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While you won’t get a buzz off them, the lollipops are certainly tasty treats.

Product Review: Absinthe Lollipops

Absinthe has a notorious history. The beverage gained great notoriety as a popular drink with the bohemian counterculture during The Belle Epoque of Europe. Many noted artists and writers of the time who were known to partake include Vincent Van Gogh and Edouard Manet. There were claims that it had hallucinogenic properties. It became banned in a number of countries due to its opposition from the unlikely alliance of prohibitionists, who portrayed it as a dangerous concoction that led to violent crimes, and wine producers, who saw it as competition.

A modern revival began in the 1990s. Liquor makers in Europe began to take advantage of the markets where no ban occurred and they also discovered some bans weren’t about absinthe in particular but a certain amount of the wormwood compound thujone. New research showed that the claims of its psychological effects were unfounded, and many countries either dropped or modified their embargoes. The drink also began to appear in pop culture, from Nine Inch Nails’ “The Perfect Drug” video to Baz Luhrmann’s musical Moulin Rouge.

Lit Absinthe is a maker of absinthe lollipops. Their flavor is anise, which is similar to black licorice. The ingredients are sugar, simple syrup, and absinthe; however, there is no alcohol, which is no doubt what many people will be seeking these confections for. While you won’t get a buzz off them, the lollipops are certainly tasty treats. They have a strong flavor, which makes up for their small size, but if they were too much bigger, they could be over powering.

Absinthe lollipops can be ordered online through the Lit website in quantities of four for $8.50 and twelve for $12.00. They are also available in the following retail shops: Miette Confiserie in San Francisco, CA, and Big Top Candy Shop in Austin, TX.

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