Thursday , December 7 2023
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Salma Hayek Returns to 30 Rock!

Being that you're a dedicated, devoted, virtually obsessed fan of this column and that you not only read it on a regular basis, but pass it along to all of your friends (something for which I thank you greatly), I know that you know what I'm going to talk about today.

Okay, you know that I know that you know what I'm going to talk about, but let's face it, I know that you know that I know that you know and I'm going to do it anyway – that's right, Salma Hayek returned to 30 Rock yesterday! Look at that, you were right, that's what you get for reading the column on a regular basis.

I don't know, to me it felt as though they'd actually pretty much ended her story arc the last time she was on the show, what with her character running away from New York and all, but I guess they were able to entice Hayek back one more time. It did make some narrative sense, after all, Jack was still in love with her (who isn't?), but the way they ended – or didn't – the storyline last night certainly made it feel as though if they can get her to sign on to do any more episodes in the future they will. And, who wouldn't want to see her… I mean that… no, I don't, I mean her, I do.

Even Liz Lemon wants to see more of Elisa (Hayek's character). Elisa asked Liz point blank that very question, "Do you want to see me naked?" and Liz admitted she kind of did. The show's not on Cinemax, so the bit didn't progress, but it existed and that was enough for me.

I don't tell you that last bit solely to express my love for her – that's been well documented – I tell you it because I'm certainly not the only person who finds her attractive, and the show unquestionably recognizes that fact. They were making an obvious reference to it, and I appreciate them knowing their audience. Don't think that's what it was? If 30 Rock wasn't smart enough to recognize their audience, they wouldn't have had Hayek wear a "what the frak" shirt in one scene. They know their audience – people like me who used to be Kenny, are smitten with Salma Hayek, and quite like Battlestar Galactica. Sure, that may not speak very well of me, but it also explains the fact that the show isn't the ratings smash-hit I really feel that it should be. If there were only more people like me in the world everything would be so very much different…

As for the possibility of Hayek returning in the future, the story arc didn't really close, did it? It just sort of ended. Jack is still in love with Elisa and Elisa is still in love with Jack, it's just that she might kill someone because of her. Obviously that sets me up as the perfect replacement for Jack – Elisa doesn't love me and therefore wouldn't go crazy and try to kill people she may be jealous of – but I'm not on the show (except that Kenny stole much of my Page Program life). Ignoring me though, there's clearly still a world, one with a few small tweaks, that could cause the two of them to decide to try the love thing again.

So, fingers crossed people, fingers crossed. There's always next season.

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