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The self-proclaimed "greatest" rock band in the world is gearing up for the release of their ninth studio album on January 14, 2014

Supersuckers to Celebrate 25th Anniversary with New Album, ‘Get the Hell’

ATE7048_Cover ArtEddie Spaghetti and his hard-driving rock and roll band The Supersuckers first got together in November of 1988. After building a name for itself for a few years and releasing singles on small record labels, the quartet released a compilation of singles (The Songs All Sound the Same) and then their first album on the legendary Sub Pop label in 1992, The Smoke of Hell.

Now, 25 years later, the band is getting ready to release its ninth studio effort, Get the Hell, the first one since 2008’s Get It Together. 

Out January 14, 2014, this new album contains 12 new tracks (10 originals and two covers, one of which is of Depeche Mode’s “Never Let Me Down Again,” while the other features their version of Gary Glitter’s “Rock On”). The press release describes it as a “tightly-focused sonic assault of big riffs, catchy hooks and raw, balls-to-the-wall rock n’ roll, dripping in attitude, head-bobbing chord progressions and their trademark, tongue-in-cheek lyrics.”

The Seattle band (originally from Tucson, Arizona) has long been associated with its badass brand of punk-leaning rock and has also dabbled in country music over the years. Driving this point home is the fact that the new Supersuckers release was recorded at Willie Nelson’s studio in Texas, and mixed by Dwarves leader Blag Dahlia, and Andy Carpenter.

You can pre-order Get the Hell now on See of Sound and other (online) stores, including Amazon.com.

For more information on all things Supersuckers, visit their official website.

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  1. Andrew Christensen

    Well if you don’t know all ready…

    Nothing but hits bitch…
    nothin’ but
    nothin but
    nothin but…
    HITS! (the dwarves wrote this as a tribute…yeah yeah)

    Now…if you’re thinking…what…who are the dwarves….what the fuck are all these obscure references?

    And then you’re saying…That was juvenile and obnoxious…

    well…I’m waiting to whip my middle finger out for the attack…




    • I saw the Dwarves live a couple years back – talk about “f***king” fun, it was a great show (in Cambridge, MA).

      • Andrew Christensen

        Who are some other bands you’ve seen similar to that honest sound found on any Supersuckers or Dwarves album? (or most for the Dwarves…shit…even their worst albums I’ve listened to a hundred times…because it feels so good to hear something good….original, unique,…whatever…when we hear it…we go…oh damn! That’s bad ass…that sounds like the Supersuckers, The Dwarves, Zeke, Nebula, Fu Manchu, Kyuss…What are some bands you’ve have found you Charlie? When you least expected….someone or something just layed an album or track on you…and you thought…what the fuck is this? Kind of confused…but you’re curiousity peaking. Rock On Charlie.

        • I’ve always been a BIG Kyuss fan and I still have my Zeke poster somewhere in my place. Gotta say my fav band though I never get sick of seeing live is the almighty CLUTCH!