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PBS launching children’s literacy campaign:

    PBS today announced a major partnership with Target Stores to launch an unprecedented public service campaign to promote children’s literacy. In this effort, the PBS KIDS Share a Story initiative, sponsored by Target, will use on-air and online programming, along with the unparalleled resources of PBS and local public television stations across the country. PBS KIDS Share a Story will inspire adults to help millions of children develop language and literacy skills through daily activities, including book reading, storytelling, rhyming and singing.

    Laura Bush serves as Honorary National Chair of the three-year campaign and actor and literacy advocate LeVar Burton is National Chairman. Mrs. Bush has already filmed two PBS KIDS Share a Story public service announcements for use by local PBS stations across the country. Mr. Burton hosts the PBS KIDS program READING RAINBOW, which has won 18 Emmy Awards for its innovative approach to reading.

    PBS KIDS Share a Story incorporates current research on the broad impact of language on early literacy development. The campaign will explore how reading books, telling stories, and singing songs develop children’s vocabulary, comprehension, phonological awareness, and knowledge of narrative. It will enable virtually any family member or caregiver to help a child, regardless of their own literacy level or access to books. It will also empower adults whose first language is not English to share stories in their own words, as research shows that a strong base in any language provides the foundation for reading success.

    “PBS KIDS Share a Story is a bold extension of PBS and our local stations’ education mission,” said Pat Mitchell, president and CEO of PBS. “With an unparalleled network of local stations, partners and resources, this ground- breaking initiative is uniquely positioned to reach millions through television, the Internet, schools, and libraries. With the generous support of Target Stores, we are ready to turn reading research into results for America’s children.”

The Share a Story site offers tips for parents, including:

    Vocabulary Building
    Teach your kids new words.

    Story Time
    Get the most from any story while you read to your kids.

    Book Learnin’
    Discover how to read to your kids.

    After Story Time
    Get the most from any story after you’ve read to your kids.

    Teach your kids handwriting.

    Bath Time
    Discover reading activities for the bathroom.

    Weights and Measures
    Teach how to read and understand weights.

    The Land of Make-Believe
    Make up stories. It’s easy.

    Poetry for the Rest of Us
    Discover that poetry is fun.

    Teach your kids how to read warning labels.

    Tunes for Tots
    Learn how music can help your kids learn to read.

    At the Mail Slot
    Make the most of junk mail.

    Around the House
    Make your home book-friendly.

    Using the TV Show
    Get the most from Between the Lions on TV.

    In the News
    Use your daily newspapers to help your kids read.

    Errands and Chores?
    Turn kids’ errands or chores into fun with reading and writing.

    Delicious Literacy
    Turn kids’ cooking into fun with reading and writing.

    While You Wait
    Play games while waiting in line.

    On the Television
    Turn TV or videos into help with reading.

    The Big Book of Words
    Have fun with a dictionary.

    En Route
    Find out out how airports and railway stations are great places for literacy games.

    Dear Diary…
    Teach even the littlest kid how to keep a real diary, even for just a day.

    What Was it Like Back Then?
    Help your kid interview an elderly friend or relative.

    Library Time
    Discover your local library!

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