Monday , March 4 2024
Check out these new screenshots of the upcoming brawler.

Screenshots: Shank

Kids these days.  Back in my day when you wanted to buy a videogame you had to go to the store and plunk down 50 of your parents hard-earned dollars (and that was after all the begging and pleading to be allowed to buy it in the first place) before you could go home and play.  Now all you need to do is grab a credit card, buy points online, and download until your hearts content. 

Let’s not pretend like there isn’t good stuff that is being made available for download either.  Not only does a lot of effort go into making downloadable titles, but some of them look and feel utterly fantastic. 

Currently we’re quite looking forward to seeing Shank (available August 24 on PSN and August 25 on XBLA).  Well, not seeing Shank so much as playing Shank as we’ve already spent some time watching the trailer and have gotten an eyeful of screenshots as well. 

The game is a 2D brawler from EA and Klei Entertainment and “tells a classic story of gangland betrayal through a pulp-fiction lens.”  We think that means that it’s going to be bloody.  As for the latest screenshots, feast your eyes on these.

Even the pictures make it seem like it could be bloody. Don’t they?

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