Wednesday , October 27 2021
My vote is not cast in stone as of yet, but the etching has begun.

The Leaning Of A Swing Voter

I AM the person to convince in this election – an election that could possibly decide the fate of our ability to be free – or to live under the tyranny of terrorism. I can not divorce myself of the notion that the war on terror is THE most important thing facing us as a global people. My vote is not cast in stone as of yet, but the etching has begun.

All the news from the Muslim world of late is bad, bad, BAD. In fact, if you were to look at all the major conflicts across the globe, at the very heart of each one is a clash of fundamental Islamic rhetoric against any and all things that don’t acquiesce to their ideals.

I find that leaving me feeling a little narrow-minded in scope. Even after September 11, I felt strongly that it was important to keep in mind that not all Muslims are represented by this faction group of terror-bent psychopaths, but fuck all that.

What I find so deeply disturbing is the intrinsic value shift that almost all humans across the globe, regardless of color, creed, race or religion share: the value of human life – is so utterly absent from these terrorists view. It doesn’t matter if they spill the blood of children – in fact all the better in their minds. Their basic goal in life is to destroy life to prove a point, a point that was lost with 9/11 and long sense lost any credibility with anyone with a braincell.

While I haven’t made up my mind completely, I must say that President Bush gets it. He may seem like a war-mongerer with a bloodlust to some, but to me he exactly represents my feelings for the war on terror. It’s us or them. And I prefer it be them.

I am at odds with almost 99% of Bush’s other agenda items, but I have come to the conclusion that the war on terror outweighs my feelings on every other issue – by far.

The only way I could in good conscience vote for Kerry now is if he agreed to personally hunt down anyone who even entertains the faintest notion of conforming to the fundamental Islamic view and broke their necks with his bare hands and drank their blood. Yes that’s right, I expect him to become an Islamic hunting vampire.

Or at least some implication that he also considers this his God-given mission in life to rid the world of those who wish to destroy our freedom.

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