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At his sold out show, Creed Bratton proved to be as hilarious, outrageous, and delightfully offensive as ever.

Theater Review (Vienna, VA): ‘Creed Bratton (from ‘The Office’): ‘An Evening of Music and Comedy’

Creed Bratton
Photo courtesy of Jammin Java.

Creed Bratton concluded his east coast tour earlier this week at Jammin Java in Vienna, Virginia. The actor and musician recently turned seventy-three and he is probably best known to younger audiences for his role as a fictional version of himself in The Office. He repeated a few quotes from the NBC hit series, most notably lines from the “Gay Witch Hunt” episode and even Steve Carell’s famous “That’s what she said.”

“Those first two years, I really thought I was working at a paper company,” he told the crowd. However, Bratton’s show was not a mere rehash of his best material from the television program.

There were plenty of gags and stories to enjoy that were different. Much of the content delved into the outrageous and outright bizarre, but that’s pretty characteristic of the fictional Creed Bratton many fans love. “I was left on the doorstep of a Chinese family,” he began one of his segments. “I lived on white rice and MSG for many years.”

Later, he spoke at length about some chickens he rescued that eventually went on to have professional careers. “You’ve got to admire their pluck,” the actor reflected, laughing as he finished the tale and tried to maintain his composure.

In addition to the stand-up comedy, Bratton played folk and rock tunes from his days in a band called The Grass Roots. “Where Were You When I Needed You” had a beautiful yet plaintive quality to it. But even in song, the actor shifted into comedic territory. He was amused when no one seemed to know the words to another Grass Roots hit, “Let’s Live for Today.”

Everyone fared much better with his cover of “Secret Agent Man.” The fun continued when Bratton asked a young lady to stand next to him onstage and hold a scroll containing his lyrics. It turned out to be “The Office Theme,” with fantastic descriptions of all of the characters.

Unfortunately, that’s the end of An Evening of Music and Comedy for now. I highly recommend that you see Creed Bratton talk and sing live next time he heads out for a tour. Behind the smug façade of the fictional character is a truly talented actor and musician, an individual who seems to want the audience to have as much fun as he’s having. For the time being, you can stream your favorite Creed moments from The Office.

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