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Trump in good form

Trump Tweetstorm – A Daily Conversation with @realdonaldtrump: June 7, 2018

A conversation with President Donald J. Trump. Cool. Well, it’s sort of a conversation. With the President of the United States. Cool. I will daily be posting the previous day’s Trump Tweets with commentary, response, speculation, and truthiness (and fact-checking when appropriate). For me it’s therapy (much needed!) For you, an archive of @realdonaldtrump. Here is the first installment (and feel free to share, to comment here or on Twitter @B_Barnett:

Great night, indeed. In November, the California senate race will be between two Democrats. No Republicans made the top two. The only thing in doubt was whether so many Dems were running in the Congressional primaries that they’d cancel each other out and be shut out for November. That didn’t happen, despite media speculation to the contrary. Fake? No. Wrong, perhaps. Trump effect very big in the primaries when it’s Republican on Republican warfare. But November? I think the Trump effect will very much be in play–much to the benefit of the Dems. On to November, folks! (And I don’t even live in California, so there!)

So much to do as POTUS and so little time–except for the daily dose of Fox and Friends.

I would never say a word against a Gold Star family member. They have given more than I can possibly imagine. The loss of a son? A daughter? As a parent, I find it incomprehensible. But, I do have to mention the cruelty @realdonaldtrump has displayed towards other Gold Star families–those who deigned to disagree with Imperial POTUS.

The ONLY thing I heard from the mainstream news media (CNN, NBC, etc.) was concern. No wild theories, no speculation. Especially on the heels of her kidney surgery, the media were curious, but respectful and concerned. Facelift? Now if she’d decided to leave @realdonaldtrump, I can’t say I’d blame her.


At last. Something upon which we can agree. Phew! Fake News is really bad. Yes. It is. It’s propaganda, and your buddies (sycophants, toadies, whatever at Sinclair and Fox, Breitbart and Infowars? Yeah, they’re the real Fake News folks!)


(See comment above, but responding to the further spin… High tax. Wrong. Fair tax. Right. High Crime? Pot, meet kettle (and I don’t mean supporting high crime. I mean doing high crime(s) — and misdemeanors (?). Easy to beat? Nope. And I can’t f-ing wait until November. Full stop.


And by “we” do you mean, you and your buddy Vladimir Putin, who says that you guys talk by phone quite frequently?? Love to be a fly on the wall for one of those, let me tell ya!

What the bloody hell would you know about such bravery, you Draft-dodging brat? My dad fought in WWII for the freedoms this country offers. His immigrant parents and my mother’s longed for, and you threaten with every day of your existence as POTUS. And by the way, you better have Mr. Pompeo school his communications shop, especially Heather, about our wonderful, long relationship with Germany. 

Yeah, about that… Great. Wonderful bipartisan moment. Except you and your White House flunkies are working hard against actually funding it. But you were always about empty words and pointless flag waving.

Successful? Do the words Puerto Rico mean anything to you? Not one freaking word from you about the actual death toll there. “Successful model we will continue to build?” We’re all doomed.

So much here, so little space. You mean the G-6 plus one? Yeah, like we really have to fight Canada (and, no they didn’t burn down the White House. Canada wasn’t even a country in 1812, you idiot!) “Thirteen Angry Democrats” sounds like a winner of a movie. Like 12 Angry Men, but with politics. Oh, where’s Henry Fonda when we need him? He makes a much better POTUS than you. Smarter, more measured, Midwestern values… (sigh!) And, no it’s not a witch hunt. It’s a hunt for what really happened between you and Vlad (and his oligarchs in the runup to the 2016 election.

Okay. That’s a “30” for today. Let me know what you think–and see you tomorrow. Same place!

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