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The Republicans of today will not be able to wriggle loose from the judgments of history.

Racist Congressional Obstructionism: History Will Be the Judge

What will seventh graders in the year 2063 learn in school about the American political milieu during the reign of Barack Obama? That’s just 50 years from now, but it seems none of the current participants is considering legacy. Yet that history is being made now, and the first accounts of it are being shaped daily by the nation’s newspapers, media broadcasts and periodicals.

The people who will write the textbooks that seventh graders will study 50 years from now are today seventh graders themselves, growing up in a nation that is making what are, for the adult population, head-spinning social advancements. A little ways into the future these social changes will be for today’s seventh graders the acceptable norm. The history of this period will be utterly unrecognizable by 98 percent of those involved in fashioning current reality because they have not considered how their actions are being perceived by others.
Case in point: In 1963 George Wallace auditioned the words below in his inauguration speech as governor of Alabama. Four months later while blocking two black students from the entrance of a state university, he unleashed the words again, this time on the entire nation: “In the name of the greatest people that have ever trod this earth, I draw the line in the dust and toss the gauntlet before the feet of tyranny, and I say segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever.” This was, at the time, a popular sentiment in much of America and solidly so in the South.

Fifty years later the practice expressed in this sentiment is prohibited by law, scorned by many Americans, and only clandestinely embraced by an influential few – it ain’t any longer cool to be a straightforward racist in America. Historians have dealt a damning blow to the figures from the Wallace era. Many of those who championed the racist and obstructionist policies of 50 years ago and were admired and supported then, are dishonored and disdained in history books for their part in the very roles that many of their contemporaries approved. Ask any seventh graders today to define and evaluate George Wallace’s role in history and even students from the South will send Wallace lumbering away from this evaluation with a far from flattering appraisal. What happened in those 50 years? The people who would write that history disagreed with the people who made that history; or, at least saw it differently.

If all you listen to is the noise, you’ll find it hard to discern that underneath the clamor of major political struggles, and as a direct result of exposure to what filters through this clamor, the nation’s younger people get a chance to make choices that are always more honest and more righteous than the adults in the polity. The battle for hearts and minds that’s taking place in the glaring spotlight of talk radio, cable television and newspaper headlines will form independent opinions in young people. What is shaking loose, “trickling down,” if you will, from this most monumental struggle isn’t what one side or the other intends; it is their contrast that will form what young people see as their truth. There will hardly be any changes in the minds of the combatants themselves. Those in the battle and their supporters hold on to what they bring to the battle; they don’t see how the crash flushes out to others and they haven’t taken time to consider how their roles will be viewed in 50 years. But the foresighted see.

Young people’s social and political views are being formed by the clamor going on now. They will grow up in a nation fairer to LGBT people, less skewed against women, more inclusive of minorities, and more intolerant of income inequalities, and each disadvantaged group will have a larger and more visible role in the country’s power base To be sure, seventh graders today will have their own intergenerational differences in adulthood, but they will have settled the questions of who was right and who was wrong in this era. Those among them who will become historians – and more of them will be minorities, gay, and women – will gather the raw data being produced in today’s media to write the history of this time.obama

It is unlikely that any of them will miss the fact that on the day of the inauguration of the first black president, Republican Party officials met to consolidate their opposition to the new president. They agreed, each man and women there, to use total obstruction to oppose whatever policy the president proposed. Nothing, not even the comfort and safety of the American people, would be allowed to come between them and their goal. It may have been an oath-taking event close to what happens when a wiseguy becomes a made man in a darkened basement in Brooklyn, New York, minus, perhaps, the pricked finger. They had been unsuccessful in preventing a black man from being elected to the highest position in the land and now they would do all they could to defeat him at every turn. They didn’t ever want there to be a first black president; now they want to make Barack Obama the only black president ever, and in their minds, his defeat at governance would ensure that the American voters come to associate this one black president with potential calamity in all other black presidential hopefuls. This was the single most openly racist act by elected American officials since the institution of slavery. Future historians will point out by name the Republican legislators who resolved to work against the interests of the American people in a blind racial rage that rendered them fuming idiots.

mcconnellThere will be a chapter in the history books of 2066 entitled “The Failure of a Little Mind from Kentucky to Make Barack Obama a One-Term President.” This chapter will feature a picture of an extremely thin-lipped, red-faced man name Mitch McConnell, who, although dressed Ivy League, displayed the aura of (a useful term I recently heard in the George Zimmerman trial) a creepy-ass cracker, or, my own term, a “haystack hick” with a bias against niggras (I think this is how he would pronounce it).

Speaking of the Zimmerman disaster, commentators reminded us time and again that the Zimmerman jury was comprised of six women and that though these women were white, five were mothers – the implication being that white mothers would be able to relate to another mother whose child was killed needlessly. We heard it over and over that five of these women would embrace the motherly instinct to protect the offspring of mothers in general.

You won’t have to wait for historians of 50 years hence to point out that although five of the women on the Zimmerman jury were indeed mothers, they were mothers of white children who would never have to consider the dark concerns of black children. A white mother can’t imagine herself giving “The Talk” black parents have institutionalized in a small pamphlet circulated from Harlem to the South Side of Chicago to Oakland CA, on how young black boys need to behave in the presence of white men, especially white policemen, if they are to survive. A poll of today’s seventh graders would land Zimmerman in the joint. Tomorrow’s historians will record their agreement with 2013 seventh graders on this matter, while I believe they will portray Mitch McConnell as the creepy-ass cracker he’s been for the two terms of the Obama Administration and quite possibly for the whole of his natural born life.

Everything has been recorded and preserved, thus readily available, thanks to the internet. Scrum as they may, these Republican weasels would not be able to wriggle loose from the judgments of a history that’s authenticated, as solidly as theirs is, on YouTube and all the other internet archives. Some of you reading this will still be around in 2063. For as long as there is a Republican Party, no other of them will ever again yell “You lie!” at an American President. You heard that here first. And I want you to remember that I also predict this: History will elevate Barack Obama far, far above the creepy-ass crackers who served in government during his reign, and an awakened American people will agree.

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  1. The republican congressmen of this era will go down in history for their obstinate unreasoning hatred of a black president. No amount of dissembling and distracting will dilute their obvious racism.

    • Yeah, unbliffled.

      • roger nowosielski

        May I add that this condition, of racism, is just another aspect of post-colonial thinking. We haven’t gotten over it as yet, in this presumably post-racial society. And it’s got nothing to do with the merits or demerits of Mr. Obama.

        See my article, “The Anarchist’s Dilemma”, as well as the comments.

    • Not to defend the Republicans for what they’ve done over the years, but Obama, imho, brought a great deal of this situation on himself.

      • Not at all. Obama had done nothing before the Republicans turned on him. That’s just a coverup for republican racism.

        • Sorry, bliffle, but I disagree with you. Since taking office, Obama has not only surrounded himself with corporate holdovers from the Clinton and G. W. Bush Administrations, but he’s done tons of stuff thats too long to list here that totally contradict the ;promises that he made during his POTUS Campaign, both times. Therefore, I stand by all I’ve said.

  2. So we should have mob rule I guess, that is what you are insinuating. Tell me the law can be trodden by people who feel their was an injustice. So now we are back to lynch mobs when blacks were convicted with no type of Rule of Law and then hung, So what should we do, find Zimmerman and hang him at the nearest tree. Id’ say we are going backwards now. The divide now is growing larger and you condone this, go figure. Blame it on republicans and the tea party. You are just as disgusting as George Wallace.
    You think that because Obama is the first Black President that there are road blocks put in his way because he is black even though his policies are tearing the country apart. proof is in the pudding. Tell me, it is good that the jobless rate for black Americans is double that of the national rate. We really are making it better for the Minorities, blame if on the white guy. Single parent house holds are the norm. No fathers to help in the child’s upbringing. Gods is being removed from our hearts and souls, we don’t fear the repercussions when we hurt another human. No we make excuses and blame our mom or dad or where we were raised. No self responsibility for our actions or Society is to blame? I remember being ashamed when I had to take unemployment, and as soon as I could I got what ever job I could find to get off the unemployment. Now people look for the easy way, let our nanny government support us. Heck we might as well let China take over, heck not much of a difference. We have government media and you can not see the forest through the trees. Are we that lazy now that we have to let the government make our decisions for us. There is complains but no type of action in trying to deal with the problems facing this nation. Alot of words but no real real action. There can be a thought but with no action it is in vain. I

    • I would like to deal with every expect of your comments but there isn’t time. Let me ask you this:Are you aware that unemployment insurance is withheld from your pay check while you are working? This is money that is set aside for when you are out of work- and you say that you fell bad talking that money? When you get this right in your head, I’ll find time to more fully reply to your points.

  3. litwav: nobody here said: “So we should have mob rule I guess, that is what you are insinuating.”

  4. I don’t think history will be the judge — not in this country. In this country, the largest group of constituents with a shared agenda will see to it that “history” judges as they dictate.

    And then they will make sure the rest of us toe their politically correct line.

    • Yeah, but who do you think will comprise that largest group?

      • Wrong, Horace, it’s gonna be us Latinos, we already outnumber you folks; the problem is we don’t know squat about how to run a country — look at the sorry state of almost all of Latin America.

  5. Seem strange you use the word ‘obstructionist’ to depict the burden placed on Negroes 50 years ago. Obstructionism today is a horse
    of another color.

    I doubt that the Trayvon Martin trial of George Zimmerman
    will be remembered by any but an aging few, 50 years from now.

    What will be recalled, if we survive as a center of freedom
    and democracy is the new era of government by corporation. A corporation is
    indeed a soul-less entity. Its goal is profit, while maintaining hopefully a
    positive corporate image. If a corporate executive were to sacrifice profits
    for social reasons, for the better being of American citizens, he would be
    drummed out of his chair.

    I suspect the world of the future will criticize our 2013
    world for the current obsession with gay rights, and gay lifestyles. I think
    this form of freedom will be outdated in the future as were the words of George

    Obama was the first president with a slightly Muslim background. He was elected (IMO) because of hope he could relate to and have
    dialog with Muslim nations. He has failed to live up to expectation. But he
    at least has a philosophy of governance, and knows when a light touch is far
    superior to a big gun.

    Political parties change. In 50 years there may be no Republican party. (Let’s hope for that end)

    • He wasn’t elected to relate to Muslims, but as a reaction to the utter stupidity and willfully malicious incompetence of Bush, and to keep that cabbage with legs, Palin, from getting anywhere near the Oval Office.

      However, the damage done by filth like Reagan and Shrub is now irreversible, and we’ll soon be like 19th century Germany, 18th Century France, 17th Century England, 16th Century Spain or 15th Century Italy: Top of the pyramid for a while, and then choking on our own hubris and the backlash of the worst elements of society.

      It’s happening to America NOW.

      It’s what happens to ALL nations that get too big for their britches, sooner or later, and the US has been way too big and fat for its britches since Vietnam. Worse, unlike Germany or Renaissance Italy, America didn’t strive to be more intellectually and culturally advanced during its reign of the world. Instead, we chose to become stupider with every passing year.

      Our fail is going to be very, very ugly.

  6. The racist republicans who’ve claimed that we need stricter voting laws are coming up a cropper as the results come in after the SCOTUS decision. In Florida they fingered 180,000 possible illegal voters, found only a couple dozen actually illegal, and only a handful that actually voted illegally.