Saturday , March 24 2018
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Richard Johnson would appear to disapprove of the new and improved Christina Skaguilera even more than I do:

    CHRISTINA Aguilera’s skanky new video “Dirrty” has turned the singing strumpet into a punchline for bad taste. In the David LaChapelle-directed clip, nearly naked Christina tarts herself up even more by wearing kneepads on cheek-baring chaps while she bumps and grinds with a throng of well-oiled hunks. In a scathing “Saturday Night Live” parody last week, Sarah Michelle Gellar, as Aguilera, trilled: “When people see this, they’re gonna stop seeing me as a bubblegum music industry ‘ho and start seeing me as an actual ‘ho!” In the New York Observer, columnist Simon Doonan clucks that the “Dirrty” video is “a world-class example of contemporary, slutty hoochie-dancing, made all the more shocking when you remember that her audience is primarily made up of 9- to 12-year-olds.”

I guess she doesn’t want to be outdone by Lil Kim.

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