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The May 18 episode of Screen Time is jam-packed with TV goodness.

Screen Time 5/18/10 – Lost, Upfronts, and The Amazing Race

After a two week hiatus, Screen Time was back with a vengeance tonight as we discussed a little bit of Lost, Jordan and Dan's heinous actions in The Amazing Race finale, and the 2010-2011 television upfronts.

And here, in brief is what came up:

Jordan and Dan were not guilty of any illegal actions (moving to first class if you've bought a coach ticket is within the rules).  However, cutting in line at the airport, we decided, was the sort of action that cost the brothers any respect the audience may have had for them.  We also concluded that this was one of the easiest seasons the show has ever done, quite possibly because the contestants weren't up to anything more difficult.

As for Lost, I had no problem whatsoever with the episode the series delivered last week which went into the history of Jacob and Smokey.  Perhaps it should have come at a different point in the season, but I was happy to have been provided the information.  Medley hypothesized that maybe that Smoke Monster existed before the Man in Black, although Smokey has taken on many of MiB's characteristics.

Judging new television shows by name only, Medley was moderately interested in No Ordinary Family but was perfectly happy to leave the rest of the new shows alone.  I, again, complained about fake documentary shows – done well they're fine, but it does seem to be a hook all too many new shows are trying to use instead of developing compelling, creative ideas, characters, and stories.

That, my friends, was the episode in a nutshell, but there's a lot more that happened as well, just click the button below to listen.

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