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Musgo Del Jefe offers suggestions on what's worth watching for the upcoming week.

Senses Working Overtime: This Week in Television (9/23/07)

Written by Musgo Del Jefe

No. 92 – Heat (1995) (ENC) (SAT)

Too much is put into the DeNiro and Pacino match-up in this film. Their only scene together is really only built upon their reputations outside of this film. This film is long but it's carried by the smart plot and the awesome supporting cast of Ashley Judd, Val Kilmer, Tom Sizemore and Jon Voight. Originally envisioned by Mann as the pilot for a TV series, this could've worked well but finding two dynamic leads for TV would've been more difficult. I don't think I'm off too far to call this Mann's best work and a worthy Top 100 movie.

Ratings around this movie:
78. The Great Dictator
81. Goodfellas
96. The Conversation
98. Diva
100. Fist Of Fury

The War (PBS) Ken Burns taught me all I needed to know about the Civil War. Why did he skip the Great War? This new series on WWII is one that I'll probably run through at least three times. I loved this time in history as a kid and I'm sure there will be lots to hang your hat on. Be gentle on my heart , Ken.

Family Guy (FOX) The Tivo will be working overtime tonight. The hour-long premiere is a Star Wars parody.

The Simpsons (FOX) Wherefore art thou, Spider Pig? Stephen Colbert as Homer's life coach!

Prison Break (FOX) OK, so far, so good. Last week was better than I could hope. It looks like this season, the show becomes a little version of 24.

Heroes (NBC) Will the magic be there a second time around? Remember the issues with Season Two of Lost!

The Big Bang Theory (CBS) I've seen this first episode and it's not terrible. Not that it'll make the weekly cut, especially on a Monday night, but it's not bad.

Boston Legal (ABC) The great John Larroquette joins the cast of a good show that I don't watch.

Late Show w/David Letterman (CBS) Kate Walsh and Kevin Smith.

Cane (CBS) I incorrectly predicted failure for the James Wood series. I won't make that mistake with this Jimmy Smits series that has the smell of cancellation all over it.

Life (NBC) Interesting concept – once given life imprisonment for murder in a Silence Of The Lambs type of situation, man is found innocent and comes out to solve crimes with a multi-million dollar settlement in the bank. Kind of looks like Monk meets Moonlighting. Not enough to get my season long commitment.

Lost Worlds (HIST) Take a break from all the season premieres to watch a cool doc on Vikings (not the Minnesota kind).

Tonight Show w/Jay Leno (NBC) Steve Carell and Bright Eyes.

The Office (NBC) Dunder Mifflin is cursed? Season premiere is an hour long!

Smallville (CW) While you were busy with all the Thursday night comedies, Supergirl decided to make an appearance.

Numb3rs (CBS) Tony Scott directs and Val Kilmer shows up in a guest spot. It's like True Romance, Jr., right?

Moonlight (CBS) Sexy vampire show is relegated to Friday nights. Looks to be pretty derivative – even the title clues you in – it's a little Moonlighting meets Angel.

E! True Hollywood Story: John Stamos (E!) Goes good with a cold beer.

MAD TV (FOX) I know that SNL gets all the good guests, but how far has this show dropped to end up with a blogger? Perez Hilton guests.

TV-ON-DVD TO OWN: (to be released Sept. 25)

1. My Name is Earl: The Complete Second Season ($32.99 at Best Buy) The show went to a much better level with the season long story arcs.

2. The Streets of San Francisco: Season 1, Vol. 2. My review is coming soon.

3. Voltron: Defender of the Universe, Vol. 4 (Red Lion) ($19.99 at Best Buy)

4. Drawn Together: Season 2 ($19.99 at Best Buy) Uncensored for some reason.

5. Davey & Goliath: The Lost Episodes

In amazing news to ComicCon fans of "World's Worst Cartoons," Ralph Bakshi's Rocket Robin Hood will be released on October 23rd (all 52 episodes!). Volume Two of The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones is due December 18, 2007 and includes 26 companion docs

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