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Now as the freshman series "The Originals" begins its drive toward the season finale, fans have mixed feelings about The CW's supernaturally charged show.

‘The Originals’ – Fans Scream for Crossovers

Originals10 The Originals began in September to fans delight, a spin-off of the hit CW series The Vampire Diaries; it garnered impressive numbers in its premiere.  The continuing story of the 1,000-year-old  Mikaelson clan is of great interest to many fans, plus the show has the added bonus of being able to  cross over characters between the two shows.  The possibilities are endless, and hope for deeper stories,  connections between the two; The Vampire Diaries set in Mystic Falls, The Originals set in New Orleans also has a lot of  promise.  Now as the freshman series begins its drive toward the season finale, fans have mixed feelings about the supernaturally charged show.

The season begins by introducing the factions within “The Quarter” in New Orleans: the vampires, ruled by Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) who was made vampire by Klaus; the witches, whose powers are stifled under Marcel’s rule, and the humans, governed by Father Kieran (Todd Stashwick). The story goes that the Mikaelsons founded and once ruled New Orleans until the early 1900s, a time when Klaus (Joseph Morgan) believed Marcel to be dead, and having no more ties there, they left.

Unbeknownst to Klaus, Marcel had been alive, regaining power of “The Quarter.”  Once Klaus realizes that Marcel is in fact ruling, he wants his empire back. Ultimately he accomplishes this goal.

Now that the werewolves have been introduced, led by Jackson (Nathan Parsons), betrothed to Haley (Phoebe Tonkin) who is pregnant with Klaus’s hybrid child and the tone is set for an all out war between the factions.

While The Originals story begins in Mystic Falls, there has been little reference to it.  Executive Producer Julie Plec told the fans during the recent Paley Center Pane that it is important the show stand on its own.  However, I fear she has done the show no favors by her insistence, as the ratings have continued to decrease at a rapid rate.  Last week the ratings according to TV by the Numbers, dropped to 1.52, an all-time low, and should the storylines stay their course, I can’t see how the show will survive.  So what is the answer? Executives need to put aside their vision and listen to the fans, because after all, we are their audience!  Without viewership the show is sure to go the way of many that didn’t make their debut seasons.

I’ve spoken to many within The Originals fandom, and the number one complaint is the lack of crossovers between the two related shows. Not only do the storylines not cross over, but there is no mention of any Mystic Falls connection.  The Mikaelson’s were introduced in Season 3 of The Vampire Diaries, when Elena (Nina Dobrev) and company get wind that an original vampire named Elijah (Daniel Gillies) was pursuing her due to her doppleganger status.  Once Elijah proves to be on our heroine’s side, the storyline expands as we learn the story behind the original vampire clan.

A thousand years ago, the Mikaelsons were living their normal human lives, until a werewolf killed a sibling.  Fearing for their children, Mikael (Sebastian Roche) orders his wife Esther (Alice Evans), the very first witch, to cast a spell upon her family making them creatures of the night–vampires!  None of them wanted to be cursed to a vampire’s eternal life but they had no choice.

All vampires other are their descendants.  The only way to neutralize an original is to use a silver dagger dipped in the ash of the white oak tree that had given them life; the only way to kill one is to use a dagger made from the white oak tree.

Niklaus is different.  Since he’s a hybrid, the silver dagger doesn’t affect him, his death can only come from the white oak dagger, which is one of the reasons he has feared his father, and spent many years on the run.  Upon hearing of his wife’s affair and learning his son is a bastard, Mikael abuses Niklaus. To make matters worse, it is his mother who had cast the hybrid curse on him, effectively creating the first hybrid of vampire-werewolf whose blood able to cure a vampire of a werewolf bite.

As the Mikaelson clan meanders their way into Mystic Falls, it becomes clear that Klaus has numerous issues with his siblings, never feeling like he truly belongs. He embodies a deep-rooted hate as the plots have unfolded.

One thing that has surprised fans (and the writers) has been the sexual tension and chemistry between Klaus and Mystic Originals12Falls vampire babe Caroline (Candice Accola).  “Klaroline,” as the fandom calls the couple, steames up the screen when they finally, after months of tiptoeing around their attraction, hit the sheets (or should I say woods) during The Vampire Diaries 100th episode.

Fans were screaming for more, and although many hoped this could open the door for more crossovers between the shows, this apparently is not the plan.   What I don’t understand is why not?  It’s what fans would tune in to see, whether Caroline needs Klaus for some emergency or somehow gets caught in New Orleans. Fans want to see them together!

Instead, the show introduces Camille (Leah Pipes), Father Kieran’s niece, who over the course of the season, has come to learn more about Klaus, and even asks for his help in last week’s episode.  I feel that although I understand the need for Klaus to have a leading lady, the character of Cami really doesn’t have the complexity to handle Klaus. In my view, the characters of both Father Kieran and Cami add nothing to the essence of the show, and we’d rather see our favorites from The Vampire Diaries.  I get that the idea is to have different factions within The Quarter: vampires, werewolves, witches, and humans, but these characters aren’t adding enough for the audience to care about them.  The idea is to get the audience emotionally connected so that we care about the peril in which they get into.  Unfortunately too many fans haven’t made that emotional investment.

Another huge issue for the fanbase is that the writers have used Hayley’s one-night-stand with Klaus and her pregnancy as a bse upon with to build the show.  Has the storyline pitted brother against brother?  Yes. Upon their first meeting, Elijah and Hayley’s attraction for each other is palpable, and Klaus’s jealousy has grown to an all-time high as their relationship has blossomed.

Klaus feels like he is again left out, unloved, and doomed to watch Elijah raise his son.  Elijah finally admits his feelings for Hayley, and is ready to go after her, which Klaus loathes.  Time after time, it has been Elijah that Hayley goes to in her most desperate moments, and with the big finale coming and the baby’s delivery lingering, he’ll be more protective of her than ever.

However, once the baby is born, how much can they really do with the storyline?  Arcena, who runs The Originals fans website and the Originals AA&F Twitter account is really concerned.  She explained, “I do feel like it’s killing the show a bit.  I mean, really, how many cliffhangers once this child is born are gonna end with ‘we have to kill the baby’? That would get old after a couple of episodes.  It already did.”  I agree.  Of course, after last week’s episode we learned that the witches want to (surprise, surprise) kill the hybrid baby to save their witch Genevieve (Elyse Levesque).

Ultimately, this will be an ongoing dilemma should the baby survive.  Personally, I don’t feel a baby is necessary in this type of show.  But I digress.

Arcena further stated that the new audience has no idea of the Mikaelson’s history and should be brought up to speed.  “The new audience needs to see what happened in Mystic Falls, i.e.,  how Klaus killed Esther and defeated her once she came back same with Mikael.” Again, I agree. The idea is to keep the audience that initially began watching them on The Vampire Diaries, and reel in a new audience.  Unfortunately, they are losing the old audience, and need to better utilizOriginals11e the history of Mystic Falls, as well as crossover characters between the two shows.

The Originals has done a few good things this season. First by casting Nathan Parsons (Jackson) as leader of the werewolf faction and betrothing his character to Hayley.  He has proven his worth in spades, able to stand against Joseph Morgan and Daniel Gillies in their scenes.  I think he’s the best addition to the show this year.  Many fans hope he is added as a series regular for Season 2.  The show has also done well defining each faction, introducing the witches, their motives, as well as the feud within the vampire clan.

This week, the audience will get a glimpse of Mikael Mikaelson, Klaus’s father from hell, who"A Closer Walk with Thee" is set to  invade his nightmares!  Klaus will see parallels between his relationships with his own father and  Marcel.  Hopefully some of their history will be addressed for the new audience.  The episode titled  “A  Closer Walk With Thee” begins as the werewolf clan says goodbye to those who have fallen victim to the attack at  their camp.  Genevieve will struggle to control teenage witch Davina (Danielle Campbell), and the young witches, with a little  help from Klaus and Elijah. Meanwhile Francesca (Peta Sargent) is hell-bent on finding Cami’s family key that  Marcel has, in hopes of unlocking secrets.

"A Closer Walk with Thee"

As the season comes to a close, it all culminates with the big delivery of the hybrid baby.  The witches need it for sacrifice, and, so far, Klaus only wants the baby so he can continue to build his hybrids using the baby’s blood. Elijah has sworn to protect the baby at all costs, and interestingly, Hayley’s betrothed Jackson, however much he seems to be supportive, may have no problem giving the baby up to the witches.  During “Crescent City” when Jackson reveals himself to Hayley, he slips up and says he doesn’t care about the baby, but then backtracked. Could his have spilled his real feelings?  It all remains to be seen.

Don’t miss The Originals every Tuesday at 8pm on The CW and the Season 1 finale May 13!

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  1. I don’t watch this show anymore…haven’t for a LONG time. It doesn’t surprise me that it’s doing so horribly. The writing is poor, at best. Plot holes are everywhere!
    Klaus and Elijah have completely “forgotten” so many things…and the OOC is so unbearable characters that were loved have now been completely destroyed.
    There’s only two “originals” left.
    Plus, most of the fandom can’t stand Hayley. I will be glad when it is done.
    The actors deserve better, but the writers are just plain insulting to their fans. There is no mystery about why this show is failing.

  2. I was done when Elijah started choosing a one night stand over his family.
    And there’s been no mention of Katherine by anyone? Not to mention the only reason why Elijah never went to MF when she was dying was because they were scared it would mess with the mistake that is Halijah.
    Not even DG approves of the ick factor.
    He loved her for over 500 years, but has to babysit Moon Moon instead of saying goodbye when she’s dying?! Makes absolutely no sense. The writers think that we’re stupid…news flash, we aren’t!
    The characters exist now to please the writers….not the fans. JP said so herself that she wouldn’t be told “no” with regards to the mistake that was the baby plot.
    Even though it’s been well documented how many thought it was a huge NO.
    She should have listened to something other than her own wants.

    Too bad for the actors and actresses, but It’s not worth my time.

    Ratings will continue to fall…and it will serve them right for mistreating their fans like they do. Goodbye UNOriginals!

  3. I agree! I think crossover could definitely help both shows. The Originals is a spinoff, it is not a brand new show. Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah have a history in Mystic Falls, and ignoring that history is not a good idea at all on the writer’s part. We watched them on TVD for 2 years and we saw them develop as characters, in different relationships and it just seems like all this has been forgotten on the spinoff. It’s pretty ridiculous, really.

  4. I agree with this article it is time to make crossings because the writers made does not import with this series it there is not more nothing of interest to look at if they believe that with this baby this show will ensure they are mistaken one is not in the series Angel

  5. I was really looking forward to The Originals at the start of the season because I loved the Mikaelsons so much, but I unfortunately have to agree that there are so many issues with the show that it’s barely worth watching. Klaus and Elijah, the only remaining Originals, are so OOC from what we saw on TVD that it seems like their names and the actors who play them are all they have in common.
    And now it just feels like a sad redo of TVD, I mean two brothers at each other’s throats over the same woman? And at least Elena was likable, it seems like most people can barely tolerate Hayley while some outright loathe her. I’m not surprised because she really is a badly developed and sexist character, she seems to switch personalities so much that it’s pointless to even keep track, and unfortunately the actress who plays her doesn’t have the capabilities to save such a sloppy and ridiculous character, let alone make her into a believable lead. On the other hand I think Leah Pipes is a very capable actor but Cami has the same problems as Hayley, she’s inconsistent and seems more like a cardboard cutout toy for the male characters than an actual character herself. I’m not at all surprised that the mostly female audience of TO is tuning out when these are the representations of women they’re seeing.
    Way too many of the new characters are just bad, Davina is the only decent female character and I think Marcel, Josh, and Jackson are the only decent male characters. They created too many boring characters and now they’re destroying Klaus and Elijah’s characters, the only really great characters they had.
    God, and on top of all that to drag out that stupid baby plot for the ENTIRE SEASON. It started off as the bad twist that nobody wanted and has only gotten worse. It was such a blatant ripoff of so many different things, and even Twilight was better, at least it didn’t take an eternity to be born and at least we weren’t subjected to a new “who wants to hurt the baby now” story every single week for an entire season. I really hope they have another twist in mind for the finale because at this point I think there are about three people on earth who care about what happens to that baby.
    Whatever, I guess there’s nothing that can be done about it now, but it’s really a shame to see all that potential go down the drain so the writers can push story lines and characters that nobody likes.

  6. I have to disagree with this article. I love that the originals is standing on its own with new storylines and characters to explore. Am enjoying both TVD and the originals and feel the originals is only getting better with each episode

  7. I seriously disagree with this article.. I love the plot on the originals and think it stands alone well.. I’m surprised the rating aren’t higher. I faithfully watch it every week. I do Agee with the crossover.. And they need to BRING REBECCA BACK!!!