Wednesday , April 17 2024
If Powell becomes Barack Obama’s Education Secretary, I hope he teaches Al-Qaeda their last lesson.

Terrorist Calls Colin Powell a “House Negro”? Suck on a Cotton Burr, Al-Qaeda

It’s no secret to anyone who knows this Marine Corps wife of over 20 years that I harbored an underlying desire to fall in love with and have children by Colin Powell — even though he was Army — because of his military performance and diplomacy, dedication to children and youth, academic diversity (he has a bachelor’s degree in the very un-military, un-political field of geology), desert-dry wit, and let’s face it, no soldier before or after him has ever made an Army uniform look that Marine Corps-yummy.

Granted, Colin is older than my father, and some might find this a bit creepy. I admit I felt a little weird when I was first told just how old this Jamaican-American version of Sean Connery really was, but just as with Mr. Connery, most women don’t care about the whole “age thing” when it comes to a man like that.

Beneath that burly chest and broad shoulders is a sexy-dorky quality, the kind that lends itself to a woman just having to know what he can, you know, do! At the same time, his looks could kill (a burglar, a terrorist, or that snotty man at the electric company). And if that didn’t work, he could actually kill that snotty man at the electric company who acts like it’s his money.

Alas, my feelings about him were for naught when I found out he was already married and had children.

Later, when his name came up as a possible presidential candidate, my heart skipped a beat and I resigned to do anything I could to make sure he was elected President. Then he announced he would not run. Many painful years later, he announced his own endorsement for president.

I wasn’t riding the fence before the election, but if I had been, Powell’s endorsement of Barack Obama would have squelched any doubts. Additionally, Powell is now on the list of people being considered for a spot in the Obama administration, specifically Education Secretary. If this happens, then not only do I hope this translates into the abolishment of NCLB (No Child Left Behind), I also hope this means all the world will finally get to see the Colin I’ve come to know and love.

The number two Al-Qaeda guy, Ayman al-Zawahiri, has openly assaulted my beloved Colin, as well as Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and President-Elect Barack Obama, with the slur, “house negro.” As Secretary of Education, it seems to me Powell would be in the position of teaching Al-Qaeda their final history lesson.

(I know one has nothing to do with the other. Leave my discombobulated dreams alone!)

To deliver on his campaign promise to bring an end to Osama bin Laden and his ilk, Obama is going to have to be packin’ heat – and from where I sit, Colin is still hot enough to melt polar ice caps!

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Diana is a USMC (ret.) spouse, mother of three and a Wichita, Kansas native. She is back in the United States after 10 years in Germany. She is a contributing author to Holiday Writes. She hates liver & motivational speakers. She loves science & naps.

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