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Review: Love is the Greatest Revenge — Tremolo

Love is the Greatest Revenge is more then a idealistic hope and more then a high concept. It is full of deep meaningful lyrics delivered with moody melodies. I find it very similar to some of the milder Green Day musically, only with lyrics that are more meaningful and full of hope. It will be enjoyed by those who listen to music on the current college and alternative charts.

Tremolo has set up a benevolent trust fund and will donate fifty percent of the royalties earned on this CD to a cause of the fan’s choice. At Love>Revenge Fund you are able to vote on what cause this money should be used for as well as participate in discussion boards on current issues.

The album begins with the uplifting “New Eyes for a New World.” The track sings of an awakening and moving from the dark to the light. The tune is soft and fits the lyrics of coming through a fog and into the light of a new day.

Another song that has that same uplifting feel is “Promise Ring.” Warm and melodic, it sings of hope and love being stronger then all else.

“You Were Born For This” is one of the upbeat tempo songs. It falls and climbs scales in an interesting arrangement, but as with most of these songs, it’s the lyrics and the powerful message of hope that makes the song.

The song that is not only the theme of the album, but that for their benevolent fund is “I Believe (Love is Revenge)” another soft ballad speaking of love and hope. I think this is one of the strongest songs on the album musically and lyrically.

Love Is The Greatest Revenge was released August 9 on Flagship Recordings.

Track Listing

  1. New Eyes For a New World

  2. Can You Feel It Now

  3. Evil Twin

  4. Waiting Room

  5. Promise Ring

  6. Room

  7. I Believe (Love is Revenge)

  8. Baby Blue

  9. Down to Beautiful

  10. You Were Born For This

  11. We Are the New Black

  12. Wait Up For Me

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