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Trump in good form

Trump Tweetstorm Annotated: August 14, 2018 Part 1

I think it’s time to come back to Trump Tweetstorm. Sadly, instead of focusing on…you know…governing, Trump has been tweeting incessantly, relentlessly and appearing more and more out of control.  The Trump alternate-reality Twitterverse has morphed into a daily dose of Stormy-ness, Omarosa-ness and, of course, witches. So without further ado, let’s see what’s in this morning’s batch. The first thread is @realDonaldTrump quoting Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch.

First, the source.  According to Media Bias/Fact Check, Judicial Watch is an extreme right-wing “watchdog,” primarily focused on attacking President Obama, Hillary Clinton, climate change, never mind the facts. In other words, real, genuine FAKE NEWS! Sad. Point of Information: Media Bias/Fact Check charts bias all across the political spectrum and is my go-to source for spotting fake news wherever it lies (as it were).

Actually, no, Messers Fitton and Trump. The Strzok firing is political, based on a stupid error of judgment in trading texts with a close friend on an official smartphone. Strzok, by the way, was expressing the views held by many, many others, including those inside the GOP. His texts were equally disparaging of Democrats in public life. And, by the way, if Strzok had that sort of explosive information in the days and weeks leading up to the election, why did he not use it to destroy Trump’s campaign? Simple. Ethics and honor, something of which Trump has no personal knowledge.

The Mueller “operation,” a legal and thus-far effective investigation of Russian tampering with our theoretically fair and free elections, is being conducted by a man (Mueller) with more honor and integrity than you, your cabinet and the entire cadre of venal sycophants in your circle (and family) can barely comprehend. ‘Nuff said (because the tweets, they keep comin’).

Next up, Trump turns to Lou Dobbs. Another caterwauling gasbag  (sorry, I refuse to stoop to Trump-level namecalling) “commentator” from the Right:

So much here, but it’s more banging on Trump’s favorite drum…er…talking points (sigh). First, will someone get POTUS (or Lou Dobbs) a dictionary? “Councel?” Really, really cringe-worthy, but not relevant. Mueller’s conflicts? Really? What are they–except in the magical-thinking alternate universe in which you seem to dwell, Mr. President?

“His 17 angry Democrats…” Wow. Democrats? Mueller is a life-long Republican, the appointee of a Republican president with so much integrity, he was asked to serve on in the next (Democratic) administration. As far as his team…don’t think so. And “no evidence of collusion…?” Huh? There are so many Russians seated in the hip pockets of your sycophants…er…campaign…I wouldn’t be surprised if Russian became an official language of the Republican Party by 2020. Your own Intelligence Community understands the Russian threat, the Russian interference. And, BTW, wouldn’t you want to know if the Russians infiltrated your campaign. And wouldn’t you want to do everything in your considerable power to expose it? I mean, for the good of the country?

And, yeah, Hillary was investigated. And then investigated again. Nada. Sorry, chum.

Too much for one post. Continued in Part 2.

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