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Want to hear the beautiful sounds of change? These headphones from ShareBrands are a great way to start.

Tech Review: Stereo Headphones by ShareBrands

Give me a well done product and I’m a happy camper, but give me that product made by a socially-conscious company, like ShareBrands, and I’m through the roof. There are more and more of these companies that have come to the realization that being socially aware and eco-friendly is not just good ethical practice, but can generate increased revenue. There is a growing and solidly funded niche for products people can buy and get a little smile in their heart, like doing a good deed for the day. To be sure, I can’t buy products like these everyday of the week, so I still need to find other good deeds, but their a good start.

ShareBrands headphones

The Stereo Headphones from ShareBrands are comfortable, colorful and produce crystal-clear sound. They are light on your head and fall nicely in line with a lot of the other hi-fi headphones flowing into the market now (Beats by Dre, Sync by 50 Cent, etc…). The frame on top is curved slightly more than the usual pair of headphones, so the pressure against your ears comes evenly from the sides instead of from above as well, which results in a comfortable fit and less ear fatigue. Also the cord length is 5.7 ft which is plenty long enough to lean back from your computer desk and not have them ripped off your head. If you can’t go the wireless route, this is a perfect replacement.

I’ve put the ShareBrands headphones through a week and more of testing and they stood up to it all. I pushed the volume loud enough to bring on early-stage tinnitus (not recommended) with no crackles or sparking in the sound. I also tested the bleed by sitting at the dinner table with my wife and seeing at what volume she finally started complaining about dubstep being nothing but noise. It is impressive with far less sonic-bleed than past headphones I’ve reviewed.

The quality of the product is already enough for me to give it a nice shout out, but the mission behind ShareBrands evolves that shout into an outright scream from the rooftops. Each item bought from this company sends 25% of the revenue towards a cause that you choose while ordering. The causes are matched to the color of the product you choose:

  • Pink = Women & Children’s causes
  • Blue = Men & Children’s causes
  • Green = Environmental causes
  • Yellow = Education causes
  • Red = Poverty causes
  • Black (available on certain items) = Current disasters

So you get fashion choices, social choices and product choices. What more could you ask for? I truly think this is where more and more companies are heading into the realm of social activism. It will be a dangerous line to tow since you risk alienating customers who don’t have the same beliefs, but ShareBrands displays a intelligently developed template for keeping it broad and inclusive to all opinions and passions. I can see myself picking up more stuff from them, maybe even to the point of getting back into my Yoga practice just to justify buying their mat, maybe.

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