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'The Walking Dead' game series is incredibly effective at delivering emotion and dynamic tension especially if players explore all the options available to them.

PC Game Review: ‘The Walking Dead Season Two’ – Episode Two

The Walking Dead Season Two has very much been a new start for the series. Episode One of this season was very focused on bringing Clementine forward as the new main character and, instead of a puzzle driven experience, we were given a more tense action narrative that was refreshing and thoroughly satisfying. In Episode Two we are now comfortable in Clem’s shoes and the narrative shifts to group dynamics and tension when encountering other survivors. The result is a terrific experience that once again keeps players on the edge of their seat.

click to view larger imageClementine starts with whomever was picked at the end of Episode One, and has to evade the walkers that are in the area. As has become the norm in the series some difficult choices are made right away, and Clementine is reunited with her new group made up of Carlos, Luke, Sarah, Alvin, and Rebecca. As they continue to head for a solid refuge they encounter other survivors and, despite some shelter and safety, the episode quickly takes a dark turn and the group is in extreme danger before long.

click to view larger imageEpisode Two is a very effective experience that really looks at group dynamics and how differing personalities interact as more survivors are met. One of the great things about the series is how many dialog options are available. The story could be breezed through very quickly without exploring the optional dialog, but most of the backstory and tension between characters would be missed and that would be a true shame. The Walking Dead game series is incredibly effective at delivering emotion and dynamic tension especially if players explore all the options available to them.

click to view larger imageThe gameplay is the same mix of pseudo quick-time combat scenarios mixed with loose aiming mechanics as well as timed dialog sequences. While the combat is a little awkward (as is the movement) the dialogue is really where the game shines. The conversations you instigate often have multiple response options and a time limit as to how long you can wait until answering. As most responses have a consequence later on in the episode or series, each decision is important and feels like it has weight. This episode especially had a large number of decisions that players will agonize over before choosing one of the options.

The Walking Dead Season Two – Episode 2 is another great entry into the stellar series; the end leaves you wanting more even as you dread what will happen next to the characters. This episode stumbles slightly in some of the combat scenarios, but that doesn’t stop it from being another must play experience for fans of the series.

The Walking Dead Season Two Episode 2 is rated M (Mature) by the ESRB for Violence, Blood, Strong Language. This game can also be found on: PS3 and Xbox 360.

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