Friday , January 28 2022

Steyn Invokes the Name of Fisk – Smoking Guns Turn Up

Steyn called this one two weeks ago, if he does say so himself:

    This war is over. The only question now is whether a new provisional
    government is installed before the BBC and The New York Times have finished
    running their exhaustive series on What Went Wrong with the Pentagon’s
    Failed War Plan and while The Independent’s Saddamite buffoon Robert Fisk is
    still panting his orgasmic paeans to the impenetrability of Baghdad’s
    defences and huffily insisting there are no Americans at the airport even as
    the Saddam International signs are being torn down and replaced with
    Rumsfeld International.

    ….As I wrote back then, apropos Robert Fisk’s massive bulk loo-paper purchase
    in the run-up to war, “I can’t say this strikes me as a 25-roll war”. By the
    time you read this, Tariq Aziz and the last five Ba’athists in Baghdad may
    be holed up in Fisk’s Ba’athroom, and he’ll be hailing the genius of their
    plan to lure the Americans to their doom by leaving his loo rolls on the
    stairwell for the Marines to slip on.

    But, for everyone other than media naysayers, it’s the Anglo-Aussie-American
    side who are the geniuses. Rumsfeld’s view that one shouldn’t do it with
    once-a-decade force, but with a lighter, faster touch has been vindicated,
    with interesting implications for other members of the axis of evil and its
    reserve league. [Telegraph]

200 bodies in wooden boxes with photos of turture and murder accompanying them is one thing, but the gun is now smoking:

    U.S. biological and chemical weapons experts believe they may have found an Iraqi storage site for weapons of mass destruction (WMD), a U.S. officer told Reuters on Monday.

    A military source who declined to be identified said there were unconfirmed reports there could be sarin — a highly lethal nerve agent that causes death by suffocation — at the site. [Reuters]

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