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This Valentine’s Day, there’s something for everyone, but it’s best to get an early start.

Top 2016 Valentine Gift Ideas

Photo by Shandi-lee Cox
Photo by Shandi-lee Cox

It’s never too early to start planning for a holiday, particularly the one devoted to showing your special someone how much you love him or her. Stores will be loaded with Valentine’s Day displays as early as the day after Christmas, so it’s important to get a jump on the major trends before they’re gone. This year, stay abreast of the hottest Valentine’s Day gifts for both him and her with the following suggestions.

Romantic Gifts

Whether you’re in a casual or long-time relationship, these romantic gifts are the perfect way to let your loved ones know they’re appreciated on the most romantic day of the year.

  • The Written Word: This gift costs nothing, and truly comes from the heart. Whether you write a poem or as many wonderful things as you can think of about your significant other, this gift is timeless and always a hit.
  • Flowers and a Candlelit Dinner: Put some extra thought into this one by finding a bouquet that speaks of your love, and then offer a candlelit dinner. It doesn’t matter if you order takeout or cook a gourmet meal. The thought will be there and appreciated.
  • Book a Getaway Package: Every couple has a place that’s particularly special in their relationship. Whether it’s a spa date near the first place you kissed or a mountain lodge getaway reminiscent of your first date, a getaway package is a hot item this upcoming year.
  • Jewelry: Necklaces, earrings, watches, and cuff links are great ways to say to express your love through a romantic gesture.

Playful Gifts

For some couples, the tenderness and emotions that come with romanticism won’t do. They’re more interested in things that will make them laugh and have a good time. If that sounds like your relationship, forego the candlelit dinner and opt for one of these popular, modern-day options instead.

Scavenger Hunt: Go to a mall or some other area you love with a list of must-find items. Then, conclude the date by purchasing a gift that you’ll enjoy together as a couple. You’ll end up feeling closer to your loved one after a fun date.

Tablet or Game Station: If playful is your style, go the electronics route for gifts this year. A new tablet or the newest gaming system and a couple of games you can play together are hot trends for 2016, and they’ll make for an enjoyable time.

Adventure Getaway Package: Traveling, whether internationally or domestically, is extremely popular. Book a getaway package to somewhere you can enjoy the great outdoors or popular tourist attractions. If you need ideas for somewhere you’ve never been, consider the top travel destinations for 2016, which include Tulum, Mexico, and Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Casual Gifts

If you want to recognize friends, family members, or coworkers on Valentine’s Day without sending the wrong message, stay away from the playful, romantic gifts and focus on casual gifts that could be for anyone.

  • Clothes: Unless you purchase lingerie, clothing is the perfect casual gift. It says you were thinking of someone without sending a romantic message. For the Valentine’s Day season, consider lightweight sweaters and cardigans for optimum style and comfort.
  • Gift Cards: Everyone loves gift cards. They’re thoughtful, but impersonal enough that they send the message of friendship instead of anything more serious. A voucher for a favorite restaurant always goes over well, but there are also Visa gift cards that are good for anything.

This Valentine’s Day, there’s something for everyone, but it’s best to get an early start. Good luck!

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  1. I have another romantic gift idea that my husband gave me. Oh my goodness I melted when he gave me a Dreamlines wedding dress sketch. It was the most precious gift I have ever received.