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Ted Nugent: Anti-PC Crusader or Asshole?

Both I guess:

    Denver radio listeners and disc jockeys were shell-shocked Monday after rocker Ted Nugent used derogatory racial terms for Asians and blacks on live radio.

    The highly rated Lewis & Floorwax morning show on 103.5-FM The Fox quickly turned into a discussion of race relations after the ’70s rocker made his statements.

    In using the words “g—-” and “n—–” on live radio, Nugent was apparently trying to make the point that the terms were just words and shouldn’t offend anyone. But he missed the mark, listeners and Fox personnel agreed.

    Rick Lewis and Michael Floorwax, longtime Nugent supporters and friends, were taken aback when Nugent went on his rant and took him to task on the air. Floorwax said on the air that he was disappointed that Nugent used the words; Lewis noted that Nugent likes to shock but went too far.

    ….The conversation was innocuous talk about guitars until Nugent referred to “Japs” in reference to Japanese-made guitars. Lewis and Floorwax immediately called him on that, which only encouraged Nugent to go further, using the word “g—-.”

    The DJs protested further, and Nugent went further, noting Richard Pryor’s use of the word “n—–” as a comic device and said that, long ago, one of the Funk Brothers used that term as a compliment to describe Nugent’s guitar playing.

    “We called him twice on it, and he kind of dug a deeper hole for himself,” Lewis said. “As one listener said, we threw him a life preserver and he didn’t use it.” [Rocky Mountain News]

Would anyone give a donkey dong about this guy if he wasn’t a bloodthirsty redneck? He hasn’t done anything new or interesting on the guitar in 30 years, can’t sing to save a testicle and is about as sexist as they come. He had a pretty good riff-rock band for a while in the ’70s, but who didn’t?

The lava-hot Specious Report peers into the Nugent soul for Mother’s Day:


    Those morning show pansy asses in Denver took me off the air before I could wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day!

    I don’t know what the big deal was. I just told my story about that time the Funk Brothers said I played guitar like a nigger. I thought that was one of the sweetest compliments anyone could get. And I’ve said that to lots of other guitar players myself, because I love them – almost as much as I love my crossbow. Political correctness has brought America to its knees. But not me. NEVER!

    Anyway, back to Mother’s Day. I couldn’t find the perfect card, so I wrote one of my own: “Words are just words. But words are all I have to tell you how much I love you, Slut.” I think that pretty much says it all….

Some of it, anyway.

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