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Reel Deal Slots adds fantasy themed slots and video poker to five component gambling games from Phantom EFX.

PC Game Review: Reel Deal Slots – Mystic Forest

Phantom EFX has another gambling game title complete with fantasy themes and multiplayer/online, plus expanded subscriber playing options with “real” or “dream world” money at your disposal.

The featured slots (25) are complimented by five different versions of video poker. The navigation is smooth and painless, but the directions are sometimes small and slots take a little learning curve to figure out if you’re new. You basically pick out your lines first, then the best for each line, and hit play/spin.

The adequate graphics add colorful stimulation and have various fantasy themes. After a while, many of the games look the same, but the bonuses and sound effects help add variety and replay value.

Look for an MP3 player in the top center that has a set catalog of jazzy instrumental music and can also player MP3 files already on your computer, when placed in the game program’s folder.

Once players find a few favorite games and learn some new ones, they can easily find themselves occupied for long periods — the goal of any good gambling interface.

Players can make easy “dream world” money fairly quickly with good odds. Bonus rounds and even bigger prizes and bonuses can be unlocked in the prize vault.

Be sure to write down your password – you get a confirmation by email, but this doesn’t include your login information.

Once registered for multiplayer/online, players can pay to upgrade to a subscriber status. For paying subscription players, it’ s a great value when combined with the companion Reel Deal Casino High Roller and previous installments Casino Vegas Experience and Slots Bonus Mania.

If you choose the subscriber path, “Mystic Forest” opens up plenty of extra features and options plus some social role playing elements like “suite” games away from the main floor.

After online registration, players can begin the multiplayer/online mode, which I found accessible after a few attempts. I received a .psd file loading failure prompt, but quickly fixed it by switching Windows and pushing OK then the loading eventually finished.

I highly suggest utilizing the 3D acceleration and auto play options to help avoid other potential issues.

The multiplayer/online mode has many familiar features like chat, guides and profile options. You can also create a friends list and select friends game in the handy pull down menu centered at the main screen.

The slots are pretty easy to understand, but if you have other Reel Deal games installed and you’re not sure how to play a game, click the first timer option in the top left for helpful tutorials.

New/special slots to download are available at for $5.99 each for non-subscribers, but subscribers can receive one free download each month.

Recommended with one noticeable, and potentially problematic reservation — the online download time, especially the first time you start. Other programs can still be open/run while loading the initial screen, which takes you away from the game — something good gambling interfaces shouldn’t do.

The fifth piece of this collection, Reel Deal Card Games will be released soon.

Reel Deal Slots: Mystic Forest is rated E (Everyone) by the ESRB for Comic Mischief, Mild Violence, Simulated Gambling.

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