Friday , February 23 2024
The Rabbids are headed this way, and so are more screenshots.

Screenshots: Rabbids Go Home – Part II

The Rabbids are coming!  The Rabbids are coming!  Or, perhaps the Rabbids are leaving!  The Rabbids are leaving!  Well, they're coming in that their newest game is coming, but they're going in that the game, Rabbids go Home, features them trying to leave the Earth by building a pile of stuff to take them to the moon. 

It's not an ingenious plan, particularly as they're stealing from people in order to effect their escape, but it's a plan nonetheless.  As the following screenshots indicate though, the Rabbids may find themselves with a slight problem as the humans have opted to sick some Verminators on them.  Us people, it seems, don't take kindly to Rabbids stealing everything we own. 

I think I'm going to be putting my money on the Rabbids, but from the screenshots and concept art below, those Verminators do look kind of tough.

Rabbids go Home is coming to the Nintendo Wii and DSi on November 3, 2009.

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