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Say hello to my fanny pack... Ladies!

Satire: The Faces (and Bodies) of the Tea Party Rallies

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Ah yes, the coveted underboob shot.
(Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers)


A fun gal with a fungi keeping that flag attached!
(Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers)

Well sure, there was that awful guy I dated and the money pit I bought, but what does any of that have to do with anything?
(Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers)

Say hello to my fanny pack… Ladies!
(Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers)

…to another U.S. citizen of a different political bent who
could rightly hold the same sign in opposition to me.
(Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers)

The big fucking deal is that we’re all adults who use asterisks
to make it look like we’re not swearing when really we are.
(Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers)

…her sign says as a not-dead news media photographer took a picture of her sign and it showed up on the not-dead news media site, Baltimore Sun.
(Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Isn’t Sarah speaking to you, sir?

The site hosting this image offered the option of “Enlarge Photo.” I declined.
(UPI/Brian Kersey)

The people who had to clean up this place after these guys left probably weren’t that impressed with their use of “Clean Sweep.”
( AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

It’s cool that the Chinese still let you dress up in the flag, though.

Salutin’ with a cig! You go, you!

It’s all about the Benjamins, baby!
(AP Photo/The Idaho Statesman, Shawn Raaecke)

This is great! He wouldn’t see me at all before the health care
reforms. I’d thank you in person, but I gotta go to work.
(AP Photo/The Idaho Statesman, Shawn Raaecke)

C’mon down! Get your “Obama is Destroying Capitalism” buttons!
(Bill Hartigan/WCVB)


(Photos without credit were found that way. All photos are linked to their source.)

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