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Haven't had a chance to watch or need a recap? Let's take a look at what has occurred thus far in "The Originals."

‘The Originals’ Gears up for the Big Finale

TO8The Originals, the CW ‘s spin-off series from The Vampire Diaries, is will finish its first season on Tuesday. Haven’t had a chance to watch or need a recap? Let’s take a look at what has occurred thus far.

First, who are the Originals?

The Originals are a thousand years old, turned into vampires by the Original Witch, their mother Esther (Alice Evans) at their father Mikail’s (Sebastian Roche) request after werewolves kill one of their sons. It isn’t until Niklaus (Joseph Morgan) makes his first kill as a vampire that Esther’s deep dark secret is learned;  she had an affair with TO9a werewolf! Born from half-human and half-werewolf, Mikail considers Klaus an abomination, the first hybrid of vampire-werewolf. He tortures Klaus for many years until he, along with his siblings Elijah (Daniel Gillies), Rebekah (Claire Holt), Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic) and Finn (Casper Zafer), flee their home.  Seven hundred years later they find themselves on the shores of Louisiana and slowly begin to build their lives in the Quarter.

Fast forward to present day. Marcelles Gerard (Charles Michael David) is King of the Quarter for over a century, gradually rebuilding the supernatural factions within to gain complete control. Under his leadership he strikes a deal with the humans that the vampires will not come after them as long as they stay in their corner so to speak; he runs the werewolves out of town back to the bayou; successfully neutralizes the witches by forbidding the use of any magic in the Quarter; and TO10effectively unifies the vampires who give Marcel their loyalty and respect. However once Klaus puts his plan in motion, the Mikaelson’s regain total control of the supernatural factions within the Quarter.


Klaus is initially lured to New Orleans by Jane-Anne Devereaux (Maylaya Rivera Drew) who wants his help in overthrowing Marcel so they can once aOrignals-Witches_128gain use magic. Unfortunately Marcel kills her, so it’s up to her sister Sophie Devereaux (Daniella Pineda) to finish what Jane-Anne started. She’s ultimately killed by her niece.

Sophie’s niece Monique Devereaux (Yasmine Al-Bustami), is one of the ‘Harvest Girls’.  Every 300 years the coven gathers to offer four witches, set to be sacrificed so the they can draw on their ancestral magic to maintain their powers. Davina Claire (Danielle Campbell) is also a Harvest girl who possesses great power, used as a pawn in Marcel and Klaus’s plans. Leaders of the witches coven- Celeste (Raney Branch), Bastianna (Shannon Eubanks), Genevieve (Elsye Levesque) follow through and the four witches are reborn.  Thanks to a vision by Celeste, they believe when the hybrid baby is born it will be the end of the witches. They want to sacrifice the baby and have taken Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin)!


Father Kieran (Todd Stashwick) leads the humans until Bastianna puts hex on him, the same hex that his nephew was under causing him to slaughter a bunch of seminary students, then himself!  Kieran’s niece Camille (Leah Pipes) has no idea about the supernatural factions in town until she realizes Klaus is using her to write his memoirs, then erasing the sessions rendering her unable to remember.  While initially very angry at Klaus, the two come to understand each other, well as much as anyone can understand Klaus!

AlthFrom a Cradle to a Graveough Klaus attempts to stop the hex from taking hold of Kieran, he is unsuccessful and Cami watches evil overcome her uncle and die. Now she possesses the family secret records and finds that Francesca Correa (Peta Sergeant), who took over Kieran’s position as leader of the humans, is actually of werewolf decent and has yet to enact the curse.  She realizes Marcel, Klaus and company are in grave danger!


The minute Hayley hits town the witches become aware that she’s carrying the first hybrid baby. The witches ancestors want her dead! Initially Klaus refuses to believe the baby is his, the product of a one-night-stand.

Upon werewolf Jackson’s (Nathan Parsons) appearance, Hayley learns that she comes from a long line of werewolves who used to rule the Quarter until infighting fractured the packs.  Unable to come together to fight Marcel’s vampires, they scattered with some hiding out in the bayou.  Alpha of the werewolves Jackson reveals he and Hayley are betrothed, destined to rule to unify the packs.

Throughout the pregnancy she and Jackson represent the werewolf faction, agree to work with Klaus and Elijah to maintain order and peace within the Quarter.Nate2

Unfortunately, their camp in the Bayou is targeted, and several bombs explode killing many from their pack. Who is behind the massacre? Unbeknownst to Jackson and Hayley, Oliver (Chase Coleman) has joined forces with Francesca.  Why would Oliver do such a thing?  He’s not happy with the way Jackson and Hayley are running things, so he betrays them.  In exchange for Oliver’s assistance in the attack, Francesca promises the Alpha’s right-hand man a moonstone ring. Jackson and Hayley are also promised rings by Elijah and Klaus.

What is a moonstone ring? Similar to the vampire’s daylight ring that allows them to walk in sunlight, the moonstone rings effectively gives werewolves control of their werewolf side, ie: with a moonstone ring they can maintain all the power of being a werewolf, however won’t have to transform to tap into it. They will be superior to vampires, witches and humans!  Where does it come from?  Klaus finds it around the neck of a werewolf who happened to be a direct descendant of his biological father! Francesca

However, Genevieve betrays Klaus, Elijah, Hayley and Jackson, giving the moonstones to Francesca enabling her family to enact their werewolf curse without the threat of turning at the full moon!  Although Cami learns exactly who Francesca is, she is unable to reach Klaus to warn him of the real motives behind Francesca’s cooperation and they slaughter the vampires!

Another side note: In the only crossover of the season, The Vampire Diaries’ werewolf Tyler Lockwood (Michael Trevino) shows up from Mystic Falls and Klaus learns his baby’s blood can be used to create hybrids.  Though initially unaware of this, Klaus is hurt when he realizes Elijah, Rebekah and Hayley believe this is the only reason he’s allowing the baby to be born.


Marcel had been just a kid when Klaus saved him from being whipped by his owner, who happened to be his father. He’d raised Marcel, welcoming him into the Mikaelson family. As he becomes a man, he falls in love with Original sister Rebekah and Marcel begs Klaus to change him into Rebekaha vampire. He refuses.  Instead he drives a stake into his sister’s heart effectively immobilizing her for 75 years! Then in 1919 Marcel, now a vampire, and Rebekah meet again, still in love. Hoping to be free to love each other, they hatch a plan to get rid of Klaus- by getting word to their father Mikail who is the only person Klaus is truly afraid of.  Rebekah befriends Genevieve, a nurse and witch, enlists her to do a locator spell to find him. Why? So Mikail can kill Klaus! This betrayal is the reason the Mikaelson siblings are driven from New Orleans. After learning of her betrayal, Klaus banishes Rebekah from ever returning to New Orleans.


From the moment Elijah and Hayley lock eyes their attraction has been undeniable, and their connection has been made even stronger upon Elijah’s vow to protect Hayley at all costs. As the series unfolds, he keeps his promise time and time again, both falling deeper for each other. How does Klaus feel about this? Jealous. Pure and simple. Klaus confronts From a Cradle to a GraveElijah about their obvious love for each other. “She’s adored you since you arrived and now my child, my blood will grow up to call you father!” While Elijah has tried to do the honorable thing, deny his feelings for the sake of the family, after Hayley almost dies he admits how scared he was that he might lose her…they finally kiss!

However the road to happiness for “Haylijah” is not to be an easy one.
Enter Jackson, Alpha of their werewolf pack and betrothed to Hayley. He’s pledged his loyalty and protection to Hayley as well, but what happens once the baby arrives? Will he truly embrace the first hybrid baby, especially Klaus’s daughter? It all remains to be seen as the season one finale approaches!From a Cradle to a Grave

The inaugural season finale “From A Cradle To A Grave” is set for Tuesday May 13 and things are about to get very dicey!

Last week our heroes had been left in jeopardy. Hayley has been taken by the witches, Elijah was bitten by werewolf Francesca, Jackson is MIA, and Klaus is under Genevieve’s spell. Not only that but abusive father Mikail, who has been haunting Klaus via nightmares, is appearing to Davina hoping she’ll bring him back to life!  If this happens it’ll be a true nightmare and all hell will break loose!

So what’s in store for the finale?

Hayley will do whatever she can to keep her baby safe, meanwhile Elijah and Klaus search fFrom a Cradle to a Graveor her. Newly turned werewolf Francesca meets with Jackson and Oliver to discuss where they fit in the new order. After the attack at the compound, Davina and Cami join forces to permanently
take down Klaus, who makes a heartbreaking decision to protect those important to him.

While the first season has had its ups and downs, I have to say the episodes leading up to the finale have been incredible! Will all our heroes survive? You’ll have to tune in May 13 at 8:00 pm on The CW to find out!

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