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The "Sleepy Hollow" season two finale is a great conclusion to the first two seasons of the FOX series.

‘Sleepy Hollow’ Finale Preview: ‘Tempus Fugit’ Resets the Series

SH-S2-Finale-Banner_128It’s no secret that Sleepy Hollow has been one of the most debated shows among fans this season.  With new characters, some of last year’s favorites relegated to the back burner, and the magic formula disrupted, fans began to stop watching in droves–and the ratings declined. After the network failed to announce third season, deciding to watch the ratings for the rest of the season, fans began to rally and started the “Renew Sleepy Hollow” campaign to entice the Powers that Be to give it another shot.

As the show’s number one fan, I’ve had a hard time trying to remain positive in a sea of negativity.  Although some continue to moan about certain aspects of Sleepy Hollow, most have united in the fight to get FOX to renew the show that last year, garnered the highest premiere ratings since 24.

The season two finale is set to air on Monday, February 23 at 9:00 p.m., and I strongly advise all those who have stopped watching to tune in. You won’t be disappointed!

Before I delve into the preview, let’s set the stage for the finale:

After much self-exploration, Henry (John Noble) comes to the conclusion that he and his mother Katrina (Katia Winter) must awaken Sleepy Hollow’s dormant witches.  The plan is to lead the coven, rule the town, and reintegrate into society; something initially promised by George Washington as a thank you for their help in the war.

Ichabod (Tom Mison) is shocked to see his wife has switched to the dark side of the force and pursue a Wiccan life with Henry at her side. Although Ichabod and Abbie (Nicole Beharie) are able to stop the diabolical plan, nothing comAwakening-Banner_128es without a price. In this case, the cost is Henry’s life!

Katrina is devastated, anger swells, and she blames Ichabod for causing her to lose her son. She immediately uses her dark grimoire to travel back in time, to 1781. There, she will ensure that Ichabod dies!

But unbeknownst to her, Abbie is sucked through the portal when she tries to stop Katrina.  Upon arriving in town, Abbie is arrested as a fugitive but will only speak to one person. Captain Ichabod Crane!

“Tempus Fugit,” penned by showrunner Mark Goffman, picks up where “Awakenings” leaves off, painting a few more parallels to the pilot. The entire episode, except for the very end, takes place in 1781 with Abbie attempting to convince Ichabod who she is, how they know each other, and that Katrina is out to kill him.  There are several surprises in store, including a helping hand from one of Ichabod’s colleagues, the appearance of Abbie’s lost relative, and a great ending.

Len Wiseman directs the opening sequence, which harks back to the series opener and allows the audience to really see Captain Crane in his element, still looking for the Hessian soldier with the bow on the back of his hand.  Things get interesting when he’s called to speak to the “fugitive” Abbie Mills.

Meanwhile, Katrina’s first order of business upon returning to the 18th Century is to get to Ichabod, whom she believes is wounded. However, she is shocked when told her husband had been called away to speak to a woman.  Of course Katrina knows exactly who it is, so devises a plan to find the duo.

One of my biggest fears about the episode was that anything Ichabod and Abbie do in 1781 would alter the future: the way they meet, and what originally iCHABBIE-BANNER_128occurs that enables our 18th Century time traveler to awaken in the 21st Century, but my fears were unfounded.

I found the episode endearing, and it definitely brought me back to the pilot. I love that no matter what moment in time Ichabod and Abbie are in, the trust for one another, their bond is forever intertwined. Although it’s clear Abbie is a fish out of water, Ichabod pretty much accepts who she is, similar to when she did the same with him.

There is one “Crane Moment” as he tries to figure out how her cell phone works that reminds me of the many discoveries he’s had in the 21st Century.  It’s a fun moment, especially to realize how far he’s come!

As Tom Mison previewed a few weeks ago, there is no cliffhanger this year, but there is a finality to what happens.  Ultimately I feel the finale provides a great conclusion to the first two seasons of the series, as well as a vehicle to reset the show moving forward. For the most part, fans will be intrigued, and on the edge of their seats during several scenes–and be satisfied with the outcome.

Even with all the ups and downs this season, I have to say that it’s been amazing being a part of this fandom.  We are definitely a passionate group, each with convictions as to what we love about the show.  I have every confidence we’ll be seeing “Team Witness” back on our screens again in the Fall!

Don’t miss the Sleepy Hollow Season two finale Monday, February 23 at 9:00 p.m. on FOX!

  • Join the fight to ensure Sleepy Hollow is renewed!  Sign the petition, post your favorite Sleepy Moments on the facebook page and be sure to thank Team Sleepy for all their hard work this season.
  • Be sure to join fans on twitter for a #SleepySlumberParty, Saturday beginning at 10:00 p.m. ET for a Sleepy Hollow marathon.  Fans will be watching the pilot episode, “Sanctuary”, “Kindred” and “Awakenings” with Producer Aaron Baiers!  There will be a few cool Sleepy Hollow prizes given away so you won’t want to miss it!
  • In the NYC area?  Join us at the Stone Creek Bar & Grill for the Sleepy Hollow S2 Finale Party! It’s cold outside but it’ll be hot inside!
  • There will also be a one hour trending event, Monday at 8pm during Gotham, using hashtag #SleepyHollowFinale.


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  1. I loved your article, retweeted and liked it. I soooo hope Fox hears the voices of the millions that want this show to return. I love this show and it has phenomenal potential..just wish a few others could quick knocking it (Yes all you naysayers on the good old IMDB who do nothing but complain about everything!) and enjoy the ride Its a fantastic show and both Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie are great as well as the rest of the cast. FOX give this show a freaking third season!! It deserves it!

  2. Love this, thank you. But JUST a correction – for the Twitter trending event during ‘Gotham’ Monday there is NO hashtag, it’s just Sleepy Hollow Finale!

    • Sleepy Hollow Finale – not Renew Sleepy Hollow! But yes, no hashtag, and capitalization and spaces are important (helps make it easier to trend).

  3. This storyline is a complete show reset, which is needed after the debacle of this season.
    Not since Daniel Shaw have I seen a character (Katrina) destroy a show on this level.
    If SH returns for S3 you can expect a completely different show.

  4. The humor has gone out of it. And I agree with CM that the Katrina storyline has been awful. Get back to the Abbie/Ichy chemistry (and the ‘new world’ jokes).

    Make Orlando Jones the police chief again and get rid of the female police chief.

    Hopefully Katrina dies or stays in the past.

    And, bring back Hawley.