Monday , November 22 2021

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White Smoke Over the Vatican: New Pope Elected

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, 78, of Germany, a doctrinal conservative, was elected the 265th pontiff Tuesday evening in the second day of the first papal conclave of the 21st century. He chose the name Pope Benedict XVI. Video here. (“THE HOLY FATHER The Roman Pontiff, as the successor of Peter, is …

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The Political Pope

Pope John Paul ll’s greatest legacy may be his political impact on the world, most specifically on his native Poland and the fall of the Soviet Union. His famous Mass on the Warsaw square in 1979, and his nine-day tour of the nation preaching “never lose your trust, do not …

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U2: Of Popes and Vertigo

I’m not sure things get much better than they have been for U2 over the last several months, pulling off the momentous and enviable feat of being simultaneously the band of the moment and a band for the ages. Their most recent album, How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb, is …

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What is Water Telling Us?

We watched What the Bleep do we Know this weekend and the most fascinating part of the movie (I have to admit that while I attempted to understand what they were saying, I only grasped the most obvious stated observations of quantum physics) was the segment when the Protagonist, brilliantly …

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