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High Roller adds to the Phantom EFX gambling game series with great multiplayer options and some nice roleplaying elements.

PC Game Review: Reel Deal Casino – High Roller

Reel Deal Casino: High Roller (not to be confused with the badly reviewed High Rollers Casino title on PS2 and Xbox) offers more than 40 different games including Poker, Pai Gow, Let It Ride, Baccarat, Craps and Blackjack. Each of these games has a multiplayer option and detailed explanations in the Bible-thick manual.

This game fits great with previous installments Casino Vegas Experience and Slots Bonus Mania from game producers Phantom EFX and recent slots release — Mystic Forest. The fifth piece of this collection, Reel Deal Card Games will be released soon.

The multiplayer/online mode has a large download time, namely a “Prelauncher”
Download/install process goes pretty well, but you should select 3D acceleration and auto play options to help avoid possible problems.

Gambling is not really my thing, but this title, set in Las Vegas (where else?) captures the world pretty well, allowing you to make “dream world” bets in 10 thousand dollar increments while offering video poker, high payoff tournaments and an entirely new game called Craps-Roulette. The colorful graphics and game selection provide enough variety (not to mention addictiveness).

Navigation is no problem here. Just move your cursor to where you want to explore or select specific games from the handy pull out menu from the top left corner. Players even can customize items and suites within the main navigation hub, “The Mall”.

The sound and voice talent, especially from veteran P.J. Stoppleworth, are well complimented with an MP3 music player, located in the top center of the screen, that can play files already on your computer (if located in the game’s directory folder).

Online options expand the game even further. The “Looking for Party” feature provides simple assistance in matching similar players playing the same games to reduce search time. Join groups, called “guilds” here, for some unique team experiences/competitions, including player rankings, friends’ lists and even more tournament options.

Unique role-playing elements include a special, customizable suite that compliments the multiplayer/online options well. Subscribers get additional options and features, but non-subscribers can still get a lot out of this game (be sure to write down your username/password when registering because the confirmation e-mail you will receive does not contain this information).

Reel Deal Casino: High Roller is rated T (Teen) by the ESRB for Comic Mischief, Simulated Gambling.

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