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Theatre Review (Singapore): ‘Legally Blonde’

Base Entertainment brought in the musical Legally Blonde to Marina Bay Sands Theatres, from 10 to 20 May 2018.

Legally Blonde the musical follows the Reese Witherspoon-fronted 2001 film of the same name very closely. Elle Woods (Maris McCulley) follows her ex-boyfriend to Harvard University’s law school only to find herself dumped and fighting a court case in which she brings her special way of seeing the world into play.

This production was very funny, with energetic dance numbers and stunning vocals. The plot is timeless and engaging, and the good-looking set, colourful costumes, and tight choreography all played a part in making it an entertaining show.

McCulley has a powerful set of vocals that carried a range of notes easily within the emotions she displayed whilst singing. Mychal Phillips who played Paulette, friend and hairdresser to Elle, also showcased superb vocals in her solo number, “Ireland”.

The dance numbers, especially when done in an ensemble, were adrenaline-driven and exciting to watch. The choreography was very well done and utilized the dancers’ skills and the space of the stage to full advantage.

A couple of things weren’t as standout as they should’ve been. The graphics that came up on the backdrop were cheap-looking and cheesy, sometimes looking like mere PowerPoint slides, detracting from the otherwise pretty sets.

The second thing that would’ve made this musical better would have been catchier and more memorable songs. Other than “Whipped into Shape” and “Ireland”, the songs were very forgettable.

Having said that, Legally Blonde is heartwarming, emotionally moving, and family-friendly, and with its captivating plot and great singing this would be a perfect outing for anyone and everyone.

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