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New service TVTonic offers “DVD quality” video over the Internet for $1.95 per month:

    But you can use TVTonic for two months at no cost. Just download and install the TVTonic software and start receiving video entertainment channels of the highest quality. You’ll have two months to decide if TVTonic is for you.

    Get immediate access to music videos, news and more. You’ll receive Rawdio, TVTonic’s nonstop video music channel, The News, which brings you video of breaking news from around the world, and movie previews and reviews from Screening Room. Plus, if you have a TV tuner card installed on your computer, TVTonic enables you to use it to view television programming and also send a TV signal to other computers.

    If you decide to keep TVTonic after your two-month trial, you’ll be charged only $1.95 a month. With this subscription, you’ll be entitled to receive TVTonic upgrades when they’re released, and you can continue to get TVTonic’s five basic channels at no additional cost.

For an additional $2 a month there are more channels to choose from:

    If you enjoy TVTonic’s free channels and want more entertainment, TVTonic Plus gives you access to six additional channels for only $2 a month. If you subscribe to Plus, you are not required to receive all of the channels in the package, only those that interest you. You have the option of selecting any combination of channels.

    You can get classic video music hits in VMH, receive golf tips from some of the world’s top pros in GolfSpan, or choose TVTonic’s computer game resource, Turbobytes. These and other exciting channels are available in TVTonic Plus. All for just $2 a month.

    You can read more about the entertainment channels available in TVTonic by visiting our What’s On section.

So what is TVTonic?

    TVTonic is not adware, and it is not spyware. It is a trusted application that uses some of the free space on your hard-drive to power a great media experience. TVTonic does not take over your resources. It only utilizes the disk space that you allocate.

    TVTonic will regularly show promotional video for new channels that are available. TVTonic does not contain banners, pop-ups, or any other web advertisements, nor do we sell your contact details to anyone, ever. The only advertising you might see is TV-like advertising designed to support some of TVTonic’s free entertainment channels. None of our free channels currently carry ads, and if this changes we will tell you about it first. If you don’t subscribe to ad-supported channels, then you will never view any advertisements.

    TVTonic delivers exclusive media files to your computer’s hard drive, where you can access them immediately with only one click of the mouse. Each day, by utilizing your high-speed connection, new files overwrite old ones. As a result, your local drive is always being updated with fresh content, your computer maintains optimal performance speed, and you have immediate, full-screen access to the content you want.

    It Plugs In
    TVTonic is a convenient browser plug-in for Internet Explorer. Go directly from surfing the web to viewing your favorite entertainment in TVTonic.

    Each TVTonic video sent to your computer is timed to expire after a certain period, so you never have to worry about running out of space on your hard drive. Read more about the file expiration dates for each TVTonic channel in What’s On.

    Your Mouse Is Your Remote Control
    TVTonic stores video files on your computer and gives you easy controls that allow you to browse your entertainment channels. It’s easy to find what you want and start watching right away. The files you want are right there on your local drive. Just click and enjoy a true on-demand experience.

    Get the Big Picture
    TVTonic’s entertainment channels play full-screen video that scales to fit all standard screen resolution sizes.

    Of course, you don’t have to watch at full screen if you’d rather not. Switch back and fourth between screen sizes whenever you want. It’s all up to you.

    Video Controls
    TVTonic features convenient video controls that let you manage the video files in TVTonic’s entertainment channels. Get straight to what you want. Pause, rewind, skip forward and back. Stop, start and toggle. TVTonic gives you full control.

    The TVTonic Toolbar
    The TVTonic toolbar plugs directly into Internet Explorer (6.0 or 5.5) and allows you to view your account settings, jump from channel to channel and just get more from TVTonic.

    You can move from channel to channel with the Go To pull-down, adjust your system volume with the Volume slider, and reduce your browser and display video in full-screen mode with the Full Screen button.


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