Saturday , June 22 2024
Speakin' British style and talking about Babyshambles, Libertines, and more.

The DJRadiohead Podcast Experience Episode 11: British Invasion!

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The Master of Improvisation… this podcast was 100% unscripted. Live… without a net to be broadcast over the ‘net. How fuckin’ cool is that? It kind of makes me wonder why it takes me so fuckin’ long to finish one of these things if I can just pull this shit out of my ass like this. Oh, and there are a couple of moderate to big sorts of announcements and the like.

Lots of discussion at the beginning, lots of music at the end. Some quality profanity throughout.

The theme of the music in Episode 11 is one of Britishness. British bands. 7 songs. Even an album review of sorts as I wax analytical regards to the new Babyshambles album Down in Albion. All very, very cool. So download the episode and give it all a good thrashing about.

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