Thursday , November 30 2023
Dude. Screenshot here and a link to a Smurfy contest.

Screenshots: dude. for the iPhone and a Smurfy Contest

Dude.  DUDE.  Dude!

Never has one word meant so many different things.  Oh sure, it may not be the greatest use of the English language, but what did Shakespeare know anyway.  Think about it, "dude" can convey how many different meanings simply via changes in one's inflection?  Now that is a powerful tool.

Or, put another way, dude is today's version of the word "Smurf," as in "that's Smurfy," or "I tried to Smurf him but he wasn't in," and the ever popular "Smurf, Smurf, Smurfy-Smurfy, Smurf, Smurf, Smurf, Smurf."

To that end, AZOMOB has launched an iPhone app entitled, shockingly, dude., and they're promoting the app with a Smurfy contest!  They're looking for Smurfy videos of people using the word Smurf… I mean "dude."  Smurf, just check out the details here and the screenshot below.  Do you even need me to tell you how Smurfy it is?

Dude screenshot


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