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Spoilers ahoy: tonight is the season two premiere of "Sleepy Hollow" and Blogcritics has the scoop!

‘Sleepy Hollow’ Exceeds Expectations in Season Two Premiere

Season-2-Banner_128Sleepy Hollow, the Fox show that became an instant phenomenon, unveils its season two premiere on Monday, September 22.  For the many “SleepyHeads” worldwide, the excruciating eight-month wait has been tough, though fans have kept each other company via re-watch parties and social media platforms.  Producers at the San Diego Comic Con promised that fans will be ecstatic with the new season, and if the premiere is any indication, it’s going to be a nail-biting, spine-tingling, horror-driven ride

Where we left off….

The explosive season one finale delivered reveal, after mind-blowing reveal, thanks to our mild-mannered, helpful loner Henry Parrish (John Noble), who finally shows his hand!  Not only is he the Horseman of War, but also happens to be Ichabod (Tom Mison) and Katrina’s (Katia Winter) son Jeremy! Though Jenny (Lyndie Greenwood) realizes who Henry really is, Headless makes sure she can’t tell,  causing her vehicle to flip several times, which leaves her unconscious. Captain Irving (Orlando Jones) is carted off to prison following his confession of murder to protect his daughter. Meanwhile Abbie (Nichole Beharie), who traded her soul so Katrina could be freed from Purgatory to stop the Horseman of War, is trapped in the Hellish realm! Then, in a cruel twist of fate, Henry immediately hands Katrina off to Headless (aka her ex-finance Abraham Van Brundt), and imprisons Ichabod in his own grave!


The season premiere, “Hellfire,” is filled with everything SleepyHeads expect: humor mixed with lots of suspense, a glimpse into the life of one of our Founding Fathers (that would be Moloch, Horsemen of the Apocalypse), and let’s not forget, “shocking twistry”, as producers call it!

The episode picks up a year after we last saw our heroes, as Abbie surprises Ichabod with an impromptu 251st SH Hell4birthday celebration!  We learn that both have now lost their loved ones, making them even more invested in stopping Headless, and Ichabod’s evil son Jeremy.

Along the way, we learn more about a missing key to purgatory, which Moloch  (Derek Mears) covets. Should he possess it, Moloch will leave purgatory and gain entrance into world with his army!  How is this key connected to one of our Founding Fathers–and to Ichabod? You’ll have to watch to find out!

SH Hell1

I have to give kudos to the brilliantly talented John Noble.  For us Fringe fanatics, there is not a single trace left of our sweet, eccentric Walter, not to mention our Fake Henry Parrish!  In a performance that rivals his role in the Lord of the Rings, Noble’s ability to convey someone so devilishly evil shows why his addition to the cast was nothing short of genius. Jeremy’s devotion to Moloch is so deeply entrenched within his soul, it’s going to be interesting to see his road to redemption as the season unfolds.

For Icahabbie fans, you won’t be disappointed as we see just how strong their bond is and the unwavering trust between them.   It’s no secret they will do whatever it takes as the two witnesses prophesized in the Book of Revelations, set to stop the coming apocalypse, even if that means sacrificing those they love!

Episode two “Kindred,” introduces the new Sheriff in town, Leena Reyes (Sakina Jeffrey) who plans to clean up the nonsense going on.  To say she will cause trouble for Ichabbie is an understatement, not to mention what she throws at Captain Irving, who is still facing murder charges stemming from his confeSakina Jaffrey New Captain SHssion.  Interestingly, Reyes does have ties to Abbie and Jenny’s mother, who will be making an appearance this season as well.  We’ll learn more about her background and what happened after the Mills sisters were orphaned.  After dealing with the criminal element as Border Patrol, Reyes brings a more cynical, hard-nosed dose of reality into the mix.  Unwilling (or is she?) to see any of the craziness going on in Sleepy Hollow, her presence will definitely hinder our heroes’ cause.  Look for a jaw-dropping moment at the end of episode two that will leave fans in utter disbelief!

Timothy Busfield’s performance as the quirky, eccentric scientist Benjamin Franklin is fun to watch and made me remember why he’s such a great actor.  When I think of Franklin, I see him as a very serious scientist, however Busfield’s version makes him much more humorous and light-hearted.  “Don’t be such a prude Crane,” he flips after Ichabod finds him naked, flying his kite during a storm!  It’s these little idiosyncrasies that I love about Sleepy Hollow.

In final analysis, the sophmore premiere of Sleepy Hollow is sure to get fans worked up into a frenzy, anxious to see the season unfold.  The producers have promised that by the season finale we will be blown away!  This SleepyHead is up for the ride!

Don’t miss an episode of Sleepy Hollow Mondays at 9pm on FOX and catch up on Season One now before the premiere on HuluPlus!

Join us for Sleepy Hollow Addicts Fan Spreecast, September 22 at 10p (ET) as we dissect the premiere episode!

Watch an exclusive Sneak Peek of Season 2 premiere, “Hellfire”:

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  1. The episode was incredible. Creatively funny, scary, surprising. This is really one of the best shows on television. A great cast and now the horseman has a head. Just a fantastic episode that opens up lots of possibilities. Good to see John Cho again. While I hope Selfie takes off (I like Cho and Karen Gillan), Cho’s Andy is a very interesting character.