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My Boys aired its season (series) finale last night, and each character faces some major changes.

TV Review: My Boys Have Grown Into “My Men”

Last night, the TBS comedy My Boys completed its fourth season with two half-hour episodes. Sadly, the fourth season only had nine episodes, but My Boys has always aired sporadically. After a 22-episode first season, which had both a winter and summer run, seasons two and three had only aired nine episodes each, and ran during different times of the year. Many people believe that My Boys will not be renewed for a fifth season, though there has been no official announcement either way. It’s depressing, as it’s a great little show that never got the amount of attention it deserved. However, if it is gone for good, the final episode, “My Men,” will serve as a nice series finale.

The show stars Jordana Spiro as P.J. Franklin, a sport columnist in Chicago. As the series began, we were introduced to her three male friends, irresponsible, dumb Mike (Jamie Kaler), party boy Brendan (Reid Scott), and anal retentive Kenny (Michael Bunin). Also part of the group was P.J.’s brother, Andy (Jim Gaffigan) and her lone female friend, who mostly stayed away from the group, Stephanie (Kellee Stewart). Introduced in the pilot was a new co-worker and love interest for P.J., Bobby (Kyle Howard), who first joined the group, and only later became involved in a serious relationship with P.J.

This season has brought about many changes. Bobby lost his fortune and moved in with P.J. Kenny lost his business, of which Mike was the sole employee, so they both were out of work. P.J. got the chance to go for her dream job, the gang’s bar closed down, and Andy moved away to Japan. This last development allowed room for Stephanie to take a more central role and start to spend time with the rest of them. Add to that, she has been dating Kenny, so she is more firmly entwined than ever. I missed Andy quite a bit, but finally liking Stephanie after three years of wondering why she was even in the cast made up for the loss.

It wasn’t just external changes, though, that marked the fourth season. Each character grew to maturity in a new way. Bobby had to figure out what he wanted out of life. P.J. had to settle her priorities, whether she’d rather have her dream job, or a life with her friends. Kenny had to make a big commitment to Stephanie. Brendan traded in his night club for a more grown up venue. And last, but probably the biggest, Mike realized that he wasn’t a kid anymore and needed to change some things. This culminated in his falling in love with, and wedding in the finale, Marcia (played by the hilarious actress Rachael Harris). I love Harris, and she made a great companion for Mike.

Seeing how this past season panned out really made watching the show worth it. It was an enjoyable sitcom from the beginning, found its legs late in the first season, and really became something special by the fourth. The only thing I will regret if it goes off the air is that Jim Gaffigan did not return in any of the nine episodes. A guest spot for him at the end would have been perfect. However, if the show does somehow get picked up, which I sincerely hoped, not only could they save a scene for Gaffigan, but Harris should be installed full time, or at least half-time. It would shake up the dynamic, keep things fresh, and allow the show to grow even more.

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