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Egypt and the Myth of Electronic Revolution

The Internet is not the cavalry. Read More »

Barack Obama and the New Republican Challenge

How well will Barack Obama be able to deal with the new balance of power in Congress? Read More »

Book Review: 1/1: Jihad – Britain by Jack Everett and David Coles

A brutal terrorist war in Britain. Read More »

DVD Review: The Best Government Money Can Buy

A fresh look at lobbying & whether it should be controlled by the American people. Read More »

Emerging Political Trend: More Taxes, Please!

Don't count on Republicans getting far with cut and slash agenda this November; voters everywhere are asking for more taxes. Read More »

Alito and the Balance

James Madison and the balance of power as it may apply to Alito's tentative decision not to attend the next State of the Union Address. Read More »

In Defense of Anarchism, Part I

The failure of modern-day politics can be traced to the abject failure of the State, the overarching political construct. Consequently, anarchism emerges as the only coherent political philosophy. Read More »

The “Pledge to America” – A False Start from the Irrelevant Wing of the GOP

The "Pledge to America" is a declaration of irrelevancy. Read More »

Skeletons in California’s Closet

What they didn't teach you in school Read More »

DVD Review: Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup

For some, this is the gold standard of conspiracy theories. For others it’s just a bunch of hooey. Read More »