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Why having a gap between your thighs isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Thigh Gaps: A Trend That Needs to Die

Thigh gaps are a trend that needs to die. For those of you who don’t know, a thigh gap is a space that can range from one to four inches between a woman’s legs. It’s absolutely ridiculous that many young women are taking drastic measures – such as excessive exercise, starving themselves, and getting plastic surgery – to achieve it.

First and foremost, I’m confused as to why having a “thigh gap” is seen as desirable. Consider this: men tend to like women who are more endowed in the hip/thigh/butt region. It feels better during sex, is biologically engrained into the male brain as a sign of fertility, and looks better.

Secondly, maybe I’m crazy, but who in their right mind wants super-thin legs? In my family, those are called “chicken legs” and they are not seen as desirable. While I understand that some women are genetically predisposed to being petite and very thin, most of us aren’t.

Lastly, there are women without these ridiculous “thigh gaps” who have great careers, hot husbands/boyfriends, and overall a pretty enviable life. Lena Dunham, Beyonce, Salma Hayek, and Christina Hendricks are among the first who come to mind. Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, and Jennifer Lopez are curvy women without these ridiculous “thigh gaps” who are often viewed as some of the sexiest women of all time!

I personally feel that an inch or two gap between my legs is really the least of my concerns. I would rather focus on being healthy and active. Even when I was a size six back in high school, I didn’t have a thigh gap. For whatever reason, I can’t recall ever worrying about whether my thighs touched or not. In the grand scheme of things, that’s so unbelievably trivial.

My main message that I want to get across is that your priorities shouldn’t be whether or not your thighs touch. If there are any young women or teenage girls out there reading this, make these your priorities instead: getting an education so you can have an awesome career, being active and healthy, being kind to others, and living a life that you will be proud of when you’re old. Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

About Kate Derringer Barclay

Kate Derringer Barclay is the pseudonym of a freelance writer and blogger. Kate Derringer Barclay is also working on her first book.

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  1. a thigh gap has nothing to do with weight. it’s simply an anatomical occurrence that some women have. it’s based on the angle of your femur as it extends from your hip. sit in a a basic anatomy course and perhaps you will find yourself enlightened. nice body shaming though…im sure it makes you feel a lot better about yourself.

    • Thank you, see my very upset post above (I’m the one that ends in saying “This is supposed to be non-objectifying?”) to understand my distress.

  2. Thigh gaps have to do with how tone your legs and thighs are and how wide your hips are, something that people can’t control. So maybe you should do some basic research before you just start slamming people with thigh gaps for reasons they can’t control. I sugest that you just take down this article for being so full of fake information that came.

  3. Carole Di Tosti

    Kate, I agree. They have to go out the window along with the #thinspo conception of beauty that terrorized me my entire life because I was a whale. This is not what kids need to be obsessing about. They do not need to be bullied into feelings of inadequacy by such ads. Hmmm. I think we need to start some more petitions about body discrimination. We need to start the conversation about health, not thigh gaps.

  4. Carole Di Tosti

    As for the lovely ladies who are suggesting thigh gaps have little to do with weight? Bahahahahah. I was overweight and obese for most of my life until I finally got my weight under control. My legs were fat and caused such friction rubbing together, I frayed holes in the upper thigh leg area of my pants. I can’t tell you how many had to be repaired by my aunt or me or the tailor later on when I was much older and had the money for it. It was a complete embarrassment and reminder of my oppressive weight. Toning (I played tennis) didn’t help. I was fat…120 pounds heavier than I am now. And the upset I felt at being fat (by the way…the food industry had a lot to do with my obesity…before we start in on the self-righteous, holier than thou attitude of, “You should have just gone on a diet.” Check out my blog posts about this.) and rubbing my pants to shreds wasn’t helped by Ads like the ones above. In addition, the point is to be healthy, not skinny…not #thinspo. If you are into #thinspo, again, I discuss this in a number of posts then you are uber skinny…now those #thinspo girls have big gaps…but what they are doing to keep the gaps is another story. They should put in the AD, get your GAP THIGH and lose your hair in the process…(it happened to me in my 20s on a protein diet and of course, I gained even more weight back that I had lost). Peace out!

  5. I have to told you that I always had a complex about my “tight gaps”. Now I’m thinner but I have full legs, I have the tight gaps and I have ass and hips and because of my hips I have tight gaps but my legs aren’t so thin !!

  6. Now, I feel great about myself.
    I’m thin, scrawny, have thigh gaps naturally and likely have uterine problem(I’m only a teenager, but they run on both sides of my family and I have nasty menstrual cycles), because that’s just the way I am.
    Good to know I’ll never be attractive because I’m so skinny and that I’ll grow up to be bad in bed because of it. And that no boy would ever be attracted to me over something as primitive as fertility(which I likely don’t have{don’t worry, I don’t want kids anyway} because, like I mention uterine problems.
    This is supposed to be non-objectifying?

    • Girl, I totally agree with you. I can imagine why it is not healthy for people to have an unnatural tight gap, but it’s not fair to insult those girls who can’t help it. Look at the bright side: our jeans will last longer, we can wear skinny jeans and at least some people find it wildly desirable. Haters gonna hate. Keep your head up 🙂

    • No it’s okay. You are beautiful! I’m hurt by this article too, and my thighs do touch! I’m underweight for my height but I can’t help it, it’s just the way I’m built. Comments on here are horrible, apparently I’m not ever going to be good in bed either. I hate how it’s always one extreme of the other. It’s hurtful! We should all be beautiful… and know that there’s people out there who do find you attractive. The fact that this is even an article sickens me. It just makes women focus it on it more, whether their thighs touch or not. It shouldn’t matter!

  7. Thigh gap = Sometimes the camel toe is more noticeable.
    Although those who are upset over this. C’mon. Everyone is beautiful. Gesh. It’s okay if you have a natural thigh gap or are naturally thin but it is pretty sad when girls go out of their way for society just to seem beautiful or elegant because they starved themselves or cried themselves to sleep because they were programed to think they weren’t perfect as they are. It’s truly sick how girls and boys alike suffer to meet society’s overly high expectations, society will always take and never give in-return. True beauty shines from within.
    Ladies. Don’t change yourself or body for society or for that ‘Jock’ like guy who doesn’t give you the time of day, same for you guys out there as well.

  8. I have a natural thigh gap, and to be honest I’m embarrassed of it because people who don’t have them are telling me I am ugly and not sexy because stupid girls are trying to loose weight to get one. Don’t put people down for being skinny to make fat people feel better, and vise versa.

  9. Youre an absolute fucking idiot to the person behind this blog post. Body shaming is never okay, us skinny girls would NEVER shame curvy/chubby women so don’t you dare think its okay to do the same to us. Every body is beautiful whether is consists of a thigh gap or not, big breasts, flat bum or not, wide hips or not, flat tummy or not, clear skin or not, EVERYONE IS PERFECT. and NONE of these things are something to mock. Skinny girls are not scrawny, nor are they chicken legs, we were born this way just like some people are born with a slow metabolism (–> and remain curvy throughout their life) Very rude post and you really should reassess your hypocritical ideals and rubbish research statements made. Us women are supposed to stick together and fight for each other! Not tear each other down.

    • “Us skinny girls would NEVER shame curvy/chubby women”… Wow. So, all of those girls in the hallway that will make fun of other girls for being “overweight” aren’t body-shaming? Just because you don’t doesn’t mean other people don’t either. Get off your high and might horse because it happens and you’ve done it at least once in your lifetime. We all have.

    • Sarah Louise Poulter

      I got called fatty, thunder thighs etc for my entire childhood. By LOADS of girls. To the point where I was self-harming, starving myself, and considering suicide.
      But you’re right……..I must have imagined all of that.
      Silly me!

  10. Sweaty thighs rubbing together when you walk is kinda gross…

    • That’s your opinion. Some people think thigh gaps are “kinda gross”. it doesn’t matter if my thighs rub together because I am happy with myself and that’s all that matters, user “ProGap”.

      • well, isn’t that hurt when someone saying “Sweaty thighs rubbing together when you walk is kinda gross…” to you as curvy girl?
        that’s also how we skinny girls feel when you curvy girls judging on us and saying “eww thigh gaps are gross and disgusting” or maybe like ” Go eat something u anorexic bitch!”
        The point is we should stop judging on others and put them down just to make us feel better about our body. Got it?

        • who the fuck even said anything about “anorexic bitch”?! you need to chill. everyone’s body is different and not everyone is attracted to the same thing. you’re taking Brenna’s comment and blowing out of proportion. as long as you do you and you’re happy with yourself, thigh gap or not, that’s great.

      • Wipe the butter off your chin, Brenna.

  11. Hmm I’m not really sure what to think…I actually didn’t here about this trend until earlier today when I was reading Seventeen magazine. Personally I think that people shouldn’t be made fun of either way. And if someone is doing something that’s detrimental to their own health, other’s shouldn’t shame them for it either. If someone has confidence issues, telling someone how stupid they are for doing something isn’t going to help either. I also think this article is poorly written. True, unhealthy trends do need to end but I have a natural thigh gap and I don’t appreciate being called “chicken legs” by the article.

  12. Look. Hun. Some people are NATURALLY SKINNY. I have a thigh gap. I’m curvy, but it’s there. It’s about 3 inches. I know where you’re coming from, but don’t bash on the gap. Respect the gap.

  13. I am a teen girl, and pretty small, both short and very skinny. I do have a thigh gap, but I have muscular legs. it just depends.

  14. I am going to be honest here, I am one of the girls who is obsessed with thigh gaps. Why? Because I like it and want it. I always prefer to wear skinny jeans and having a thigh gap compliments skinny jeans. I do wear dresses quite often but I still want to have a thigh gap. I realised that even when I was thinner I never had a thigh gap. I am trying to do brisk walking, jogging, walking, strtching etc. to tone my thighs and legs. I have muscly legs and thighs which are very toned not fat. I think that having a thigh gap does depend on your hip size; I have kinda small hips so maybe that’s why even when I am thin I can never achieve thigh gap. Also, I know several skinny/slender girls who do not have thigh gaps. So again, I am guessing it’s down to body shape and muscle mass.

    • Sarah Louise Poulter

      If your hips are narrow you will probably never have one, and you will only make yourself sick trying. Stop worrying about it, and look at everything else that makes you beautiful, cos I bet there’s a lot about you that is simply stunning without needing a gap between your thighs

  15. So, because you don’t care about the tight-gap, you wrote a blog about it? Perhaps you should consider that you’ve insulted a whole lot of people who have a natural tight-gap. Like you said, beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and colours. However, unlike you, I actually mean it when I say this.

  16. The answer is simple. Thigh gaps are found on women with higher amounts of estrogen. Estrogen is the “woman hormone” as women have quite a lot more of it than men. It causes breast growth and other things when taken through medicines and supplements.

    Also, it’s easier for women with wider hips to have thigh gaps. Wider hips are attraction 101 for men. Every man loves women with thigh gaps. Compare this to women with high testosterone, who often have smaller hips and larger upper bodies. They rarely have thigh gaps.

    Put two and two together and you realize thigh gaps are just more attractive. End of sentence. It’s like the v-taper on men’s upper body. Universally attractive.

    • This is really the most disgusting thing I’ve read in a while. Every man does NOT love a woman with thigh gaps. Stop making young women feel like crap about their bodies with your Pro-Ana bullshit. It’s not okay. Plenty of men like women with fuller thighs, so stop saying they love women with thigh gaps because some men don’t. Some men find them unattractive so stop being so ignorant.

    • Sarah Louise Poulter

      Oh and I have NO thigh gap, but I would bet a lot of money my hips are much wider than yours.
      Oh, and about 60% of guys I know associate thigh gaps with being too skinny ( ie. not healthy) – isn’t health, and confidence in yourself the MOST important thing.
      OR, is my tiny waist, big boobs, wide hips and big bum not feminine, just cos I don’t have a gaping hole between my legs when I walk

      • Hurt isn’t it? that’s how we skinny girls feel when you CURVY GIRLS
        judging on our thighs gap, our bones and call us “anorexic bitch”!
        We also have feeling, so if it’s not okay to call someone FAT, then why is it okay to call someone SKINNY ANOREXIC BITCH? this is so wrong!

        • Sarah Louise Poulter

          You’re missing my point! I’m not hating on skinny girls, but I AM saying that people with high estrogen levels, and wide hips i.e very feminine body shape, don’t ALWAYS have thigh gaps. I’m trying to show that having or not having a thigh gap doesn’t automatically make you more OR less feminine.
          And that it is not “universally attractive” as stated in the comment I was actually replying to, but is in fact attractive to some, and not to others.
          And when exactly do I say the words anorexic or bitch?????????????

          I think you’ve totally misunderstood the comment!

  17. I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t take kindly to this asshole degrading skinnier women like myself. Most guys I know would take a skinny girl with a thigh gap any day over a “overall more attractive” curvy woman. I have had enough with this only dogs like bones bs, and anyone who says skinny girls have it easier in society is just lying. I have a thigh gap and believe it or not it is attractive, or more attractive than thunder thighs at least

    • Sarah Louise Poulter

      Right here, you’ve just said that more guys prefer a thigh gap over a curvy woman. You’re just as bad as the people you’re having a go at. Most guys dnt give a crap, they are attracted to you (or not) as a whole person, not just your thigh gap (or lack of). EVERYONE HAS A DIFFERENT IDEA ON WHAT IS OR ISN’T ATTRACTIVE. It comes down to personal preference.

      I would also like to tell you that your comment about skinny girls not having it easier is total BS. I guess you have NEVER tried to buy fashionable clothes in anything over a 16 (the average for a UK woman) It’s IMPOSSIBLE! And when you do, they’re more expensive, much less choice, and always almost frumpy. But if you’re skinny, you can find lovely clothes to fit you almost anywhere. Also, have you ever looked at magazines/models/actresses etc. They’re all from skinny to slim. There is NEVER any women over a size 14. That’s because, generally, in society, anything over that is seen as less attractive.

      And then there’s horrible people (like you if you re-read the end of your comment) who rant on about how we have no right to insult skinny girls, then proceed to use the term thunder thighs.
      [Gratuitous vulgarity deleted by Comments Editor]

  18. Thigh gap or no thigh gap, I feel like the take away message here is that we ladies need to stick together. It’s unnecessary for bigger girls to throw out phrases such as, “only dogs like bones”, and it is EQUALLY unnecessary for more petite girls to hurl insults like “fat ass”.

    Body shaming another female is NEVER okay, no matter who the insult is to or from.

    That being said, I feel like we need to come in for a group hug. Someone cue the girl power music!

  19. This is really insulting to people with thigh gaps. I’ve been bullied about being too thin and disgustingly anorexic looking when I eat like a normal human being. Does that mean ‘being curvaceous’ is a trend that needs to die? Having big boobs and a big butt has been popular forever and it makes me feel horrible about myself. Finally this ‘thigh gap’ trend comes along and I finally have something about myself I like. Every body is beautiful, and if you have to insult people with thigh gaps, accusing people of having ‘chicken legs’ then in reality, you need to fix your self esteem.

  20. Everyone is missing the point of this blog post. Women are constantly obsessing over having a thigh gap. Does it really matter? No, but teenage girls and young women are going to unhealthy extremes to get one. It is better to be healthy and maybe not have a thigh gap than to be starving and have one. It disgusts me to see Nissa saying that thigh gaps are “universally attractive” because they’re not. I know men who would much rather have a woman with a fuller body. So please don’t go around telling people that thigh gaps are “universally attractive” because that can be conceived as Pro-Ana bullshit. And to the people saying that this is insulting to skinny people, get over yourselves. So what? One blog post says that skinny legs aren’t something to starve yourselves for, but there are millions of posts out there of women glorifying thigh gaps as a sign of body perfection. That’s offensive to women everywhere. More women do not have a thigh gap than do, so let’s stop saying that one thing is better than the other. It is terrible for self-esteem. We just need to accept our bodies for what they are, and if we really don’t like it, we can do something HEALTHY about it. This post wasn’t meant to offend skinny people; it was meant to show women that everyone is ok just the way you are. You don’t have to starve yourself to be perceived as beautiful. Read the last paragraph. The author says, “My main message that I want to get across is that your priorities shouldn’t be whether or not your thighs touch.” Boom. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Props to Kate Derringer Barclay

  21. A thigh gap usually indicates wide hips and thin shapely legs. I.e youth and fertility. Therefore men often find it attractive. Please go.

    Of course I’m not saying that women without the gap can’t have nice legs.

    • Actually legs are not an indicator of fertility at all. Hips are, but a gap indicates nothing as far as fertility. The curvy bits on the basic human female form due to hormones and serve as visual clues for males as to fertility. This would be the hips, buttocks and thighs. Why most mammals mate doggie style. That is why modern women wear tight clothes to show off curves and heels which make both the buttocks and breasts to stick out more by changing posture.

      Legs are just legs.

  22. This is absolutely ridiculous. I’m one of the girls who has a natural thigh gap, and people always complimented me on my figure and legs. But now this article is telling me that I’m not good in bed and I can’t have children? Why don’t you check your facts. Writing this to make girls who don’t have a thigh gap feel better about themselves was a good idea, but bashing skinny girls who can’t help it in the process was not okay. Telling me I have “chicken legs” because my thighs don’t touch is like me going around telling every girl without a thigh gap that they have “thunder thighs”. That’s not okay. Thanks for making all the skinny girls feel insecure. I think everyone is beautiful, thigh gap or not, and I TRULY mean that, unlike this bullshit article.

    • Except that skinny girls have been enjoying just that for years – ridiculing, belittling, and in every other way knocking bigger women. They’ve been buying magazines that ignore 75 percent of the population and feeling good about it. Now, there’s one little article taking a different opinion and you are all crying abuse…crocodile tears.

      • Nobody has been knocking bigger women for years. Unless you are obese, then you are being offended by medical warnings and the media, not slim women.

        P.s. It takes a lot more fabric to drape a size 22, Im a size 8, I pay the same price for my clothing as a size 22. NOT FAIR! My wallet is suffering, so obese people don’t.

        • Respectfully, you have no idea what you are talking about. Probably because you have not been on the receiving end of disparaging remarks before now. And no-one is stopping manufacturers from adding a few dollars to larger sizes, in fact, many do. So cost is still no reason not to provide clothing to the MAJORITY of the population. If you think all your financial woes come from obese people enjoying on your dime, then you are not paying attention. There are some BIG fish to fry and yet fat people are the ones getting all the heat, all the time. When I was 185 pounds – I was hassled about my weight, when I was 165lbs I was hassled about my weight, when I was 145lbs I was hassled about my weight, when I was 135lbs I was hassled about my weight. I was 5’7″ at 13 and since then, I have never not been called fat. I have no pity. Some people don’t like skinny legs. So?

  23. I think you people are missing the point of this it’s that girls are actually starving them selfs because they think that’s the only way that they can look good I don’t think it was ment to be about girls that naturaly have one that’s great but girls should not be starving them selfs and going to drastic measures to get one

  24. wow, the point of the article was to make women who DONT have a thigh gap feel better about themselves and that they dont have to go to extremes to get one…i read some articles where teenage girls were becoming anorexic in order to achieve this and that is sad… thigh gap or no thigh gap, none of us would want our children, sister, friend to make themselves sick over something so meaningless…

  25. Beautiful Woman

    Natural thigh gaps are great, fine, im glad some people have a naturally high metabolism and wide hips. Im glad they’re not going to unhealthy habits to achieve a thigh gap. And for girls who don’t have a thigh gap but can’t get one, its okay. Just eat healthy and tone your body. you don’t need to be super skinny, just yourself. And for the big girls like me out there, we just need to do exercise, eat right, and keep our confidence. Body shaming wont do anything. It has made me feel like crap tons of times. And for me personally, I don’t have a fast metabolism nor a slow one, I just am an emotional eater. Natural Thigh Gaps are fine, unhealthy habits to get one are not, and eating healthy and regular exercise is a great way to keep in shape.

  26. I’m glad that after reading a few comments, I am not the only one who feels slightly insulted by this article. I have always been genetically thin, and have a natural thigh gap. But I have a very hard time feeling secure in my body image. Why? Because it doesn’t matter what end of the weight spectrum you are on. There’s equally offensive terms for any body type, and people use them because they are insensitive or looking to justify themselves. While some may think that being skinny is easy, I am actually made fun of for having “no meat” or looking like I don’t eat. In some cases, people even think it is gross, and make comments about how my body type isn’t as appealing as that of a”real woman” with curves. In response I have tried many things to “put on more substance” and feel more attractive, but it doesn’t work. For some people, gaining weight is just as hard as losing it – and can be just as discouraging.

    Do you think I find consolation in a fad that is going around? No, I think that all fads are equally sad because it encourages people to be blind to their own natural beauty. By telling me that I have chicken legs, or that I don’t have as much to offer in bed, you are not helping me to feel equal at all. And if you did help some girls to feel better, you didn’t do it in a healthy way. In response to those who would say that I missed the point of the article, I think it is more accurate to say that the author missed the point. I get the feeling that it WAS written to make women feel more secure about their bodies – But, by using insults to do so, it missed the mark.

  27. That was beautiful

  28. I’m getting real tired looking at american or other countries post which saying that MARILYN MONROE IS CURVY.
    Yes, she WAS size 16 in 50’s, but these day…it’s equal to size 4-5 in America. So, no…she’s not the kind of thick curvy girl, but she’s an example of SKINNY GIRL WITH CURVE.
    And btw, my mother was so skinny that she has the gap between her legs but she’s fine, she gave birth to me and my sister normally without any problem. Thighs gap isn’t an indicator whether you good in bed or not, So get your fact straight!

    • I get peeved about the same thing. I hate curvy being used as a kinder way to say overweight. She was a vintage 14/16, which is dressmaking sizes, not standard modern sizes. She was about a size 6, though she did gain as she got older as most women do. She was also not “skinny”, she was an hourglass figure and of a normal weight range. “Skinny” is more Olive Oyl which is a ruler body shape with little waist definition.

      Being skinny has very little to do with a thigh gap – which was the whole point. trying for a gap when it doesn’t fit your body type was the gist of the article. Unrealistic goals for what constitutes “beauty”

  29. Everyone is missing the point, im tired of all the girls who have natural thigh gaps saying that this is offensive she states directly in the article, “While I understand that some women are genetically prediposed to being petite and very thin, most of us aren’t.” Sheis saying that some people have a thigh gap naturally, the importance and main message of this article was to shine light on the fact that some girls are going to drastic measures to get this “thigh gap.” Just like some of you are naturally skinny and have a thigh gap some of usdont this article was just meant to make people that dont, feel less insecure andbe fine with the fact that they dont have a thigh gap. All of us have body problems, just deal with it and stop bitching about yours.

    • She’s saying men are MORE attracted to girls w/o thigh gaps, she’s making that kind of assumption… Basically, enforcing HER views on what a perfect female body is (and it ain’t skinny) and you’re DEFENDING her? Sorry, y’all just ooze with envy. Simple solution: since men aren’t, supposedly, attracted to skinny girls (specially those with thigh gaps), be quiet about it and keep all the men to yourselves instead of trying to “help” skinny bitches.

      • I think you need to work on your reading comprehension. Maybe read the article again. She did point out that a basic signal (to males)of sexual fertility in humans is the widening of hips and fat storage/development of the thighs, buttocks area. This is due to female hormones – basically its a visual sign of ripeness. Fertility. It isn’t HER view. Its the basic biological view. Of course in real-life people are attracted to a variety. She is just stating the traditional biological viewpoint – how visually human males tell if a female is mate able. I am sure if it was our butts turning bright red or a change in plumage you would flip out about that too. Curvy shape is traditionally a signal of fertility.

        When women start to be less fertile they tend to lose weight or roundness in the is same thigh and butt area and gain in the midsection. Again, a visual clue for males.

        Some women have gaps, some don’t and both are ok. Women who are not built straight (ruler shaped) and are curvier (hourglass) have been getting negatively critiqued for their build since the 1920s (look up Coco Chanel) when that shape became “in” in fashion. Thus the eating disorders. So maybe relax as there really is no war against skinny just like there is no war against xmas.

  30. Eating Disordered Girl

    This is one of the many things I have struggled with throughout my eating disorder and it just shows how skewed our perceptions can become! We can’t expect all body types to produce ‘the thigh gap’, it’s like forcing the shape of a square into a triangle. Most women have soft bodies with thighs that touch and it’s a matter of reframing our skewed perceptions.

  31. thigh gaps, seriously? I’m just wondering what minute portion of your self esteem this stems from. supporting one over the other only does more to divide and conquer, seems like that is your goal. some advice, worry about accepting your lack of a thigh gap and stop comparing and contrasting physical differences because you have a chip on your shoulder. confidence is the key, not ignorance.

  32. sounds like the person in this article is a HATER ont those girls that have it and thigh gap or no gap I love it love the 3 diamonds

  33. ps girls born with natural thigh gaps r sexier than girls born without em

    • That’s really not very nice to say… you can have your opinions but parading them around is just a bit offensive and hurtful. This is why girls do end up starving themselves, they want to be perfect, to everyone. We want to be attractive…

  34. I’m a size 0 and I don’t have a thigh gap? ):

    • You don’t have too! I’m also a size zero and considered underweight for my height, everyone’s body has a different build.

  35. I think thigh gaps are the most disgusting thing ever. Idk where these young girls getting the idea that thinner is better. Have you not seen the videos lately? Its all about thick ass thighs and asses.. If you are naturally skinny alright thats cool but put some meat on your bones that shit look nasty as fuck. Im a young petite female and dont got a gap and i look amazing if i do say so myself c:
    Its all about them curves boo.

    • I can tell by reading your name that you are obviously black. It is against the laws of nature for you to have a thigh gap. Trust me, I have one, and I am not disgusting. I struggle every single day with gaining and maintaining my weight because of Cystic Fibrosis. Embrace your healthy body, but saying that a naturally thin girl is nasty as f**k? Umm, YEAH. That just shows your uncontrollable jealousy toward other women.

      • I have Cystic Fibrosis also, but I don’t have a thigh gap. You know why? Because even though I’m considered “underweight” for my height, everyone is built differently. I don’t have a thigh gap but that doesn’t mean I’m fat. I actually need to gain weight and my doctors tell me I need too. Different bone structures, genetics, all that. Also muscle mass can make your thighs touch. I think everyone should be considered beautiful. You are always going to be attractive to someone out there. Just live life and be happy 🙂 You are all beautiful!

      • lol no it’s not against the laws on nature or else you wouldn’t have one. some people just have one, there are even curvier girls with them.

    • you can be curvy with a thigh gap…. boo.

  36. I stumbled across this blog on a random surf, and just for the record, I don’t have a thigh gap 🙂 I do, however, have a sad, heavy heart reading about all the women who are concerned about whether a man will find a particular body part sexy or not. Yes, I am happily married and I am very glad I don’t have to do the whole dating scene/impressing guys thing anymore, but honestly, even if I did, I wouldn’t work out/eat healthy (or God forbid – starve myself) for ANY guy – I would do it for me so that I can feel healthy, energetic and happy. Thigh gap or not!

  37. As a man I have to say I never thought about the whole thigh gap thing EVER before the media came up with it. And suddenly it’s a thing. I also prefer girls who look like a real woman, the Marilyn Monroe type figure, and not like one shortly before starving. I had an ex-girlfriend who was extremely thin and missed body fat in all the important places. I really liked her, but in bed it didn’t feel sexy at all, it felt like touching a child and disgusted me.

    • She was very smart to leave your critical ass. Unless you can prove to me that you have an 8 pack, and resemble the appearance of Channing Tatum– than who the heck are you to compare her to a disgusting child? Just as the fat women in the world scream leave us and our burgers alone (we are big boned), us naturally thin ones have a request too- stop trying to make us feel bad just because we struggle with gaining or maintaining weight. (And you other women that are jealous can leave us alone too. Trust me when I say that EVERY.SINGLE.WOMAN struggles with body image, or has at one point. I drink 4-6 Ensure Plus a day, on top of maintaining a 3500 calorie diet, and still hover around 120lbs for my 5’7″ figure. I have never thought of a thigh gap myself, but now that I look, mine is about 2.5 inches. Thank you for making me self-conscious that the next man I am with will be thinking I am disgusting in his head.

      • I find the thigh gap to be quite sexy so don’t get all self-conscious. Everyone has different preferences in what they find attractive. By the way, you shouldn’t let some idiot’s comment on the Internet influence your thought patterns when with your next man. That is just stupid. Be confident in yourself and who you are and then you will find the right man to appreciate you for who you are. God bless!

      • Something Peppery

        Omg These kind of articles are NOT ABOUT YOU. If you have it naturally we arent talking about you. We are talking about UNNATURALLY THIN girls and the shit they’ve been doing to themselves to get things they dont naturally have. I’m starting to really question this, ALL the girls on here just happen to be naturally thin girls with thigh gaps, if you were naturally/healthily thin you wouldn’t get so offended this is blatantly an article about unhealthy diet hypes and unrealistic starvation results. Am i the only one whos not offended by this? because i know they’re referring to those thinspo wannabes not me or any other girl who has it healthily.

        • Please don’t try to tell people when or how thry should be offended. It’s really not your place to do that. Yes, the article sucks, is full of contradictions and offends people. Not the reader’s fault. Had the author not wanted to offend, she should’ve worded things another way. Thta’s all on her.

    • I like both thin girls and curvy(not fat, toned and shapely, hourglass etc) girls, you’re insane I’d love to sleep with your ex if you transformed her into a 6 year old that’s you’re deal. As I’ve said before, … we need to be in roughly the same weight class-to be sexually Olympic 😉

    • so your saying sex is the only important thing in a relationship?

  38. ” It feels better during sex, is biologically engrained into the male brain as a sign of fertility, and looks better”…. it is funny that you are making a post about what some people think is better looking and then part of your argument is just straight up saying “it looks better”

  39. Bottom line, every woman should love who they are regardless if they’re meatier or skinnier. Seriously what’s the big deal. I’m not skinny my thighs touch, I’m fine with myself. I know I’m still healthy I don’t eat bad or anything, I work out hard but my thighs are still touching. I don’t care either. I’m fine with it. I workout to be healthy. If I was skinny I’d love myself too. It doesn’t matter. Women, love yourself for who you are. Skinny girls shouldn’t be ashamed of their thinness just as much as a thicker girl shouldn’t be ashamed of herself and feel fat. Society manipulates how we see ourselves. I don’t think that a separation between a woman’s thighs is necessarily a healthy trend for young teenage girl’s body images. If your thighs separate good for you, if they don’t, then still good for you. Just love your thighs for the way they are. Easy as that.

  40. It’s also very easy to fake “thigh gap.” Most females who want to parade around their “thigh gap” only have it because of the way they are standing at that moment. You can leave your feet in the EXACT SAME PLACE and make yourself have thigh gap or not, just depending on how you’re holding the muscles in your leg. MOST women who say they have “thigh gap” are just delusional. Not that it’s really a desirable thing anyway…

  41. I don’t even get the whole thigh gap thing. It just makes whoever has it look bowlegged.

    • that’s if it’s tooo big some people just have it naturally because their fit and have the right bone structure. it does look good but then again who cares lol it’s a gap in your thighs.

  42. i have thigh gap,as long as i can remember..i try to eat as healthy as i can, but there are people who have it and those who don’t..personally, i don’t really find it attractive either(it makes you look waif-y, not a good thing for me), but it’s not something to be upset about and hate on..women will always have body issues, that’s’s the body you’re born with, then deal with it..

  43. instead of focusing on the destructive practices of young teen girls in order to stay thin, you’re basically bashing all thin people in general by calling them sexually unattractive and unappealing to the eye. i have been thin my whole life and have always wanted to be curvier and this in turn created so many self image issues that are not exclusive only to bigger girls who want to lose weight. the problem here is self esteem issues in general- girls should realize that beauty is not defined by size. there are thin girls out there who hate the way they look as well! its not something that can be helped when a thigh gap or “chicken legs” (how politically UNCORRECT of you) are genetic. safe to say that you have no clue what you are talking about.

    • Something Peppery

      No what shes saying is true. We all know that she’s referring to teenage girls who are wrongly dieting to get something most of them don’t naturally have. So calm the f*ck down, why do skinny girls always assume everyone’s talking about them and take offence to everything we aren’t even referring to you. If your naturally or healthily thin reading things like this then ITS NOT ABOUT YOU. We are talking about the thigh gap hype that’s got girls who DON’T have it genetically starving themselves to get it. That is what the problem is, when a girl doesn’t naturally have it it looks unhealthy and wrong. That’s the point she’s trying to make.

      Yes some girls are naturally thin and/or have thigh gaps we are well aware of that so stop jumping to conclusions. You don’t even understand the purpose of the article.

      • Wow, that was rude. Thin shaming, fat shaming, slut shaming… it gets old. The author is not an authority when it comes to a girl’s level of attraction. The whole article misses the mark and, honestly? Y’all sound jealous you don’t have the thigh gap thing going on. Sorry.

      • what I understand is that thing legs were referred to as “chicken legs” and the thigh gap in itself not the unhealthy practices of achieving one as “ridiculous”

          • I quote…….”Lastly, there are women without these ridiculous “thigh gaps” who have great careers, hot husbands/boyfriends, and overall a pretty enviable life.”

            Note there is no mention of the “trend” of thigh gaps. The author blankly states that “thigh gaps” are ridiculous. Thigh gaps are now being wrongly associated with anorexia. So I do believe slim people have a right to see this as another slim bashing article.

    • You go sister! I am so insecure about how thin I am and people don’t realise that articles like this is not helping my generation as a whole!

  44. Beyonce has a thigh gap.

  45. A random convo i had with my mom years back maybe around 00′, i saw very few women with gaps between their legs , i saw it in a odd way and i asked my mom why they were like that. She response was …. “Those are women who have that are too sexual active” other people say “maybe she has a sickness ” i dont believe what they have said but to see this as a trend is over the top. Girls in this generation feel like they HAVE to worry so much about their image. Make sure they have good hair, lovely eyes, tight frim arms, thighs, butt, tummy. Its sad to see girls do bad things to their bodies to get what they want, just to be acceptable to society. i cant even compare myself to them when i used to be a teen.

  46. Too much exercising? No such thing. Wouldn’t be surprised to hear, that while Kate enjoys running and boxing, she likes eating fast food much more.

  47. I agree that women can obsess over a thigh gap, and they needn’t. But it does look damn sexy.
    One thing I have to point out is that your view, is, in the end, your view. ‘You’ refer to it as unattractive yet your only basis is your family’s view?
    Many women find muscular men attractive. Many men therefore work endlessly to achieve a muscular build. Yet you don’t see me complaining that it is wrong for them to have to do that. EMBRACE FAT MEN!
    I agree that women don’t have to focus their lives on achieving a thigh gap, but exercise never harmed anyone.
    In the end, it is just initial attraction. For instance no matter how good looking a woman is, I would never date her unless she has an amazing personality.
    One could argue that is bias toward women who have a nicer personality, but who cares?
    In the end, no matter what you say, everyone has their own preferences. Some guys like thigh gaps, some don’t.

  48. I’ve not had a thigh gap since I was 5 stone or below and severely anorexic. Either thigh gaps are unhealthy or some people just don’t have them?

    • I’ve had a thigh gap for as long as I can remember, and I’m not unhealthy. It’s just kinda there. I didn’t realize I had one until I read this..

    • They are not unhealthy some people are genetically petite . That does not make people anorexic. My whole family is genetically small but we eat like a normal person we cannot help our metabolism, but again that does not make us UN-attractive nor ‘unhealthy’. I’m not saying people that do not have thigh gaps aren’t UN-attractive everyone is beautiful in their own way and we need to stop judging ALL sizes whether your 130 pounds or 400 pounds we are all human and where all beautiful. I’m 18 and I weigh 119 my weight does not make me not beautiful to society, society’s ugly these days.

    • their not unhealthy because some thick girls could actually have them. it’s all about bone structure and being fit.

  49. jealous?…

  50. I have a thigh gap and I’m not “skinny”. I have curves, 34-28-39. I have wide hips/thighs/etc. so IDK how I have a gap.

  51. I can’t find any attractiveness in Thigh Gaps, is not sexy and not functional.
    What is a Thigh Gap useful for? Not even Miss America or Miss USA compete to have a Thigh Gap. And those are some of the most beautiful and smart women.

  52. I have a thigh gap because I am just naturally slim, I find it so hurtful when I read on the internet that parts of my body that I can not change or chose to have, just like a curvy girl doesn’t choose to be heavier in the hips, are “ridiculous” or “unattractive”.

    • Don’t feel hurt by this nonsense. I have a healthy body weight, a hip to waist ratio of 0.7 and thigh gap. Interestingly, the world is awash with “lose weight” plans and pills, obesity is a huge market, being thin (slim) is not, yet it seems to gets a lot more negative press. “Ridiculous” thigh gaps! When I see an article telling girls not to eat themselves to a muffin top because it is all the rage, I’ll take this shit seriously. At the moment it reeks of slim bashing and envy, under the guise of concern.

      • pplarefunkingstupid

        You are a complete moron. If you naturally have a thigh gap it is fine. People are making references to the girls who go out of there way to starve themselves and work out like works mules and practically kill themselves to get a thigh gap. No one is slim bashing. I am thin and I too hate the thigh gap trend, so why would I be “envious” of thin people?

  53. when i was younger i wanted my thigh gap to disappear! now i don’t know what to think because some people think it’s ugly and some girls are envious… it saddens me that something i, and many other girls, can’t control are being targeting for. Of course, its a different story when people go to extremes to be like that.

  54. I am not overly thin, not thin at all, as a matter of fact – 5″6 and 140 – I have a curvy build, with a thigh gap. Ha – who knew I was with the “in” crowd? It’s a silly fad that will pass in the blink of an eye…never knew the thigh gap was or wasn’t desirable. Shocked to find out there is even a name for it.

    • 5’6″ + 140 = fat

      • There’s nothing wrong with being fat, one. And two you don’t know anything about her or where he weight is distributed. Screw off

      • woooow! You’re ignorant for saying that a women who is 5’6 and 140 is fat. You have no idea what her body may look like. She’s actually in the weight range for her height. American Society and their ridiculous standard of beauty is outrageous

  55. Who are you tell people what they shouldnt look like. Better to have thigh gaps, which is a sign of youth and sex, than thunderous jiggly thunder thighs that are so tight a guy couldnt play with her if she did a split.

    • just because someone doesn’t have a thigh gap doesn’t mean their thighs are fat fyi.

    • Actually, wider the thighs looser the vagina. Ha. Also you said “jiggly thunder thighs that are so tight” im pretty sure jiggly and tight do not go together. If you wanna insult do it the right way lol.

    • your extremely ignorant it’s not even funny.. it’s not even a diss on you … it’s just a fact.

    • It is just another sign that these people are so insecure that they will buy into anything that is being sold to them regardless of facts.

  56. I don’t understand why people want to be slim. I’m envious of women with curves. My pelvis, collarbone, shoulders, shoulderblades and spine stick out. People look at me in disgust. I even get bullied because I’m skinny. When I lean back in a plastic chair and move my back makes this horrible cracking sound. It’s apparently alright to judge people for being too skinny but when people judge the fat it’s suddenly offensive. I’m 87.5 pounds and I would kill for curves.

  57. Sometimes, a little bit of thigh gaps can be useful. Good air circulation. Less chafing while running, walking. In high humidity conditions, they are good to have.


  59. pplarefunkingstupid

    The stupidity in the commenters makes me shake my head and lose so much faith in humanity. The post was spot on and very well written. These stupid trends these girls kill themselves to achieve is ridiculous. If you naturally have a thigh gap, fine, but to starve yourselves and work yourself to death for it is absurd. Just be healthy and be happy being you. That is way better then some stupid trend that looks ugly anyway. And by the way I am very thin and do NOT have a thigh gap, thank god.

  60. I have a 2in gap between my legs and hate it. I always say that I have chicken legs! How girls can desire such thing.

  61. Everyone, just and FYI: professional runners and athletes thighs do touch, and they are healthy, and not fat as many negative commenters say. It’s because they have muscle.
    Another thing: I hate this article. Skinny women are beautiful as well. It’s not a matter of fat/not fat. I have Cystic Fibrosis and am very underweight for my height, my doctors even tell me I need to gain more weight. But my thighs do touch. They just do, because my body was built that way. Because everyone’s body is built differently. Some overweight women’s thighs don’t touch also.
    This article is hurtful to women who cannot control it, or are naturally built that way. Can’t everyone be beautiful? Everyone is beautiful, at least you always are to at least someone..
    If having your thighs touch/not touch determines a woman’s beauty, then I don’t really think this world is worth living in anymore.

  62. I love this article. Thank youuu for writing what needs to be fucking said. It’s true and ridiculous about this nonsense thigh gap crap. If you’re naturally thin an have this and can’t gain weight, fine..but most women are not built this way and should not aspire for this. All this does is promote more body bashing promotes eating disorders and problems for women set by some ridiculous “beauty standard” by the greedy manipulative fashion beauty industry. Women need to love their bodies and quit bashing them. Curves are how we are built, some women are naturally skinny but genetically we are meant to have curves.

  63. Curvy women can have thigh gaps too just as some thin women might not have one. This is a dumb post. People surgically get fake boobs and asses so does that mean real big boobs and asses need to die and are unattractive?

  64. Um, thanks.. It’s nice to know that my thigh gap is undesirable to men and is referred to as “chicken legs,” I get the point of this article but maybe you should think about how people on the other side would feel about this. Honestly I didn’t care about my thigh gap until I read this so it’s nice to know that my legs are grossly tiny and men would not prefer me because of this. Thanks for my new insecurity about my body, whoever wrote this is obviously ignorant.

  65. Thigh Gaps are a complete TURN OFF

  66. …a trend? If it’s a naturally occurring thing that’s been around since humans existed, it’s not a damn trend. Listen, you and your family may call it chicken legs, and whatever, mock them in the comfort of your own home, but to some of us it’s just something we’re born with and can’t help.

  67. I just found out that am actually underweight and was looking for something to make me feel better but unfortunately I landed on this website . I haven’t exercised since I was 10 and I’ve never been on a diet but still have a thigh gab.I understand your trying to make others feel better but you would have done that without making the rest of us feeling terrible about ourselves.

    • This article is clearly speaking to those people going to extremes to archive thigh gaps. Thigh gaps are pretty cool. But learning to accept that some of us cant have one is what the article is encouraging. Love yourself. You are beautiful

  68. this is very BIASED, why obviously i CAN SEE THE REAL TREND HERE AND EVERYWHERE ELSE is now that (thick) women are putting down skinny women for what? this superficial era is going the wrong direction, have you no values?…thigh gaps are as common as those with extra fat. I have always been skinny and girrls always envied me, i never say why i have not seen one article where a skinny girl is telling these thick women they are undesirable and that men don’t like them for their physical attributes (cellulite, saggyness, fat, etc.) , Has the gov not been telling fat ppl need to lose weight? that we have to feel self conscious because a ridiculous “thigh gap”. The fact is that (YOU) WRITING THIS ARTICLE has been the one completely brainwashed by todays culture because ppl look the way another woman looks; but cant achieve it so instead find a way to deterriorize against the competition as they see it. Ive always encouraged ppl to be comfortable with themselves when mentioning my appearance but thats simply just the way GENES work!. can anyone tell by looking at your fucking ancestry. Look, i get ur trying to help women not be anorex, but thigh gaps have nothing to do with it. If ur fat, skinny, natural, fake, ugly, cute, tall, short, black, chineese whatever, ppl dont tell ppl what to do/ what to look like and its basically in the same category as bullying in my book, its fucking America girls with gap or not, men have no standards and will fuck anything that walks , don’t think because you wanna get fucked for not having a thigh gap….. (lol) you’ll be treated any different at the end of the day from who someone truly is.