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The murder conspiracy grows bigger on Desperate Housewives, as Chuck closes in, and Bree considers suicide.

TV Review: Desperate Housewives – “Putting It Together”

ABC’s Desperate Housewives is done with its fall run, as “Putting It Together” sets up a cliffhanger for the rest of the final season. Chuck (Jonathan Cake) is closing the noose around the girls, calling each in for questioning, except Bree (Marcia Cross). Chuck now even knows that Alejandro (Tony Plana) is Gaby’s (Eva Longoria) stepfather. The friends begin to turn on each other under the pressure, and they all abandon Bree. Lynette (Felicity Huffman) asks Tom (Doug Savant) not to go out of town, which may cost him his girlfriend, Jane (Andrea Parker). Susan (Teri Hatcher), on the other hand, considers fleeing the city by taking an amazing job in New York. Bree turns back to alcoholism, and speaks to the dead Mary Alice (Brenda Strong), who says she isn’t unhappy on the other side. And Chuck is hit by a car, driven by someone yet to be revealed.

Desperate Housewives is really going to a dark place here, putting Bree in similar shoes to Mary Alice in the “Pilot.” Will Bree follow in her former neighbor’s footsteps and take her own life? One would think, after everything that Bree has been through, and knowing how Mary Alice’s suicide hurt everyone so long ago, that she will know better. And yet, Mary Alice, who must be a projection of Bree’s own mind, tells her that death isn’t unpleasant. This means Bree is considering permanent, drastic measures. Bree is pretty alone right now, with only Ben (Charles Mesure) showing her kindness. If she were ever going to do it, this would be the time.

But the wives will surely pull back together again. “Putting It Together” doesn’t even mark the halfway point of this season. With so many more hours to go, it’s not yet time for anyone to get caught. And while various characters have falling outs over the years, they never fail to reconnect when times are tough. Never have times been more tough than they are right now.

A saving grace for the girls is Chuck’s accident. Whether he is dead or just out of commission for awhile, having Chuck get hurt eases the pressure. Clearly Chuck isn’t working as part of an investigative team, as he is allowed to toy with the housewives, rather than just arrest them. If other cops were involved, they would not allow such a thing. Chuck is operating on his own personal vendetta against Bree, seeking to hurt her as she hurt him. Which means that all of the important facts of the case that he has, he probably hasn’t shared with anyone.

Renee (Vanessa Williams) catches Ben giving Bree a sympathetic ear in “Putting It Together,” and does not take kindly to it. Bree is single, so it might be understandable that Renee would get jealous, seeing her boyfriend gab with the pretty neighbor. And Renee and Bree aren’t too close, the murder isolating the four main Desperate Housewives from their other friends to some degree. Ben is in the know, which might hurt his budding relationship with Renee, if she doesn’t ruin it herself.

It’s about time that Lynette lets Tom is on the secret in “Putting It Together,” as he is the last husband to be in the loop. Her intention is to make sure that someone is around for their kids, but it might also bring the couple closer together, considering that Tom staying in town likely ends things between him and Jane. The problem here is, Ben now helps cover up the murder, Mike (James Denton) buries the body, and Carlos (Ricardo Antonio Chavira) is the killer, so adding Tom expands the list of vulnerable people in Desperate Housewives. There are now eight people involved in the conspiracy. If the police ever learn the truth, half of the lane stands to go down for the crime, and no one’s children will be taken care of.

Desperate Housewives continues its final season in January on ABC.

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