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Three Olives Vodka unleashes two new seasonal flavors that are perfect for your Halloween party.

Three Olives Presents Rangtang and Purple Flavored Vodkas for Halloween

There are many questions which plague us in life. Inquiries such as “Don’t you want to protect your freedom?,” “Are you now, or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party?,” or, the question that I hear all-too-often, “So, exactly why did I agree to go out with you again?” can cause even the most relaxed of individuals to tense up. Fortunately, there’s a cure for all of that: the cool and refreshing taste of vodka.

Yes, vodka: nature’s answer to tap water. And with the Halloween Season upon us, now is the perfect time to check out two new flavors from Three Olives Vodka: Three Olives Rangtang, and Three Olives Purple. With their distinctive festive colors of orange and purple, these delicious flavored liquors are a sure way to spice up your Halloween party this year (or any other time of year, for that matter).

Grab a bottle of Rangtang and mix up a “Jack-O-Lantern:” three oz. of Three Olives Rangtang Vodka, ¾ oz. of orange juice and lime juice. Shake it up with some ice, ice, baby, strain it all into a chilled martini glass, and garnish with an orange twist.

Or try the “Rangtang Zombie-Tini:” 2 oz. of Three Olives Rangtang Vodka, an ounce of lime sours, and 1 ½ oz. of POM Wonderful pomegranate juice. Shake with ice, strain into a martini glass, and garnish with a lime twist.

With the Purple Vodka, Three Olives recommends the “Gummy Worm Martini”: 1½ oz. of Three Olives Purple Vodka, ½ oz. of Blue Curacao, and  1 oz. of lemon-lime soda. Serve it up on the rocks with a cherry.

The “Purple People Eater” consists of one ounce of Three Olives Purple Vodka, an ounce of peach schnapps, and four ounces of cranberry juice. Pour vodka and schnapps into a martini glass filled with ice, top with cranberry juice, then toss in a few blueberries.

Or do like I do and whip up your own concoctions. By itself, something like Rangtang Vodka can be a bit of a bittersweet experience (which I found out the hard way – it just smelled so damn good!), so I created a tangy fruity punchy kind of thing by using one part of Rangtang Vodka, three parts of Diet 7-Up, and a half-ounce of Grape Cranberry juice to create an alcoholic soda. And, after only a few glasses, I suddenly realized how truly great Stargate Universe really is.

So, who knows: perhaps these new Three Olives Vodkas will be just the thing to make your Halloween party a success this year!

Three Olives Vodka is priced at $19.99 for a 750 ml bottle, and is available nationwide. For more information or for more recipes, visit them at

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