Saturday , May 18 2024
Time travel, a chick magnet, and a hedge fund.

Satire: The News in Pictures VII

Welcome to "O Caption! My Caption!", Blogcritics' examination of news, sports, and politics utilizing the most efficient and time-saving method: looking at pretty pictures and deducing what happened based on the pixels.

↓ "Oh my god, that reporter isn’t wearing any pants!"

AP Photo

↓ "Seriously you guys, it’s a chick magnet. It’s got magnets in it, and chicks are always coming up to me saying, 'Oh yea, I’m sooo attracted to you now!'"

AP Photo

↓ "Can you call me back later? I’m kinda in a tunnel."

UPI Photo/Ismael Mohamad

↓ "Well, I’m not gonna touch it with my bare hand, but you can if you want to."

UPI Photo/Kevin Dietsch

↓ "I hope they can’t see me behind this hedge fund."

Getty Images

↓ "Somebody hug me!"

AP Photo/Jorge Saenz

↓ In the middle of a rally in Albany, New York, a gay rights’ advocate and a gay rights’ opponent have a Freaky Friday-esque moment as the opponent finds himself enamored with the advocate’s soft eyes, while the advocate shudders with the realization that most middle-aged men have pores the size of potholes.

Mike Groll/Associated Press

↓ Using corpses as flower vases is taking recycling a bit too far.

AP Photo/Natali Chubenko

↓ An overdressed beach-goer forces a seagull to excrete all over tiny people enjoying a day in the sun.

Gil Cohen Magen/Reuters

↓ A glitch in a time machine invented in Dodge City in 1909 is causing problems for immigration and naturalization officials around the world.

Khalid Mohammed/AP

↓ Swine Flew

Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

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