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Review: ‘Liars Leakers and Liberals’ by Judge Jeanine Pirro

Best seller Liars Leakers and Liberals gives unique insight into the presidency of Donald Trump. Judge Jeanine has been friends with the President for over 30 years. So yes, she is loyal and has a positive outlook on all things Donald; but she also gives the readers a different perspective on the Russian scandal among other “fake news” headlines.  It doesn’t matter if you are a republican, democrat or somewhere in between, this book is a must read.

I think it’s important to listen to the perspective of others who may not think like you do. It will give a more balanced view even if you don’t agree, you may come away with a better understanding of why they feel as they do. Allowing you to agree to disagree with a clearer picture and maybe even some respect.

Judge Jeanine is not only informative but also has a clear sense of humor. I found myself chuckling at some of the remarks she makes in this book. I also learned some things about the Clinton Foundation I didn’t know before; making me wish she had a book just on them. But I will have to settle for my own further research.

I think my favorite parts of the book is when Judge Jeanine shares stories about her family and the Trumps enjoying Thanksgiving dinner together. Also when she and a friend knew that Melania was THE ONE Donald Trump would marry. You see another side of the President only those closest to him experience.

I personally gained a better understanding about what’s happening and why. I may not agree on some things but at least now I have a better idea of why its an issue. . Such as immigration reform. The often intense anger over illegals killing innocent Americans. Criminals who were deported several times still coming back in and committing more crime. There was a case recently in the news about a college coed who was killed by an illegal. Stories like this one stirs up a lot of rage and debate. 

I personally can’t get past all the remarks about grabbing “p—-“. It may have to do more with my history than politics but it really shades the way I look at our president. This wasn’t part of the book just my own personal aside to my feelings on Donald Trump. So I needed to read this book to help me see him as something other than a monster. Judge Jeanine did share a story about being at a park filming a segment for her show Justice With Judge Jeanine. As she was asking people questions about a topic she had on the show that week, someone yelled “grab her by the p—-“. I don’t care who says it or does it, that is simply evil.

So if  you find yourself avoiding the news or arguing with friends over national politics, this book will arm you with more information regardless of what side you are on. It’s a fast and easy read. Take the time and even if you don’t agree, you will be better informed. 

Liars Leakers & Liberals is available in bookstores and online. Do yourself a favor and pick one up!You can watch Judge Jeanine every Saturday at 9pm ET on FoxNews.

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  1. The title of Judge Jeanine’s new book has the potential to alienate about 40-50% of the electorate, although the diehard conservatives will appreciate the contents. The author discusses the high points of the Trump Administration like the marginalization of ISIS, the rebuilding of the military, the robust growth of the GDP, the increased labor participation rate, efforts toward fairer trade and dwindling unemployment-just to mention a few of the things cited.

    The author discusses the “deep state”, although no-one has ever defined the term authoritatively. The “deep state” could refer to a constituency of people who simply prefer “big government”. This book provides a clue as to the thinking of Judge Jeanine on a number of important societal issues. The book comes out at an important juncture because Judge Pirro could very possibly become the next Attorney General of the US.