nor my story. However, more and more I am hearing from long-time fans of Once Upon a Time who have no interest in Frozen, have never seen the animated movie, and feel that entirely too much time is spent on a story that is far from the show they fell in love with in season one.OUAT_101014

There is some of the new season I like. I like the idea of a love triangle involving Robin Hood, Maid Marian, and Regina. I love even more the idea that she wants to find the writer to change the ending of her villain’s story. There is something of a grand heroic quest in that, and the fact she has enlisted Henry in her quest is lovely.

I also am intrigued by the Snow Queen (guest star Elizabeth Mitchell), and her insertion into the season four narrative would be quite cool (as it were), if the field of expanded cast wasn’t already overcrowded and heavily tilted towards Frozen. I’m curious about her connections to both Emma and Rumple. Likewise Michael Socha’s Will Scarlet. I loved his manic energy in “Rocky Road.”

I’m also interested (and hope they explore, and not just give lip service) in Snow White’s difficulty in letting go of her baby. Her scene with Archie was great, and if this is her arc for the season, great. But again, with so many characters filling each episode’s 42-43 minutes, I don’t hold out a lot of hope for a deep exploration of Snow’s angst.

We will be talking about the episode, my article, fan reaction and the reaction of the show’s creator on the next Let’s Talk TV Live, which will air Tuesday night at 8:00 p.m. ET on the Blogcritics Radio Network.

As much as I like Regina turning herself around–a woman in love trying (and succeeding) to re-form herself. But I’m guessing in the end, she will have no need for “the writer” because she will have re-written her own story. But I’m less happy about the swiftness of her turnaround. Where is the intense energy of Regina old self? She’s so wrapped up in getting her happy ending with Robin and doing good deeds, much of her power as a character has been sapped.

How many new characters have we got this season? Robin (more prominent than last), Marian, Will Scarlet, Elsa, Anna, and the Snow Queen–not to mention Hans and all the other Arendelle characters. With having to service all these new characters and their story lines, especially with Captain Hook involved everywhere, no wonder there is little time for Rumplestiltskin and Regina.

So, clearly, there is a connection between Elsa, the Snow Queen and Rumple, and it appears from next week’s promo, that we’ll learn more about that. I’m certainly happy for a Rumplestiltskin-centric episode, but his character this season continues to bother me, especially after this week’s episode. Understand, I never want to see a Rumplestiltskin who is completely good and heroic. That would make for a very boring character (and it is the lack of darkness or edge to most of the other characters on the show that renders them less interesting than, say Regina and Rumple). Even Emma can use a little more edge.

But it appears that where they are headed with Rumple and that dagger would negate so much of his growth last season: the heroic man who kills the evil Peter Pan, even if means his own death. The grieving father who promises to not make Baelfire’s death meaningless. He sacrifices himself so that Rumple can live on and be the hero–the good guy Baelfire knows he is.

Even in the season four premiere, we see Rumple’s intentions set on doing the right thing, and now, he seems to have forgotten even his intention. He deals with Hook to maintain his lie, and whether Rumple’s decision to hold onto the dagger has to do with righting a wrong (whatever is going on with the Snow Queen) or not, we do not see him struggle with this decision at all. It simply is, and that really detracts from our understanding of Rumple’s decision making.

You can easily say the same thing for Regina. Because we spend so much time elsewhere, and with so many new characters outside the core cast, we do not see motivation for action. Not from Regina, not from Rumple. Now, I’m not saying we should see their motivations for every action (what fun would that be?) But particularly with Rumple and Regina we are not privy to their emotional internal struggle to stay good (or to veer from it). So, instead we get the scene between Rumple and Hook with Rumple’s disingenuousness, and Hook easily wrapping Rumple around his finger.

Rumple has so easily slipped into the lure of power, or so it would seem. And that, to me is illogical, given his vow to honor Baelfire’s memory and his commitment to Belle. And to have her use the fake dagger, exploiting her like that, is out of character and antithetical to what we know of Rumple’s journey.

And Regina, suddenly looking like a doe-eyed school girl, and not the powerhouse woman we had known her to be? I barely recognize her.

As for Emma, whose story this seems to be, I loved her using her magic, unafraid, for once. But her confession to Hook about everyone she has loved dying around her? That’s the reason she has that big “keep out sign” attached to her forehead? I thought it went deeper than that. She’s had those barriers up since the pilot; she has trust issues (that could not have gone away), and insecurity issues. (And I would still not trust Hook as far as I could throw him.)

As much as I’m looking forward to next week’s more Rumple-centric episode, I’ve got strong reservations about where his story is headed. Is his growth to be negated? Or has he got some reason for his behavior? A very good reason. Because at this point, if I were Belle, I’d run for the hills. I never thought I’d say this about Rumple, but in tonight’s episode I truly disliked him. There was not a whit of reservation or motivation. And that has me worried. Not about the narrative, which can go any way The Powers That Be wish to carry it, but whether I will find any reason to continue rooting for the character that first drew me to watch the show in the first place.

We will be talking about the episode, my article, fan reaction and the reaction of the show’s creator on the next Let’s Talk TV Live, which will air Tuesday night at 8:00 p.m. ET on the Blogcritics Radio Network.

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  1. Maybe I’m in the minority, but I didn’t see the Hook/Rumpel scene as “Hook easily wrapping Rumple around his finger.” In fact, I thought that Rumpel was playing him; he seemed faintly amused that Hook was threatening him and he gave in far too easily. If he had called Hook’s bluff, there’s no way that Belle would have believed Hook or agreed to try to summon Rumpel with the dagger; she resisted using it even when Rumpel insisted. Rumpel’s up to something and is several paces ahead of Hook.

    I agree, though, that Rumpel seems to be regressing and isn’t nearly as conflicted as he should be about manipulating Belle and using her as an alibi. The vows that A&E keep insisting were “genuine,” in which Rumpel vowed never to forget the distance between who he was and who he is, are ringing rather hollow.

  2. Georgina Haig is very pretty. And she’s a good actress. So good, that I think she should give up her throne and run away with Hook. Colin and Georgina have chemistry together. Their interactions seem much more natural and better written. I would not mind Georgina Haig joining the cast as Hook’s love interest. In their brief time together, Hook and Elsa sparkled with possibilities that seem unforced. Unlike the Emma/Hook relationship, which is aimed at OUAT fans of a certain ship. The Emma storyline is bordering on the absurd. Her powers show up only when most needed, but fails when it is convenient (for the story, that is)? Consistency. Where is it? I am beginning to think that the writers did intend for Neal and Emma to eventually reunite, but their silly allegiance to a certain group of fans has destroyed not only the Emma narrative but has seriously affected the show’s integrity and continuity. So far this season, it has neither of these qualities that can make a show great. (Yes, I miss Neal).

    This season’s writing for the main characters is borderline pathetic. They’ve reduced the two great characters in OUAT, Gold and Regina into bit players. The Gold/Rumple of this year has no resemblance to the Mr. Gold that has grown over three seasons. Regina as a lovelorn isolationist without drive? Please. Rocky Road was Rocky. As a road, it’s like turning into an alley and finding it blocked. What are the writers in this show doing? This season has been a disaster.

    And I will say this again. The writers killed Neal for expediency. Almost malice. With no creative thought or even logic to back up a crazy decision. The show is still decent, but had OUAT started out season one as it is playing out now, the show would not be in the air.

    On the other hand, it could be worse. If anybody’s seen series five of Downton Abbey, you know what I mean.

  3. I want to believe the show can get better but they have made a mess of the core cast.
    It would have been a great story to have Rumple be a man that made the ultimate sacrifice (doesn’t get acknowledged by anyone in SB,he’s still a villain to them), was resurrected, caged, controlled, dealing with the death of his son , who was the only part that kept him human for centuries before he met Belle.

    But instead the writers are making me hate him. They dont go with a possible great story, instead they turn all his devlopement backwards and forgotten and make him horrible.

    I have no interest in watching a show that is entirely Hook acting sappy, and self righteous, and Frozen.

    I lost all respect for A/E, and their fan pandering. They through great characters under the bus to focus on an arc and made characters ooc just to make others look better.

    I can’t even type anymore. I don’t see myself tuning in much longer. I lose hope after each episode, but all I see is the Hook show, and making a profit out of Frozen’s popularity. Not the show I started watching. Not that the show will care that they lose me. have

    • Also pissed me off that Hook acts superior that Rumple would never let anyone control him. Question would Hook ever allow someone to control him? Would anyone?

      • But would he pretend to give Emma something that controls him and then keep lying about it? There was nothing that forced Rumple to start all this sh*t with the dagger. He just decided that he would lie to her to make himself look good.

        But I’m also disappointed that they are taking it in this direction.

  4. My first impression was, this is a mistake, my second is, still are. They don’t know what to do with Rumple that is clear: He is married, but they don’t want to explore that part; he was going to keep his history of “he being the father/father figure” with Henry, but they cut the scene, what means that they don’t want to explore that too; they are exploring this Rumple villain, that I can’t recognize and that many fans said was “like first season”, I think that no, this one is vile, nor Rumple basic. The core of Rumple is that he was not vile but he was gray, his motivation at the end of the day was “the love for his family” and he was in disposition of sell his soul to the devil (cripple himself, be brave and try to control the DO, destroy and manipulate lives because was his way to find his son) for love to his family. That was the point in which I like dearie was capable of identify with him and support his journey and believe in his redemption. And here comes the problem. If you are incapable of identify yoursef with a character, they are gonna kill Rumple and the Dearie fanbase. I’m or was, hardcore dearie, and I don’t believe in this character anymore…I don’t know If my neurosis is working hard, but really like Rumbeller there is still this little voice that keeps telling me, don’t be important how many poster or interviews, the show has been trying hard and for long eliminate us, so they keep doing the relationship more violent without necesity, so the fanbase don’t grow up and the ones that still are begin to dislike the couple, because it’s impossible support the canon; but in the process of eliminate us, they are doing Rumple so vile and against his basic, that I can’t identify with him like Dearie, and even If the ship disappear for lack of people, the character is going to the f*ck with it, because I will not be able to like it anymore, and I’m not gonna return for him even If I forgive that “they did the best for Belle” at disappear the ship, because god knows who is this vile character. The central idea of the show is if you believe in the villain it’s because you are identified with him, that’s why you can see, what the other can’t. That’s why there is a clear division between fanbases, dearies don’t mix with Evil Regals, nor Hookers, because you just can identify with one. The other part of my neurosis comes and questions about the famous “five year”, because I just see all Rumple stories in the fridge and we are at a third of the sesion and I don’t get still about what is his arc this season, if he has one…because again his only point until now is a brief appearance without any relevance, and they are doing this massive dislike for the character for the new watchers and the old oncers….they are kicking out Robert? Rumple it’s gonna dissapear in the future? WHAT IS HAPPENING!!? Someone illuminate me because I’m thinking the worst!

    And again, at what I hold myself to keep watching this show to support Robert work, If at this point I’m frustrated with the show in general, like Rumbeller and now too like Dearie? I give up. Bravo A&E you really winned. A show must be a fun experience, no this constant frustrating experience, when I desire every day they show ends so I can ship in peace. When I can’t watch because I don’t want to see Rumple destroyed.I’m tired and worn like fan. I prefer remember what was Rumple, Belle and Rumbelle and not this distorted thing that really I can’t. I’m tired.

  5. Where the creators take the show is up to them. It disappoints me that they’ve decided to make Hook a hero and make Rumple unlikeable. There’s always a fine line, and once a character is completely unlikeable (as Rumple is right now) it’s hard to go back from there. Rumple was never purely bad, and now he’s a sniveling and sneaky liar. Any remorse he may have down the line will ring hollow.

    • It may be up to them, but they’re rewriting the characters motives and backgrounds and it looks sloppy. I hope they get what they wanted a show with high ratings at the sacrifice of good complex characters that you could have sympathy for.

      They have sacrificed character development, dynamics for this?
      I really hope Robert can move on quickly to a better show that can display his talents instead of being background to this farce.

      • I agree. As much as I love Rumple, I would rather have seen him go out a hero than turned into the weasley snake he’s becoming. I could buy his being lured by the power of magic and the dagger to this new this new low level–if we’d seen the struggle. It’s very sudden, and we get no soul searching or hesitation. It just “is.” And that’s the problem with trying to stuff his story into this overcrowded narrative. As for TV in the future, I fervently hope his film sees the light of day and gets a release in 2015 (maybe at Edinburgh), and it leads him back to more film work.

  6. I was disappointed last week and nothing has changed this week. There are just too many characters on the canvas for them to do justice to the stories that would actually be compelling. The Regina/Robin connection happened way too fast and makes no sense whatsoever. He just fell madly in love with this evil woman who stood for everything he despised in the past? This should have been a huge obstacle to their relationship even if it was meant to be by the end of the series. And Hook is in practically every scene except the flashbacks? If I’d never seen the show before I’d think it was supposed to be a present-day Mod Squad with Hook, Emma and Charming as the crime-solving trio. Rumple/Gold? I love that character to death thanks to Robert Carlyle’s brilliant acting, but even he can’t salvage material that’s poorly written and gives no hint whatsoever to his character’s motives. I truly hope his story is heading someplace remarkable with this or they would have destroyed one of the best TV characters ever.

  7. I guess Regina’s never heard of Gloria Steinem, and neither have these writers. I can’t be the only person who has a problem with Robin not caring Regina murdered his wife. Why didn’t they have him know that to start with then? Well, because it wouldn’t be believable he’d give her the time of day, but it’s not believable that he wouldn’t care after only dating her a week, either. It was also really gross they put a “romantic” scene of him telling her he loves her, not Marian, over Marian’s frozen body. They couldn’t have gone into the hall or something?
    This is a horrible romantic story, and since they told us Regina’s operation with Henry lasts all season, there’s every reason to believe that’s when they get back together. It’s very disappointing that the only reason Regina and Henry are getting a mission is so Regina will have a storyline outside pining for Robin all season, and that the writers believe in order for a man to love her, she has to be a bland and docile.

    • I agree with your assessment. Where’s that strong woman that was Regina? Yes, she’s always been insecure, but what’s with the new look and docility?

      • This isn’t even insecurity. That I can identify with and relate to, which is why I became a big fan of hers to start with. However, at this point, having so much more than she could’ve even dreamed of in the pilot, her life better than it has ever been, to be like this over a guy she dated a week?
        I’m with you on Rumple. It’s the exact same thing. Who is this woman, and where is Regina? What are they doing to her? Is this merely to prop up Emma/Hook? Because if they need that, they need to seriously reconsider how they’re writing those characters, not ruin these two.

  8. Adam was asked at NYCC this weekend how he would sum up Rumple’s journey this season. His answer was “Self-serving. Everything you see him do will show that he’s in it for himself.” He was then accused of ruining Rumple on twitter and said that he created Rumple with Eddy and they were staying consistent with their vision of him. My heart broke a bit when I read this. I hope there’s a lot more to Rumple’s story than that or they really will be guilty of ruining him.

    • Talk about revisionism. this is definitely not where he came from the first season. Maybe that’s what they thought, but Carlyle played him with such pathos, how could there not be a noble soul to him? Self-serving? That is completely opposite how he was portrayed for the first three seasons!

    • @adamhorowitzLA says that his characterization was taken out of context to an extent, and that it was hyperbole. That the self-serving nature is one of his demons (which is true). But, it remains to be seen, as they seem bent on making him as unlikeable as possible while making Hook into the rakish hero. So we’ll see. Stay tuned (and tune in tonight).

      • Thanks – (though I’m pretty sure he was backpedaling after a huge amount of outrage from fans) – so far Adam’s description pretty accurately describes what we’re seeing. I’m planning to continue watching (I refuse to give up on Rumple), but I’m afraid they’re pushing his character past the point of no return. How can we be expected to believe that his love for Belle is true and deep (often his one saving grace) when he’s basically using her as a patsy? Adam, Eddy and Robert stressing Gold’s love for Belle over and over again at panels and in interviews is meaningless unless we see it on the show. Adam also recently announced on twitter that the two deleted scenes from ep2 are canon. That’s pretty meaningless too, since the bulk of the audience will never see them. And don’t get me started on Hook. His story still makes no sense to me because it shows him going from an honorable naval officer to a pirate who was essentially a bully. He should have become more of a Robin Hood type if we’re to believe his backstory. They’ve completely rewritten the Hook character so that they can pair him with Emma and gain ratings from a specific demographic. That’s not character development.

        • I’m trying to give benefit of the doubt, but the points you raise have been raised all over the fandom from people outside the demographic they’re targetting. I really like the Robin Hood character, who is conflicted between duty and love. It’s lovely to see. I am terribly disappointed that they’ve taken this route with Rumple, who sacrificed his life (he thought) to protect his family and the town from the evil Pan. I cannot believe he would so cavalierly turn to 100% self-interest. The deleted scene from 4.02 would have assured people a lot and give a glimpse into his conflict, but they deleted it. And you’re right, it cannot be taken as canon.

  9. The ratings dropped around twenty percent for the current episode (from the previous week). Not too surprising, as the people who tuned in for Frozen probably left and the die hard fans will be the next to go. Adam and Edie are well on their way to ruining the show. This year’s Rumple and Regina, I must reiterate, are pale refractions (they bent them through some sort of material and now they are barely recognizable) of their former selves. I don’t know what they are doing but I don’t like it. I am not, however, the demographic that they are trying to reach. Oh well, It was a good show. Now it is a disaster.

    • Part of that is the Walking Dead, and part Sunday night football. Truth will be in the DVR +7 ratings

      • You’re probably right about the ratings. I am still disappointed in the show this season. Although I have to say that the actors that they brought in are quite good. And I really don’t have much appreciation for the Emma/Hook romance.

  10. I have seen the Disney Frozen movie and I’m still annoyed that the writers allow for it to take over OUAT. But it’s a combination of a few things that annoy me this. Too much Frozen and too many new characters in general. The Snow Queen looks interesting, but I have no interest in having Will Scarlet on this show longterm. That’s just the thing for me. I wouldn’t mind Frozen either if they’d kept it at a guest-star 3 episodes level or something. But it keeps dragging on without the plot moving much and yet it’s eating up way too much screentime. And now Will Scarlet is going to eat up screentime that should go to the original characters too. And yeah I know his fans don’t want to hear this, but it’s just way too much Hook on this show for a character who is so pointless because he’s only playing Emma’s LI and acts out fanfiction type of scenarios for a certain demo.

    I partly agree with your points about Regina and Rumple. I think they’re easily the most complex characters on the show and OUAT suffers when the writing can’t retain the complexity because the characters and their stories are limited to a few scenes here and there. Personally I really don’t agree that Regina is barely recognizable though. Even with the little material she’s been given Lana Parrilla has done a fab job in working with Regina’s progress and her now goals and motivation while keeping her energy and fire alive. Among my favorite moments in Sunday’s ep were Regina explaining Operation Mongoose, and the way she corrected herself when she first said she’d “make” the author rewrite her story and then remembered who she’s talking to #lol, and her declaration that she WILL find a way to fight the Snow Queen’s magic and save Marian. Regina’s got the right spirit. The writers just don’t give her much room on the show to put it to good use.

    • I meant about Regina how different she looks, and she is has also become much more of a lovesick schoolgirl than the tough, strong woman she’s always been. If we had more to grab onto about the “why,” it would have helped, I think. Same with Rumple. I would gladly sub in Michael Socha for Hans or any of the Frozen characters. Snow queen, too, is far more compelling than any of the Frozen people. Right now, we have Robin, Marian, Snow Queen, four Frozen characters (or more), Will Scarlett all as new focus characters on the show. Add to that Hook, Rumple, Regina, Snow, Charming, Emma, Henry (not to mention Belle, Archie, Grumpy…). That makes 14 characters in the primary cast for Season 4. Many more than either 3A or 3B. No wonder the main cast (except perhaps Emma and Hook–the newbie, by the way) have taken a back seat thus far. Yes, I know that Rumple will feature heavily in the next episode, but with the sense that Rumple is “in it for himself,” makes me very concerned that if (and that’s a big IF, despite what A&E say) they go down that path, the character will be completely rewritten.

      • Mmh. Okay. I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree about Regina. I really don’t see her like that. I definitely agree with you about the cast for season 4 and how it’s unsurprising many of the core characters have been pushed aside as a result.

  11. This episode definitely put me off Regina. She’s becoming so pathetic lately, and to push instant-romance OQ, both she and Robin are being painted in a very bad light in my opinion. The scene where Robin declared his love for another woman WHILE HIS WIFE WAS DYING gave me..the creeps, not gonna lie; even more when Regina became all teary eyed. I don’t even know what the writers are doing with Regina or Rumple. So far this season I’m only liking Emma and David. Even Snow bothers me a tad, and we rarely see her anyway.
    I’m curious however about the SQ’s connection with Emma, Elsa and Rumple.

  12. Thank you so much for this review. You have eloquently said so much of what I have been feeling. The most complex characters on the show (Regina and Rumple) have been sidelined for reasons I don’t understand, not to mention that Regina is barely recognizable. Given that she is my favorite character, it is difficult to watch. The Robin Hood story line doesn’t make sense. I’m still trying to understand how Robin doesn’t know or even worse doesn’t care that Emma rescued Marian from the Evil Queen, that she is responsible for the loss of Marian and for Roland not having a mother. They haven’t had one conversation about it. Also, Regina has absolutely no remorse for her past actions whatsoever. How am I supposed to root for that? It’s pretty gross all around. Emma’s story line seems to completely revolve around Hook outside of the forced ‘look at all we have in common’ bonding with Elsa. I’ve been waiting for years for her to work out her issues and really deal with them with her parents, instead it’s all about a boyfriend. I would love to see more scenes with Emma and Snow. I remember when this show was about strong women and that made it exciting. I don’t get that from Emma, Regina, or Snow at all this season. They all feel neutered. Belle is barely onscreen as well which is a shame because I loved her nerdy bookworm abilities being used to solve whatever mystery is happening. On top of that, the rest of the Storybrooke people (Red, Archie, Granny, Leroy, Blue) seem to have nothing to do anymore because all of what they used to do is now given to Hook and even David for some reason that I don’t understand yet. Where is the Blue Fairy? The Snow Queen is in town and Regina and Blue are not even remotely involved. It’s just bizarre.

    • I would really like to see Emma and Snow deal with the fact that Snow has a baby (from whom she cannot seem detach). That’s meat for a story, as well as Snow’s issues with the baby. Both great avenues for exploration. And you’re right also about the townsfolk. I find it OOC, especially for Grumpy (who’s supposed to be Snow’s always-protector to have turned on her now that she’s mayor). Eek.

  13. Thank you very much for this review.
    Im sad that the show is no longer is what used to be.
    The characters are all OOC, Snow and charming are down to idiots, not those brave heroes from the S1 and S2.
    Belle almost doesnt appear, but those days where she wanted to be a hero , gone also
    Hook, that characters was just writen to make him the right person for the savior.
    Regina, went from strong woman, to a person that needs a man to be happy, just because pixie dust said.
    Emma, actually she became the one i hate more now, she went from broken about neal on 304, when he didnt died, and now that he died and like one week after she is dating hook, like not caring, or grieving, or anything, in fact she appears not even caring about Henry.
    About Will wont talk about him, bc i didnt see OUAT WL, so cant talk about his characters, although many people say he is being recount, and now appears to be a Neal 2.0.
    Henry, is like, i dont even know what he is, but one thing is for sure, he doesnt act like someone that lost his father like one week before, he is like no big deal, or even questioning why hook is all over his mother.
    Rumple is being also rewritten but instead of being for good, he is being written to bad, he treats Belle like crap, and lets not forget, that he also appears to have long forgotten that he did everything for his son, and now they are like making him, sound like he did all for power, that is the thing, im sorry for the no Neal fans, for talking about this, but they are erasing Neal/bae from the show, or when they mention him like this week( finally after episodes wof being afraid to say his name) make CS, and i think is a lack of respect for the actor MRJ, they said was bold story and that would be repercussions, where are those? The story began with a father trying to find a son, and now they are erasing that, bc they dont want the new viewers to ask questions about Neal, and they have to explain, why , if he was important to many characters, why no one is grieving? Sorry about this vent. But your reviews are great.

  14. If I had any faith left in the writers, I’d wager that Hook were being
    written as a Hans-type character. He was shown in “The Jolly Roger” to
    be wearing a suit of dark armor (in contrast to a knight in shining
    armor) and committing highway robbery. His cursed lips, born of a
    selfish vow, then robbed Emma of her true love magic. True love’s kiss
    is supposed to break any curse, yet his cursed rendered Emma’s

  15. My problem is I can no longer trust the writers and show runners to craft a good story. While shows like Grimm get stronger as they age, relying on character development and continuity, Once is doing a backward slide. It’s as if they’re retconning the series to fit the way they want the show to head now. The problem is that this new direction doesn’t seem to be in line with the past. So they’ll use flashbacks, ignoring the past, and even time travel to force their new vision on us The addition of Frozen so soon after it’s initial theatrical release shows that they’re only vehicles for Disney now and interested in ratings, not quality storytelling. It used to be appointment television, now it’s just another show to catch when nothing else is on.